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It took the jury of nine women and three men about four days to reach Friday’s verdict. To prove defamation, at least nine out of 12 jurors had to find by a “preponderance of the evidence” that a statement was false, injurious and not of legitimate interest to its recipients. And, in the toughest hurdle to overcome, the panel also had to decide the statement wasn’t merely opinion. Fischler claimed several other causes of action, including negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Jurors had to weigh the evidence against each of the seven defendants — three girls and their four parents. They found the former teacher was only 10 percent responsible for the harm he endured.

They came down hardest on the “ringleader” student and the mother of the other two girls, The demeanor of the “ringleader,” now 14, appeared to have alienated the jury, She giggled often while testifying, and twice got off the witness stand, stood in front of the jury box and demonstrated a dance move and new---big boutique triple layered hair bow clip--ballet slippers bow chant a school cheer, The jurors sat grim-faced without smiling, In contrast, Fischler and his lawyer Robert Vantress were childhood friends, and Vantress argued the teacher’s case with nearly humorless passion..

But not Rosas. The 34-year-old Antioch native not only speaks openly about her six-year battle with Crohn’s disease but even manages to find some levity in it now that she’s found a diet to ease the symptoms. On the website that she’s dedicated to helping others with the chronic intestinal disorder, the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Throne” strikes a jaunty pose with one high-heeled foot triumphantly planted on a toilet seat. Yet there was a time when Rosas’ situation was anything but funny.

Ross was working as a costumes seamstress in Hollywood and chasing her dream of an acting career in May 2004 when she came down with what she thought was a bug, But after a week of stomach aches and diarrhea, Rosas discovered blood and what looked like sloughed-off tissue, “‘Uh oh, That’s not good — this isn’t the stomach flu,'” recalled Rosas, who immediately wondered if she had colon cancer, After taking biopsies, a gastroenterologist delivered another diagnosis: the cobbled appearance of her colon’s lining — areas where the mucous membrane had become so swollen that it had split open — pointed to Crohn’s disease, new---big boutique triple layered hair bow clip--ballet slippers bow an incurable condition that usually necessitates removing part or even all of the colon..

Rosas, who’d never heard of the illness, suddenly felt faint. “When he started to say ‘surgery’ I was like, whoa — someone (saying that) you have a disease that you’re going to have for the rest of your life. It was scary.”. Crohn’s disease is an inflammation of the digestive tract that affects more than 500,000 people in the United States, mostly teens and young adults. Although medical science has yet to identify a cause, it’s widely believed that the environment, genetics and the immune system are factors.

Some researchers theorize that the body confuses benign bacteria in the intestines with foreign microorganisms, prompting white blood cells to flood the gut’s lining, new---big boutique triple layered hair bow clip--ballet slippers bow Others hypothesize that harmful bacteria multiply in the intestines for some reason, triggering the immune system response, Rosas went home that day with a prescription and was happy when her symptoms disappeared after a couple of weeks, “This is cake — it’s not so bad,” she said, But one year later the signs reappeared, and this time they were worse..

Within days the bleeding had returned as well, dehydration set in, and Rosas developed sharp abdominal pains. She finally was admitted to the hospital, where doctors put her on Prednisone during the five-day stay. And that also worked — for a while. But the symptoms returned with a vengeance in fall 2006 and for the next three years the diarrhea controlled her life. There were stretches when Rosas was going to the bathroom 18 to 20 times a day. “That was the dark period — I was a prisoner of my own home,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rosas had begun rethinking her eating habits, inspired by a dance teacher who emphasized good nutrition, “I grew up on a total junk food diet,” she admitted, noting that she was accustomed to new---big boutique triple layered hair bow clip--ballet slippers bow candy, fast food and preservative-laden meals, Thinking there might be a connection between her health problems and what she put in her mouth, Rosas started paying closer attention to food labels, shopping at health food stores and cooking more, eschewing packaged products laden with preservatives in favor of “slow food.”..

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