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ballerina charm / ballet charm / tutu charm / ballet shoes charm / I love ballet charm / MOTIF SELECTION ----------------------------------------------------------------Shipment within Germany: - 3 - 5 days.- For custom-made the delivery time is 2 days longer. - EU and Switzerland: 10 - 12 days - Worldwide: 4 - 5 weeks---------------------------------------------------------------------A pretty little charm for dancers. With the heart shaped lobster clasp you can hang it on your necklace, bracelet, pencil case or bag.You can choose between 4 motifs.

Why it’s a must-have: For teens who like taking pictures and then using them to decorate, a Polaroid camera is the perfect holiday gift. Polaroid cameras put a creative twist on photography. Photos print on adorable film strips and develop within minutes to be shared with friends, added to scrapbooks, or used as Pinterest-worthy room decor. What: Livescribe Sky Wifi Smartpen ($169.95 -$199.95, Why it’s a must-have: Teachers sometimes talk way too quickly and I lose my place in lectures and notes, but this pen solves all those problems. Through Wi-Fi, this pen records while you write, syncs your handwritten notes to an online app called Evernote, and even plays back the audio recorded at the specific time when you tap on a part of your handwritten notes. The pen comes with a special notebook and is a great, geeky investment for teens. Since my parents are always wary of getting me that new Xbox game or iPhone because they worry it’s too distracting, this Smartpen is the perfect balance between academic and entertaining.

What: ballerina charm / ballet charm / tutu charm / ballet shoes charm / i love ballet charm / motif selection / dance charm / dance j “Just Dance 2014” ($39.96,, Why it’s a must-have: Just Dance is a popular video game series that’s fun to play at parties and sleepovers, There are all kinds of skill levels, and upbeat music to dance to, What: Brandy Melville clothing ($15-$60,, Why it’s a must-have: Brandy Melville is a rare combination of hipster and classic, Most of the clothing is understated, basic, and easy to mix-and-match, so it’s not difficult to find a piece your teen will wear, Also, the clothes are one-size-fits-all, so there’s no need to worry if the item will fit the niece you haven’t seen in four years..

What: Easy Cable Knit Cardigan ($15.80, Why it’s a must-have: Compared to other clothing options, it is less necessary to find the precise fit when gifting a knit cardigan since this wardrobe staple is meant to be oversized and chunky. A solid-colored cardigan complements almost any outfit or clothing style, so it can be incorporated into her wardrobe whether she likes to wear dresses or jeans, flats or combat boots. Big, warm and comfortable, a cardigan is a perfect winter layering piece. It can be slipped on over other layers to protect against the chilly air outside and easily taken off inside warm classrooms.

What: PopRock MiniBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($19.96,, Why it’s a must-have: This nifty wireless speaker comes in eight colors and can fit in the palm of your hand, You can hook up your blue-tooth enabled device to play music and accept phone calls from up to 30 feet away, And it’s waterproof, With its strong suction cup, it can easily be placed in your shower! For the price, its sound quality is exceptional and the color choices make for a fun personal touch, What: ballerina charm / ballet charm / tutu charm / ballet shoes charm / i love ballet charm / motif selection / dance charm / dance j Dynex Portable Speaker for iPod ($7.99,

Why it’s a must-have: Teens love their music, and portable iPod speakers let us play our tunes wherever we go. Many teens also love technology, and iPod speakers can be a relatively affordable electronic gift. iPod speakers are useful since most teens already have iPods full of music they’re dying to blast out loud. What: BlackTouch Lightning High Electro Plasma Lava lamp ($29.99, Why it’s a must-have: This is the perfect gift for a teenage girl; no matter how tired or bogged down she is from school work, one look at the enchanting lava lamp serves beautifully to lift spirits. Furthermore, lava lamps are both colorful as decoration and useful as an electricity saver and source of light.

What: iPad Air ($499,, Why it’s a must-have: The iPad Air is a quantum leap over its predecessor from its retina Display to a faster processor, Teens need to be ever-connected in an increasingly digital world, and they also need something that they can do their homework on — the iPad Air fulfills both of these ballerina charm / ballet charm / tutu charm / ballet shoes charm / i love ballet charm / motif selection / dance charm / dance j needs, What: iPhone 5s ($199 and up, varies depending on carrier, phone plan and gigabytes), Why it’s a must-have: The 5s is different from previous phones because it offers a fingerprint identity sensor for protection (rather than a passcode), a higher definition 8 megapixel camera which includes burst mode and slow-motion video recording, as well as new A7 and M7 chips, which increase the phone’s speed and power capacity, They come in gold, space gray, or silver with a sleek design, It may be pricey, but if you wish for your teen to communicate with others effectively, efficiently and in style, the iPhone 5s will be the perfect gift..

What: Bath & BodyWorks minis (shower gel, body lotion, fragrance mist; 3 for $12; Why it’s a must-have: Everybody likes to smell good and teenage girls are no exception. Celebrate the season with festive scents such as Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, Twisted Peppermint, Merry Marshmallow Kiss, and Cranberry Twinkle. What: Sony Cybershot H200 ($169, Why it’s a must-have: If your teen is a social media addict, he will appreciate a higher-quality camera than a typical cell phone camera to post pictures.

What: A dog (free from the shelter), Why it’s a must-have: While the latest technology is great, what I really want is just a friendly pooch sitting under the tree, What better way to unwind from the day then a lovable fur ball begging for your attention? It’s imperative that any family with teenagers considering getting a pet get it immediately, as the dog needs to bond with the teenager before he or she heads of to college, ballerina charm / ballet charm / tutu charm / ballet shoes charm / i love ballet charm / motif selection / dance charm / dance j Parents, it’s time to give in, Give the gift that will bring countless joyful times to your house..

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