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Above are photos of Coit Tower that I took with each phone zoomed in all the way. Neither photo looks that amazing, but the Pixel 2 shot looks better to my eyes. It definitely straddles the line between looking like a photo and looking like a painting. The Galaxy S9 picture is ridiculously oversharpened. The Pixel 2 received a software update in February that uses Google AI to improve digitally zoomed photos. When it comes to video, image quality from the Pixel 2 is good, but I really like the punchy saturated look the Galaxy S9 captures. There's just a bit more color and details don't get lost in the shadows like they do on the Pixel 2.

Be sure to take a look at the attached video to see a bunch of comparisons including slow motion, super-slow mo, stabilization and selfie videos, The Galaxy S9 has digital image stabilization for video and it's pretty good, genevieve floral iphone case The Pixel 2 uses "fusion stabilization" -- a combination of both optical and digital -- and it is still the best found on any phone, Footage filmed with the Pixel 2 looks like it's on a gimbal, I should note that the variable aperture on the Galaxy S9 works for videos, too, You can even use Pro mode to change the aperture to f/1.5 for a slightly shallower depth of field..

Super Slow-Mo on the Galaxy S9 is bonkers beautiful -- especially when viewed on the S9's display. It films 960 frames per second (fps) at 720p resolution. In other words, it's not sharp, but is way more dramatic than "normal" slow mo. The Pixel 2 doesn't offer anything like this. Super Slow-Mo mode works great for actions that are ridiculously fast like: Striking a match, a balloon popping or someone jumping into a pool. When you press record in Super Slow-Mo mode, it records at 30 fps and picks moments to record at 960 fps. It might sound involved, but after you try it a few times, it will absolutely make sense.

The Galaxy genevieve floral iphone case S9 has a nifty auto capture trigger to determine when to record those 0.2-second moments, I got great results with the auto trigger, but I should note that our reviewer did not and recommends manually triggering Super Slow-Mo capture, As cool as Super Slow-Mo is, the real slow-mo lead is buried, The Galaxy S9 offers a "regular" Slow Motion mode that records footage in 1,080p at 240 fps, This is a first for any Samsung phone and better suited for capturing longer clips, The higher resolution makes footage look absolutely great, Slow Motion can be enabled in the settings of the Galaxy S9 camera app..

Pixel 2 can film slow-motion videos at 240 fps in 720p or 120 fps in 1,080p resolution. When it comes to slow-motion video, you want a high frame rate and high resolution. And that's why at the Galaxy S9's 240 fps in 1,080p slow-motion video looks better than the Pixel 2. You get both dramatic movement and a sharper image. Check out the "Wes Anderson-inspired" slow-motion clip I posted to Twitter below. It was shot with the Galaxy S9 at 240 fps in 1,080p. Both phones take portrait mode selfies. I posted photos I took with each phone unlabeled to Instagram and asked people to pick the shot they preferred.

Two portrait selfies, The top (#1) was taken with the Pixel 2, The bottom (#2) with the Galaxy S9, Overwhelmingly, the Pixel 2 portrait selfie was the winner, Friends cited the photo's clarity and sharpness as the main reason for their choice, Friends who liked the Galaxy S9 selfie portrait said that the softer look was more flattering, I have to agree, I absolutely love portrait mode selfies from the Pixel 2, The biggest differences between the phones are the camera app's user interface, The Pixel 2's camera app is simple, Features like Portrait Mode and Slow Motion are accessed via a menu; however, the phone foregoes a native time lapse mode, I realize, I can download an app that accomplishes this, but I'd love to see how the Pixel 2 renders genevieve floral iphone case a time-lapse made from its gorgeous detailed photos..

The Galaxy S9 camera interface has a ton of options, which can be a little overwhelming when you're trying to navigate quickly. The Galaxy S9's camera app has so many modes that it could be featured on an episode of Hoarders. Luckily, you can manage which ones are active via the settings. The most powerful mode on the S9 is Pro mode, which lets you save pictures as RAW files and gives you fast access to numerous controls: focus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and light metering -- the last being the most useful. When the Galaxy S9 is in Auto mode it uses only the center of the frame to determine exposure. In pro mode, I can switch to matrix metering, which uses several parts of the frame to get the correct exposure so you don't end up with a photo that's too bright or too dark.

So which one is the best camera? Honestly, this is a horrible question, I'd be happy to have either phone in my pocket, But more often than not, I grabbed the Pixel 2 over the Galaxy S9 to take a quick photo, I am enamored with genevieve floral iphone case the dynamic range that the Pixel 2 offers and its simple interface minimizes fumbling to get the settings I need, If only the Pixel 2 had that Galaxy S9 display, Check out our full comparison between the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S9, It goes beyond just the cameras and compares everything each phone has to offer..

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