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U.S. business groups, alarmed by the potential disruption to the three increasingly integrated economies, have lobbied the White House to keep NAFTA as a trilateral deal. Trudeau, who has repeatedly stated he would rather walk away from NAFTA than sign a bad deal, spoke before Lighthizer at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and took a more cautious tone. “They (the United States and Mexico) made certain agreements,” he said. “I think there’s a possibility there to build on what they agreed.”.

(Reuters) - Dunkin’ Donuts said on Tuesday it plans to rebrand brown leather wrap around cufflinks itself as “Dunkin’” as part of new CEO Dave Hoffman’s plans to bring beverages and breakfast meals to the forefront of the restaurant chain’s menu, “The new branding conveys the company’s focus on serving great coffee fast, while ., retaining its familiar pink and orange colors and iconic font,” the company said, The company, whose sales in the recent quarters have been powered by breakfast and beverage items, said the new branding would be effective January..

(Reuters) - Doughnut lovers took to social media on Tuesday to decry a decision by Dunkin’ Donuts to drop its signature product from its name, an effort by the brand now known simply as Dunkin’ to highlight a wider array of menu items and appeal to a younger generation. The U.S. chain will still sell doughnuts, but starting in January, it will feature a new logo on packaging, store signage and advertising, while retaining its orange and pink color scheme. “We are now on a first-name basis with America,” Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman said explaining the change.

But many customers were not feeling warm and fuzzy about the official change, “Is nothing sacred anymore?” tweeted Eileen McKnight, @eileenmck58, after hearing of the news, “Just a tragic, brown leather wrap around cufflinks heartbreaking sign of the times,” wrote doughnut aficionado Billy Glidden, @BillyGlidden, his tongue apparently planted firmly in cheek, “Our civilization is inexorably in decline.”, The 68-year-old company, based in Canton, Massachusetts, started rolling out the new identity over the last few months, opening 30 “Dunkin’” locations around Boston, That triggered a backlash even ahead of Tuesday’s announcement..

“They literally invented the word ‘Donut.’ They should keep it forever,” Dave Iarocci, @larocciDave, tweeted last month. The brand’s launch in 1950 coincided with the popularization of the alternative spelling of “doughnut” as “donut,” according to Google Books data. The rebranding follows similar moves by Weight Watchers and Kentucky Fried Chicken, which abbreviated their names to WW and KFC, respectively. The shorter brand names might appeal to a younger generation that has brought texting abbreviations like “LOL” (laugh out loud) and “OMG” (oh my God) into the mainstream, but many longtime brand loyalists opposed the identity shifts.

(Reuters) - The S&P 500 fell on Tuesday as chipmakers were dented by ratings downgrades and utilities declined ahead of an expected Federal Reserve interest rate hike, offsetting a boost from the energy sector, S&P 500 financials .SPSY, including interest-rate-sensitive bank stocks .BKX, dipped 0.38 brown leather wrap around cufflinks percent ahead of the expected rise in interest rates by the Fed on Wednesday, Utilities, which tend to be favored in low-rate environments because of their solid dividend payments, .SPLRCU slid 1.22 percent..

The S&P 500 energy index .SPNY added 0.57 percent as Brent oil hit a four-year high, boosted by imminent U.S. sanctions on Iranian exports, and OPEC and Russia’s reluctance to raise output. U.S. consumer confidence unexpectedly rose in September, bringing it closer to levels last seen in 2000, the Conference Board said, underscoring strength in the labor market and the overall economy. The data pushed the S&P 500 consumer discretionary index .SPLRCD up 0.59 percent. “A lot of the noise around trade and anything else around politics really hasn’t suppressed consumer confidence nearly to the degree that the other factors have boosted it,” said Mike Dowdall, investment strategist for BMO Global Asset Management, in Chicago.

The Philadelphia semiconductor index .SOX dropped 1.70 percent, weighing on the S&P 500 technology index .SPLRCT, after brokerages Raymond James and KeyBanc cut their ratings on a number of chipmakers, Intel (INTC.O) fell 2.13 percent after Raymond James downgraded the stock, Buoyed by strong economic growth and deep corporate tax cuts, the S&P 500 has gained 9 percent so far in 2018, But five of the S&P brown leather wrap around cufflinks 500 sector indexes are down year to date, including the consumer staples index .SPLRCS, down 5.6 percent, Consumer staples .SPLRCS on Tuesday lost 0.73 percent, The other six are higher, led by the technology index’s .SPLRCT 19 percent rally..

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