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“Almost none of them could finish college in four years,” he says. His grants couldn’t keep up with tuition increases at state colleges in recent years, forcing students to drop out or take jobs that slowed their progress. Matsui and William Barr, who is an academic adviser for Matsui’s foundation, approached the presidents of Hartnell and Cal State Monterey Bay. The orchid grower would fund an accelerated degree program for low-income students, but it had to benefit the regional economy. They settled on computer science. Matsui pledged $2.9 million in scholarships for the first three years, or about $30,000 for each student by graduation. But to deliver in three years, Welch had to throw out the college handbook.

He teamed up with Sathya Narayanan, director of Cal State Monterey Bay’s computer science and technology degree program, They came up with a plan that would nurture CSIT students at Hartnell and gradually transition them to upper division classes at Cal State Monterey Bay, Students in the program take the same courses at the same time, do the same assignments, write the same papers and take the same tests, “This is what we tell them,” said Narayanan of the strictures of CSIT-in-3, “You give your calendar away for the next three years, You don’t get to say you will do this or you will pink women shoes flats handmade pink shoes bows ballerinas pink bows womens pink shoes nude ballet pink glitter flats handmade l do that, We will do that for you.”..

A full-time counselor keeps them on track. On “enrichment Fridays,” they share their worries in small support groups. But the instructors don’t think scholarships and a carefully managed curriculum will be enough. That’s why they’re also asking Silicon Valley companies to give their students paid summer internships. They’ve run into entrenched hiring habits. The companies favor interns from big-name or elite schools. “I tell them our students will outwork anybody,” Welch says.

“I’m in a hurry,” the 18-year-old says, “I’m trying to get a job as fast as I can to provide for my parents, I don’t like seeing them still working in the fields, It’s hard labor, I just want them to enjoy themselves from now on.”, Her parents, Mexican immigrants who settled in the Salinas pink women shoes flats handmade pink shoes bows ballerinas pink bows womens pink shoes nude ballet pink glitter flats handmade l Valley, forbade her from following them into the fields, She obeyed and became the first in her family to graduate from high school, She was accepted by several colleges, including UC Davis, But she chose CSIT-in-3..

“I can graduate in three years, get a job in computer science and then go for my master’s degree, maybe in biology,” she says. “That’s six to 10 years of college packed into five at most. I’m in a hurry.”. Like almost every other CSIT student, Constante doesn’t mind that she won’t have a traditional college experience; no sis-boom-bah! at football games, no sorority dances, fraternity beer bashes and all that. OK, maybe a dance or two once they’ve moved over to Monterey Bay.

Kanaan-Atallah, the Hartnell dean, isn’t surprised the students are dedicated to the narrowly focused rigors of the new program, “Our students like staying close to home,” he says, “I think it’s because they’re so family-oriented, have such strong family values.”, Daniel Perez, 21, is one of the few in the program who did not qualify for a Matsui scholarship, but he’s hitched his wagon to CSIT anyway, He was studying computer networking — connecting office computers to each other — pink women shoes flats handmade pink shoes bows ballerinas pink bows womens pink shoes nude ballet pink glitter flats handmade l when Welch recruited him for CSIT, Perez makes ends meet with student loans and smaller grants..

Slate’s columnists, editors and bloggers pick their favorite books of the year. “A House in the Sky” by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett. Recommended by Emily Bazelon, senior editor. The book that most riveted me this year is Amanda Lindhout’s story of being kidnapped for 460 days in Somalia, written with the fabulous Sara Corbett. Lindhout was a travel lover who was trying to transition from cocktail waitressing (she saved her tips for plane tickets) to journalism, on her way to report on health education for women outside of Mogadishu, when she was abducted by men determined to ransom her. Have you read Jaycee Dugard’s memoir of the years she spent in captivity, or Elizabeth Smart’s new best-seller? With no disrespect to either, this book goes much, much deeper. It includes a heart-pounding escape attempt, Lindhout’s insight into her captors, and the seeds of her recovery. Somehow, since coming home to her native Canada, she has launched a foundation to help Somali women. Here’s a Q&A I did with Lindhout. Her fortitude and honesty has stayed with me and taught me. Pick up this book and I promise you’ll understand why.

“We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” by pink women shoes flats handmade pink shoes bows ballerinas pink bows womens pink shoes nude ballet pink glitter flats handmade l Karen Joy Fowler, Recommended by Torie Bosch, Future Tense editor, Rosemary, the narrator of this sweet, sad novel, had a decidedly unconventional childhood: For the first six years of her life, she was raised alongside Fern, a chimp, as part of a psychology experiment, Through Rosemary and Fern, Fowler explores how sibling relationships define us — and how foggy childhood memories and guilt can confuse our personal narratives, “The Circle” by Dave Eggers..

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