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In 2016, 73 percent of the SEC’s standalone actions involved charges against one or more individuals, according to its own data. That rose to 80 percent in the six months after Clayton took over. The SEC’s focus on personal culpability has roots in the aftermath of the 2007-2009 financial crisis. Few Wall Street executives were criminally prosecuted for their involvement, triggering calls by lawmakers and the media to hold more individuals accountable for corporate wrongdoing. Proving individual wrongdoing and malicious intent is more difficult and resource-intensive than identifying compliance lapses at companies, legal experts said, explaining the SEC’s previous reluctance to pursue such cases.

“There is a terrible deterrent effect if you lose because it lets people know you can just fight off the regulators, That’s a bad message to the markets,” said Minor i love you i know icon cufflinks Myers, a professor at Brooklyn Law School and expert on corporate governance, But political support from both Republicans and Democrats to go after individuals has emboldened the SEC, Despite their traditional allegiance to the corporate world, Republicans have supported charges against executives, looking to uphold individual accountability and protect big employers and public company shareholders..

And Democrats have been hungry for prosecutions of those who they consider to be the corrupt fat cats of corporate America. To be sure, pursuing individuals remains a risky legal strategy for the SEC. With more to lose, including large disgorgements, fines and lifetime bans, executives are more likely to fight back in court, sucking up SEC resources. The SEC suffered a high-profile defeat in the insider trading case of flamboyant billionaire Mark Cuban in 2013 when he was cleared by a Texas jury of using a private tip to avoid a big loss on his 2004 sale of internet company shares.

One of the lawyers Musk tapped to defend himself against the SEC, Latham & Watkins LLP’s Christopher Clark, also advised Cuban on his defense, But as i love you i know icon cufflinks the SEC scores more legal wins and settlements such as one the with Musk, its enforcement officers feel emboldened to pursue even more cases against individuals, legal experts said, “There is a huge appetite for going after people at the top of the pyramid, Those are the people you want to deter, Also, going after CEOs who have engaged in wrongdoing is a way for the SEC to generate a lot of political capital,” said Myers..

PARIS (Reuters) - With growth in many European, Asian and emerging markets mostly uninspiring, the United States is increasingly the main motor behind the global economy. The world’s biggest economy is under scrutiny, however, as its current upturn is running on borrowed time due to the fiscal stimulus of debt-financed tax cuts. “When the downturn in the U.S. economy starts, the effects (on share prices, interest rates, capital flows, emerging countries, exchange rates, global trade and global growth) will be very pronounced,” Natixis chief economist Patrick Artus wrote in a research note this week.

“This downturn in the U.S, economy is inevitable as the United States is returning to full employment.”, The only question, he said, was when it would come, and in his opinion that would be sooner than later, Though sanguine about the U.S, outlook through the end of the year, Barclays conceded it would i love you i know icon cufflinks be harder to predict further out, “This fiscally induced expansion will be difficult to sustain in the absence of a much more substantial jump in investment to lift the economy’s growth potential,” the British bank’s economists wrote in a research note..

“In the absence of such a jump, the economy will face heightened risks of a hard landing in 2020,” they said. A series of business surveys will offer a snapshot of where the business cycle stood at the end of the third quarter in major economies. Manufacturing surveys for the euro zone and the United States will be in focus on Monday followed by service sectors polls on Wednesday. But the highlight of the week on the data front will inevitably be all-important U.S. jobs data on Friday, offering clues as to whether the tight labor market is driving wages sharply higher.

That is important not only for firms’ profitability and consumers’ purchasing power, but also because a surge could fuel a broader inflation pick-up of the sort that could unsettle central bankers, “Wages will be in focus with another strong month-on-month rise likely, We probably won’t get a break above 3 percent year-on-year growth this month, but we certainly expect it next month,” ING economists wrote in a research note, While holidays in China and elsewhere in the region make for a quiet data week in Asia, politics in Europe may be the source of market i love you i know icon cufflinks ructions..

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