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Ensure reliable, shock-absorbing protection for your iPhone XS Max with this Arq1 Atrium case. The dual-layer molded construction prevents bumps and drops of up to 8 feet from damaging your device, and the raised bezel safeguards the screen from breaks and scratches. The lattice structure of this Arq1 Atrium case adds an extra level of defense.

Nate650: "My first smartphone was the BlackBerry Pearl 8130, which was released in 2007, the same year the first iPhone was launched. Though there was significant hype surrounding the iPhone launch, I was more intrigued by the BlackBerry, possibly due to its reputation as a serious business device. I've since stuck with BlackBerry with the Bold 9650, Bold 9930, Z10, Priv, and KEYone. Though each of these devices were by no means perfect, BlackBerry's dedication to privacy, security, and productivity kept me a customer.

A Fuchsia flower, Mind you, that's just the ambition, according to the report -- and Google disputes that specific part; CNET understands there's actually no five-year plan yet, Google CEO atrium case for apple iphone xs max - sunset Sundar Pichai and Android/Chrome boss Hiroshi Lockheimer reportedly have yet to sign off on any road map, In a brief statement, Google said Fuchsia is just "one of many experimental open-source projects" at the company, but declined to comment further, The Fuchsia team's own engineers seem to believe they can start small by bringing Fuchsia to smart home devices like the Google Home smart speaker first within three years, then move on to laptops and eventually phones, according to Bloomberg's sources, But Google isn't sure when or where the tech might actually appear..

It could be a way for Google to build a single operating system across phones, tablets and PCs, which Google has been dreaming of for years, as well as a way to avoid future lawsuits with Oracle (since Fuchsia isn't based on the same code as Android) and a way for Google to address the Android fragmentation problem (meaning users can't count on their phones to have the same features) that's dogged Google for many years. But it's not going to be easy to just ditch Android, and one of Bloomberg's sources actually suggests the company may not be that serious about the idea -- calling it a "senior-engineer retention project" designed to keep Google's talent busy so they don't go and join rival companies.

Originally published July 19, 9:46 a.m, PT.Update, 10:50 a.m, PT: Added Google's brief statement and additional items that CNET has learned, Update: CNET has learned there's no five-year plan for Fuchsia just yet, It's no secret that Google has been quietly working on Fuchsia, a new experimental OS for tablets and phones, Here's the secret, according to a Bloomberg report Thursday: Fuchsia could replace Android and Chrome OS within the next five years, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any atrium case for apple iphone xs max - sunset time at our discretion..

Trumpy Cat sits on George Takei's shoulder. Trumpy Cat is joined by a cast of animated characters named Meowlania, Vladdy Putin and Lil' Rocket Pug. "This is, without a doubt, one of the most absurd and tragic moments in US history," Takei said in a statement. "We should feel upset about some of the things that are happening, but we created this app so we can laugh about some of the more ridiculous stuff."Stacey Grimsrud, a spokeswoman for Takei, said the actor wanted to combine his love of cats and politics in creating the app. "George works with a team of people he calls Team Takei who contributed to the development," she said.

The app is available for both Android and iOS for 99 cents, There's a premium content subscription version planned, The app is bound to ruffle the fur of Trump supporters, but Trump detractors may find it highly entertaining, It definitely takes political satire in an absurd new direction, George Takei's House of Cats app features "Trumpy Cat."President Donald Trump takes the form of a large orange tabby cat, It's no secret actor and activist George Takei, known as atrium case for apple iphone xs max - sunset Sulu on Star Trek, is an outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump, He has now cemented his reputation as a Trump critic with the introduction of House of Cats, an offbeat augmented-reality app..

Despite the more premium appearance and cameras, the rest of the phone is middle-of-the-road including a MediaTek P60 processor, 3 or 4GB of memory, 32 or 64GB of storage that's expandable up to 256GB with a microSD card and a 3,060mAh battery. The Nokia X5 will be available in China first, starting at 999 yuan, which converts to approximately $147, AU$201 and £114. It's all notches nowadays.. HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand for phones, announced the Nokia X5 Thursday. It's an Android Oreo phone that aims to bring a little iPhone X feel to a midrange device.

The 5.86-inch phone uses a notched 1,520×720-pixel resolution display giving it a 19:9 screen ratio, similar to what you'd find on Apple's current flagship and atrium case for apple iphone xs max - sunset several other new Android phones, Likewise, you'll find dual cameras on back: an f2 aperture 13-megapixel one with faster phase detection autofocus and a secondary 5-megapixel camera for "depth of field." There's an 8-megapixel selfie camera, too, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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