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Presenting the Cappuccino design. A beautiful genuine wood case for your iPhone 8 / 7. Selected premium woods from sustainable sources are crafted into a form-fitting case for your phone that is as stunning as it is protective.Genuine wood caseIf you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary yet oh so natural, why not consider a wooden case for your iPhone 8 / 7? This beautiful case is a perfect natural complement for your state of the art device. The stylish design also offers fantastic protection as there is little as hard and durable as wood, and nothing so easy on the eye. If you love wood, why would you choose anything else to protect your iPhone?Selected from sustainable sourcesSourcing timberis all well and good, but ethically it should be from sustainable sourceswith a responsibility and duty of care to look after the forests and local people at the source. We can proudly say that these products comply to these ethics, so you can rest assured that the forests are as well looked after as your iPhone 8 / 7 will be in this case.Beautifully crafted for the iPhone 8 / 7This masterfully crafted case is specifically designed to fit your iPhone 8 / 7 perfectly, so not only will it look like the perfect complement to your phone, it will feel like it too. Every consideration has been given to how your iPhone will work in this case.Access to all ports and functionsThisawesome case optimises functionality to all of the device's ports and features -such as the headphone port, charging port and camera.Please note: This case features genuine wood exterior and a polycarbonate inner to ensure that your phone is held securely.

Update, May 22 at 5 a.m.: Adds information about Red's new 8K 3D camera. Update, May 30 at 11 a.m.  Adding video and additional information. Update, June 28 at 5 a.m.  Adds information about Lucid's 3D software. No notch -- just holograms. Kinda. Here's our full review of the Red Hydrogen One phone. "There is no way to describe or show the 4 view (4V) display other than seeing it in person. There's just no way," says Red founder and CEO Jim Jannard to a crowd gathered at Red Studios in Hollywood on Saturday. "We want everybody's first experience with Hydrogen One to be like yours: In person."Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

What3words CEO Chris Sheldrick, How do you tell your sister where to meet at the concert festival? Where along that dirt road is the trailhead? Today's navigation systems often rely on street addresses, but plenty of locations don't have one, Some countries have poorly developed postal codes, and even modern countries like France -- inventor of the metric system, no less -- doesn't always use street addresses, as I discovered trying to find rental houses on a vacation to Corsica, That's why there's a startup called What3Words, man&wood iphone 8 / 7 wooden case - cappuccino The 70-person company labels each 10-foot-square patch of the planet with three words -- 57 trillion squares altogether, For example, the front door of CNET's headquarters is at decreased.mime.crab, but the loading dock for package delivery is epic.noses.upgrading, The result: an easier way to direct people to your location without the jumble of numerical coordinates..

The technology is being built into the official postal system in countries like Mongolia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, and Mercedes, an investor, is incorporating What3Words navigation into its cars. To figure out the What3words label for a particular location, or to figure out what a location a label points to, you can use the free What3words mobile app or website. Some apps like Navmii also have support built in. And more allies are on the way. On Thursday, What3words announced a new investment from SAIC Motor, China's largest carmaker, and from Alpine Electronics, which makes radios and navigation systems for cars. Other earlier investors include German train operator Deutsche Bahn, Dubai-based shipping firm Aramex, and Intel Capital. Navigation companies TomTom and Sygic are customers, too.

Chief Executive Chris Sheldrick founded the London-based company after navigation problems of his own, He sat down down to discuss What3words with CNET's Stephen Shankland, The following is an edited transcript of the discussion, Q: Why did you found What3words, and what do you do?Sheldrick: I founded the business because I used to work in the music industry and everyone got lost trying to find the gigs that I was organizing, I tried man&wood iphone 8 / 7 wooden case - cappuccino to get people to use latitude and longitude -- eight digits for latitude, eight digits for longitude -- but found it was very un-consumer friendly, A truck driver mixed up a 4 and a 5 and ended up an hour north of Rome instead of an hour south, The idea was, how can we compress this latitude and longitude into something simple for consumers?..

We found that there were enough combinations of three words that you could just sign a unique three-word combination to every 3-meter-by-3-meter square -- a 10-foot-by-10-foot square -- in the world. That felt like it was easy enough that everyone in the world, from a child to a grandparent, could use it. The way people use What3words right now is mostly with an app, where you type in that three-word locator and it will navigate you to it, or you find out a spot's three-word locator and share it, right?Sheldrick: That's right. For the first five years, it's been predominantly about using a three-word address in the What3words app. The long-term goal is to get people using a three-word address in all of the services they use in everyday life and become less and less reliant on the What3words app.

You have some partnerships, Where might people run into this in the real world?Sheldrick: There's a whole series of apps that people use, like the Beeline app for cyclists, or Navmii, the world's biggest offline navigation app, These are fairly straightforward -- you just put the three-word address in and it takes you to that 3-meter square, What we've started doing is expanding out into post and logistics, Organizations want to deliver stuff very accurately to somewhere, but a lot of the time are in countries where where addresses just don't exist, man&wood iphone 8 / 7 wooden case - cappuccino Take Aramex, the biggest courier in the Middle East, We're working in Saudi Arabia, where addresses are few and far between, You can put a three-word address into an e-commerce site, then Aramex will deliver it to your front door using your three-word address, The Mongolian postal service is our first government client, It's a big country but with not many addresses, You can now put three words onto an envelope, post it, and the Mongolian postal service will take it where you want..

The What3words mobile app offers precise location labels for spots that don't have street addresses. Want to have pizza delivered in the middle of Central Park?. What we're now expanding into is the next generation of mobility. Every Mercedes car with their latest navigation system has What3words in it as standard. Voice recognition is the key use case. You say, "Hey Mercedes, take me to table.chair.spoon," and it will navigate there -- no awkward moving of a dial or other ways of putting in an address.

Once the cars become more autonomous, with no steering wheel and no pedals, it really matters what your destination is because you can't move the car, You can't do what you do now, where the car says you've arrived, then you look around and see [your destination] is around the corner, If drone delivery is going to happen, you're going to need to tell it exactly where to go, So if you want a package on your back porch versus your front man&wood iphone 8 / 7 wooden case - cappuccino porch, then What3words has sufficient precision?Sheldrick: If the [navigation mapping] pin drops in the middle of your roof, that's not going to work, An address totally ceases to become usable, A company called DXC Technology has made an app with Alexa where they say, "Hey, Alexa, tell the drone to go to word.word.word" and the drone will then go there..

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