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My beautiful pastel rainbow ballet shoes design is now an amazing Sweater design, created in February 2019 at the request of an amazing customer, I absolutely love these!!Sweaters are 100% cotton, Printed with Direct To Garment printing. **Color Option**You are choosing the colour of the sweater the print is printed on.**Washing**Wash at 40° or lower with similar coloured clothing. **Ironing**Iron inside out. Not over design.**Personalisation**Personalisation is available at an extra cost. If you would like personalisation please contact for a custom order.**Sizes** (1/2 Chest)XS - 50cm / 19.6" (inches)S - 52cm / 20" (inches)M - 56cm / 22" (inches)L - 60cm / 23.6" (inches)XL - 64cm / 25.1" (inches)XXL - 68cm / 26.7" (inches)Please ensure you have purchased the correct size before ordering. All our items are made to order. We expect to ship within 3-5 business working days.Please be aware colours may vary due to screen settings and variations.

“I’m always a bit more, ‘Let’s make sure people get that moment,’ and Marty says, ‘No, kid. We don’t need a voice-over there. Just let the audience sit with that,’ ” DiCaprio says. “And that’s been the great learning experience for me with him. You’re always looking for that one, definitive answer, but it’s always more satisfying if you let people do the work themselves and reach their own conclusions. That doesn’t mean the answer’s not there. It’s just not obvious.”.

One reason his advice holds such weight is that he has applied it so effectively in his own music, which is guided by an improvisational approach he characterizes as “composition as yet unwritten.”, “One day I had this vision of scrolls of music unfurling in the middle pastel ballet shoes sweater, rainbow ballet dancer sweatshirt gift lover hobby of a blue sky,” says Werner, 62, who performs with his long-running trio Monday at Duende in Oakland and Feb, 24 at Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz, “There was a shift in my playing, and solos only were interesting to me when they had the impact and organization of a great composition.”..

While Werner has gone long stretches working on other projects, such as his gorgeous and heartbreaking 2010 opus written after the death of his daughter in a car crash, “No Beginning, No End” (Half Note), the trio has been his creative foundation since the late 1990s. Featuring two of the New York scene’s most sought-after accompanists, German-born bassist Johannes Weidenmueller and Philadelphia-raised drummer Ari Hoenig, the group has developed a singular approach to time and form.

“My idea of a trio is two loose cannons and one who holds pastel ballet shoes sweater, rainbow ballet dancer sweatshirt gift lover hobby it together,” Werner says, “Johannes is a great stabilizer, I use him in several different ensembles, And I’ve never found anyone to replace Ari, He’s such a rhythmic innovator, He’s the most melodic drummer I’ve ever played with, You can hear him playing the tune.”, Werner connected with Weidenmueller a few years after the bassist moved to New York to study at the New School in 1991, He had already landed a high-profile gig with piano great Hank Jones when they started playing duo sessions together, Hoenig had performed with Werner as a student at North Texas State in the early 1990s and reconnected with him shortly after moving to New York..

As a trio, the group quickly gained notice for its volatile chemistry. They first documented the remarkable connection on two live albums recorded in Paris in 2000. “Beat Degeneration” (Sunnyside) focuses on Werner’s originals, while “Form and Fantasy” (Double-Time Records) ranges from Bach’s “Sicilienne” and Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” to Bill Evans’ “Time Remembered” and Herbie Hancock’s “Dolphin Dance.”.

Beyond the trio, Weidenmueller and Hoenig have become a celebrated rhythm section tandem, They’ve published two books together on Mel Bay, “Intro to Polyrhythms” and “Metric Modulations,” and often pastel ballet shoes sweater, rainbow ballet dancer sweatshirt gift lover hobby collaborate on each other’s projects, “As with any other relationship, it deepens and deepens, and we can anticipate each other’s thoughts,” says Weidenmueller, 47, “That’s part of what sets us apart, We have this intuitive communication with each other that feels very effortless.”..

While not always found in each other’s company, they’re often hired as a team for gigs and recordings with leading players such as French pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, Thelonious Monk Saxophone Competition winner Seamus Blake and guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg. “They always made me grow,” Werner says, a description that the bassist echoes. “Kenny’s mastery was around harmony and melody,” Weidenmueller says. “That’s where he totally shines, and that’s where I needed a lot of help. And I think he learned a ton from Ari and me on the metrical stuff. There was a lot of back and forth in those areas.”.

Werner last performed in the Bay Area with his all-star quintet featuring trumpet great Randy Brecker and tenor saxophonist David Sánchez, a recent addition to the SFJazz Collective, Now he and Sánchez have joined forces to co-lead a band combining their music in fascinating ways, Featuring Weidenmueller, Cuban drummer Henry Cole and Brazilian percussionist Café, the quintet has yet to record, but an exhilarating performance at last year’s North Sea pastel ballet shoes sweater, rainbow ballet dancer sweatshirt gift lover hobby Jazz Festival can be seen on YouTube..

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