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Full-sole ballet slippers with leather outer, woven lining, suede insoles and leather soles. Embroidery done by hand in proprietary Curly Script alphabet. Please specify two letters (one letter per shoe) when ordering. US women's shoe size, contact me to order child sizes.

“It’s everywhere. How can we live without it?” said Bayley, referring to the abundance of math in the room and in the world. Bayley is one of a group of California preschool teachers who received professional development in early math teaching through a joint Stanford-UCLA teacher education project. Sadly, her classroom is an anomaly. In a recent Vanderbilt University study of early childhood classrooms, math was intentionally taught by teachers only 3 percent of the day. Three percent is a travesty. Most children who begin kindergarten behind their peers in basic math never catch up, and children with persistent math problems in elementary school are less likely to graduate from high school and go to college.

Adults with poor math skills may not be able to compare prices, figure out tips, understand statistics or fathom the economic promises of candidates running for office, Their employment options will be fewer and their wages lower, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that Americans who can’t do simple arithmetic are more likely to end up in foreclosure than people with average math skills, If we want our children to have a chance to grow up to become professionals capable of addressing the global challenges that are our black ballet slippers with hand embroidered curly script monogram legacy to them, we need to rethink our educational priorities..

The U.S. Department of Education should establish an agenda focused on early math. Effective teaching strategies for math should be part of the training we give to all teachers of young children. Common core standards, including for math, should be extended to preschool so that learning experience is aligned rather than fragmented. Parents and caregivers should be encouraged to engage children with math activities the same way they do with books (and dress-up). Early childhood is fleeting, but what we give our young children lasts a lifetime and beyond. The gift of math will multiply for generations to come.

Assembling a top 10 list is always a bit of a negotiation, How much weight should I give to love, and how much weight should I give to respect? In putting together my 2013 list, I threw in with love, These are the shows this year that I went wild for, and the order in which I went wild for them, I’m not certain this is the best way to do things: My love objects in seasons past have included Homeland and Downton Abbey, about both of which I now feel as one does about her most black ballet slippers with hand embroidered curly script monogram embarrassing, unsuitable ex-boyfriend, I can only hope that nothing on the list below goes on to mortify me so..

The first two seasons of Borgen, the fantastic Danish series starring Sidse Babett Knudsen (or, as I think of her, the most charming actress in the whole wide world) as the country’s first female prime minister, aired in 2010 and 2011. The slightly inferior third season is the only one to have premiered in 2013 proper, but since Borgen has been Samizdat-level difficult to find in America, I started the series only this year, when it aired on KCET, a PBS affiliate in California. I promptly fell madly, swooningly in love with the series and have been aggressively pushing it on every single person that I know since. The show follows Birgitte Nyborg (Knudsen), a lefty politician in an Eric and Tami Taylor-level good marriage as she is altered for better and worse by power. It’s a beguiling character study you will never want to end, even though it comes with subtitles.

2, Top of the Lake, Jane Campion’s gorgeous, perfect miniseries stars Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss as a New Zealand detective with a ton black ballet slippers with hand embroidered curly script monogram of baggage trying to find a missing and pregnant 14-year-old, The series is ostensibly a crime drama, but Campion unfolds it at her own idiosyncratic pace, one that allows for comedy (Holly Hunter’s no-nonsense guru), scenery-chewing (Peter Mullan, incandescent as the town’s leading tough), a very sexy romance, and, ultimately, a devastating, macroscopic portrayal of sexual abuse’s very long afterlife, Unlike most crime shows, Top of the Lake knows there are some wrongs no one — not fathers, mothers, partners, gurus or police officers — can really heal, and closure is just a cheesy word for the sloppy, brutal, piecemeal and indefatigable ways the traumatized go on surviving..

3. Orange Is the New Black. Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix significantly less heralded than both House of Cards and Arrested Development, which shows you how much pre-buzz should count for. Jenji Kohan slyly used an affluent white woman as a Trojan horse for entrée into the stories of a hugely varied group of women. Piper Chapman is the show’s protagonist, but over 13 episodes the series broadened to encompass the stories of the women around her, transforming bit characters into beloved ones, converting seeming stereotypes into Taystee, Red, Poussey, Daya, Crazy Eyes, Morello, and on and on. No show on television has ever had this much female diversity — in race, age, body type, sexual orientation — and Orange did it without ever being anything less than profanely entertaining.

4, Breaking Bad, The ending of one of TV’s best-ever shows was a little more forgiving of Walter White than I might have been (I hold a grudge), but in the scheme of the show’s accomplishments, and Bryan Cranston’s black ballet slippers with hand embroidered curly script monogram performance, that’s just a quibble, At times this season — especially in the outstanding, should-have-been-the-finale episode “Ozymandias” — Breaking Bad could be physically excruciating, More than any show I can think of, watching was always a pulse-racing, stomach-churning, odds-calculating full body experience..

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