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The iSelf iPhone 6S / 6 selfie case in white from Kisomo allows you to capture photos your way. Integrated into this protective polycarbonate shell are two intuitively designed camera shutter buttons which let you take photos like never before.Taking the perfect picture just got easierTaking the perfect selfie can be a cumbersome task at best, trying to guess where the on-screen shutter button is whilekeeping the phone's camera still is now a thing of the past thanks to the iSelf camera shutter case from Kisomo for the iPhone 6S / 6. Integrated into the case are two intuitively designed camera shutter buttons, which allow you to take photographs quickly and easily with a simple press of a button - how old school! Located on the back and side of the case, these shutter buttons have been positioned to provide maximum comfort and ease of use so you can snap away without having to readjust your phone in hand. Ultra-thin,lightweight &great protectionThe Kisomo iSelf iPhone 6S / 6 Selfie case has beendesigned to be wafer-thin and lightweight.It provides great protection for your iPhone 6S / 6without adding anybulk to your handset. The case wraps around your iPhone 6S / 6 - protecting the back, sides and corners from minor impacts, scratches and dirt. Apple logo cut-outMaintain the original design of your iPhone 6S / 6 without the need tocompromiseon protection with the Kisomo iSelf case. Made from an ultra-thin piece of polycarbonate and features a cut-out for the Apple logo, the Selfie case provides fantastic slim protection while your phone stays looking as good as Apple intended.Masterfully designed for the iPhone 6S / 6The iSelf Selfiecase has beenspecifically designed to fit your iPhone 6S / 6 perfectly, so not only will it look like the perfect complement to your phone, it will feel like it too. Every consideration has been given to how your iPhone will work in this case.Access to all ports and functionsThisawesome case optimises functionality to all of the device's ports and features -such as the headphone port, charging port and camera.Pleas Note: Images used showing other colour variations are for display purposes only.

Samsung had seemed like a final holdout, even smirking at Apple in an ad that shows a lifetime iPhone user switching to the Galaxy Note 8. So it's significant to see Samsung exploring the notch zone as a way to increase the screen-to-body ratio. Keep in mind that the front of the Galaxy S9 is made up of over 80 percent screen. However, just because the notch design appears in a Samsung patent application doesn't guarantee that the design will eventually be released. Other designs in Samsung patent applications try to maximize screen space by showing phones with holes in the screen for sensors or no visible sensors at all, and these haven't come to fruition either.

Samsung did not respond to a request kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - white for comment, That's what a recent Samsung patent application suggests, Even Samsung may not be safe from the controversial notch, Samsung filed a patent application (PDF) with Chinese patent organization SIPO that shows off a few different phone designs each with a notch above the phone's screen, The patent application was filed on March 30 and spotted on Monday by Dutch phone blog Mobielkopen, The phone in the patent application looks akin in design to Apple's iPhone X, the Essential Phone and others, It has a dual camera setup on the back, no physical fingerprint scanner and a screen that stretches to all sides on the front, Above the screen you'll notice a small rectangular cutout with the phone's front camera, earpiece and other sensors, Take a look below..

At first glance, the camera specs are a tangle of terms: "highest ISO 12800 sensitivity for video recording" and "ultra-high sensitivity 51200 for photos". That's just the tip of the iceberg, but if your mind's racing, don't worry. What you really need to know is that the Xperia XZ2 Premium promises to take crystal clear photos from its dual-lens camera on the back, and ultra low-light photos and videos using technology only seen on DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses. The Xperia XZ2 Premium also has super slow-motion that captures video at a rate of 960fps. No big deal, right? The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus can do that, too, and so can the Huawei P20 Pro. But it is a big deal because Sony's phone shoots at a much higher resolution than the Galaxy S9 phones -- 1080p and 720p resolution versus only 720p -- which means that the Xperia XZ2 Premium's super-slow video should be clearer and more detailed.

Here's one other thing to know, The dual camera has one color lens and a monochrome lens, While it will have a dedicated black-and-white mode and a portrait mode (also known as the bokeh effect, that softly blurs the background to make the subject pop), Sony says these kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - white will roll out sometime in "Q3" to Sony's global markets, so sometime between June and September, The Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium could have a better camera than the iPhone X, Galaxy S9 and the Huawei P20 Pro, First there was the Samsung Galaxy S9 and then there was the Huawei P20 Pro, Now it's Sony's turn to boldly claim that its phone camera is the most advanced there is..

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 will be remembered for its exploding batteries. Details of the battery, which was developed with the US Army Research Laboratory and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, were published in the journal Nature Materials on Monday. The zinc and water combination is particularly effective in combating safety issues, such as the ones that caused Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries to explode back in 2016, leading to the phone's massive recall and then its demise. The new battery doesn't pose the same fire risks as lithium-ion batteries common in phones and laptops, according to the researchers. But neither is it a compromise when it comes to lifespan or an ability to hold a charge.

Zinc batteries are not new and have long been a safe, cheap energy option, kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - white but in the past they've also been curbed by their limited life cycle and low energy density, Conversely, their more expensive cousin, the lithium-ion battery, has been very effective in these areas, but doesn't have a spotless safety record, The new "aqueous zinc" battery offers the best of both worlds, according to Fei Wang, lead author on the journal paper and a postdoctoral associate at both the University of Maryland and the Army Research Laboratory..

"Water-based batteries could be crucial to preventing fires in electronics, but their energy storage and capacity have been limited -- until now," he said in a statement. "For the first time, we have a battery that could compete with the lithium-ion batteries in energy density, but without the risk of explosion or fire."The researchers said their new battery could eventually be used in consumer electronics. It could also be used in extreme conditions to improve the performance of vehicles used in aerospace, military and deep-ocean environments, where an exploding battery could be catastrophic.

CNET Magazine: Check out a sample of the stories in CNET's newsstand edition, Rebooting the Reef: CNET dives deep into how kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - white tech can help save Australia's Great Barrier Reef, The new technology, created by researchers at the University of Maryland, offers a glimpse of a future in which phones never explode, In a more perfect world, your phone battery would easily last all day, wouldn't degrade over time and, most crucially, wouldn't explode, This might sound like a pipe dream, but researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a new water- and zinc-based battery that could go some way to meeting all three of those criteria and could end up in future consumer electronics..

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