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Most of the best moments from the Oakland show were in the first half. The last half-hour of the concert — which is about the time when most of the best performers really hit the gas — was particularly troublesome, as Drake veered off course and the concert grew quite tiresome. The tour certainly boosted a blockbuster lineup, with rising hip-hop star Future and Grammy-winning R&B crooner Miguel as the warm-up acts. Miguel, who delivered one of last year’s most memorable hits with “Adorn,” strongly contacted with a portion of the crowd. He positioned himself as a ladies’ man, coming across like the poor man’s Prince, and realized that his sexy shtick might not equally appeal to both genders. Yet, he explained, it might pay off for all the husbands/boyfriends in attendance.

“I just wrote the songs to make it easier for the guys to make it happen,” he said, What followed Miguel was, well, an annoyingly long break, Yet, Drake would finally appear and quickly make up for lost time, He’d first hit the crowd with a memorable version of the platinum-single “Headlines,” from his 2011’s “Take Care,” and then anne klein quilted leather gold ballet flats size 7 preppie nineties classic sling back zoomed off into “Tuscan Leather,” “Wu-Tang Forever” and other worthy offerings from throughout his three-album solo catalog and other material..

An early highlight was “Pop That,” the twerking anthem from French Montana that features guest appearances by Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. That really got the crowd going, although, oddly enough, there wasn’t much twerking to be seen in the audience. The production was visually striking, with a stage that looked like an open oyster shell or cosmetics compact, in front of a long video screen. The backing musicians/DJs operated from within the lower half of the shell, while Drake scurried about mostly in front.

The most impressive part was how little Drake needed to capture our attention, It was about as solo a show as possible, as Drake simply rapped without the aid of a dance crew or much special effects, Even the video screen was dark for much of the concert, which really put our focus on the actual man onstage, Sure, he was joined on a couple of occasions by special guests, Notably, Future, looking extra fly in his Oakland Raiders gear, appeared to help belt out a few songs, the best of which was “Love Me” (a Lil Wayne cut that features Drake and Future), But, mostly, it was just anne klein quilted leather gold ballet flats size 7 preppie nineties classic sling back Drake up there and trying to thrill the crowd..

In that regard, he was particularly successful with the ladies in the house. Miguel certainly didn’t have a corner on the market when it came to sex appeal. Drake also managed to turn up the heat, which resulted in bras and panties being thrown onstage. Unfortunately, the show cooled off substantially as it drew to a close. That’s when Drake unleashed his niftiest gadget — a circular walkway that descended from the ceiling — and put it to rather poor use. He climbed aboard the floating platform, which was hollow in the middle, and began to say hi to individuals in the crowd.

“I see you in the green dress, I see you in the jean skirt, I see you with your hands up in the back, I see you, baby girl, in the glasses.”, It went on and on — for something like 20 minutes, it seemed, It was a nice gesture, to recognize as many people in the crowd as possible, but it basically anne klein quilted leather gold ballet flats size 7 preppie nineties classic sling back brought the show to a standstill, By the time he finally made it back to the main stage, Drake was unable to conjure the energy, enthusiasm and crowd interest needed to bring the show to a satisfying close..

At a recent Stanford alumni conference — “Are you happy now,” moderated by former CBS News anchor Katie Couric — the focus was on just that. The panel featured Stanford professors and David Kelley, founder of IDEO, a design and innovation firm based in Palo Alto. It’s hard to believe, but more than 1,000 books on happiness were released last month on Amazon, Couric said. Panelists first defined happiness as a feeling good experience, a combination of pleasure and meaningfulness, knowing how to have fun, and doing something with a purpose.

Some people are hard-wired for happiness, Surprisingly, there are happy and unhappy minds, mostly dependent on our genes but also our upbringing, Couric said her husband always tells her she anne klein quilted leather gold ballet flats size 7 preppie nineties classic sling back was born on the sunny side of the street, I have cloudy-side origins, Fascinating, since we seldom analyze ourselves this way, When asked if stress is an impediment to happiness, Kelley said that doing something for someone else or society helps alleviate stress, He added that creative people are happier and usually more excited about things..

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