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Give your iPhone 7, 8 or 6s a sophisticated look with this Skech Polo Book wallet case. The built-in wallet features a detachable hard case that attaches easily to magnetic car mounts, while integrated card slots provide handy places to stash your driver's license and credit cards. This Skech Polo Book wallet case boasts a sleek leather-look finish and a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

Depending on the phone, their features include built-in artificial intelligence that knows when to defocus the background in portrait shots, improved high dynamic range (HDR+) to capture greater detail in shadows and optical image stabilization to counter a shaky camera in dim light. Many phones offer computational photography, overcoming the hardware limitations of small sensors and small lenses. The result is better sharpness, less noise, and richer colors and textures. They also offer different effects that help you push your inner artist without having to worry about shutter speed, aperture or lighting. Basically, it's compose and shoot.

And that's fantastic for travel, You can minimize your gear and while maximizing your flexibility, spontaneity and fun by just using your phone to shoot your next vacation adventure, To prove polo book wallet case for apple iphone 6s, 7 and 8 - champagne my point, I grabbed a Google Pixel 2 XL and Apple's iPhone X -- two of the newest phones available when I wrote this -- and shot around Monterey, California, and on a family vacation in Tulum, Mexico, I used a phone to take pictures in the swimming pool, lounging on the beach and even kayaking in the ocean -- things I would never dream of doing casually with my DSLR..

For a long time, stunning portrait shots have been largely left to the pros using telephoto lenses to create a shallow depth of field. The result blurs the background and focuses our attention on the subject. The effect is called a bokeh, Japanese for "blur."A Portrait Mode image shot on iPhone X on the beach at sunset separates the subject from the background making a beautiful portrait. With their latest phones, Apple and Google have brought bokeh to the masses, making it surprisingly easy to take good portraits. The two companies go about it in different ways.

Google's Pixel 2 XL, which relies on single front and rear cameras, uses computational photography and machine learning to create a depth map and determine what to defocus, Apple's iPhone X uses information from its two rear lenses to create a similar blurring effect, Apple offers five Portrait Lighting modes that let you add professional lighting looks to your portraits, Frame your subject then choose from Natural Light (softer, less harsh), Studio Light (an even soft spread of light across the subject), Contour Light (adds contours to shadow the face), Stage Light (turns the background black) and Stage Light Mono (the same as Stage Light, but in black and white), My favorite is Studio Light, which mimics the polo book wallet case for apple iphone 6s, 7 and 8 - champagne soft warm light from a professional's gold reflector..

To get the most of that DSLR-like blur with Portrait Mode, make sure your subject is well-separated from the background (ideally, about 8 feet apart). I also recommend shooting where there's plenty of light and checking that the background is free from clutter or distracting elements. A natural landscape still life featuring the Lion's Tail plant against the blues of the Monterey Bay. I even used bokeh and the iPhone's Portrait Mode for the photo of the orange Lion's Tail plant against the blue Monterey Bay. I really love how the combination can make a still life stand out in a natural landscape.

The biggest new feature of the iPhone X is the front-facing TrueDepth camera system, which analyzes more than 30,000 dots to create a depth map of your face, With it, selfies get the portrait treatment, complete with Portrait Lighting effects, The Pixel 2 XL uses AI to create its own bokeh effect, Both phones let you turn the camera on the star of this vacation: you, Again, you'll look your best in a well-lit area, Hold the camera just above eye level and angle it down a touch for the most flattering photos, Experiment with angles and backgrounds to get the best effect from the lighting and polo book wallet case for apple iphone 6s, 7 and 8 - champagne depth modes on the selfie camera..

The iPhone X camera's auto HDR is able to capture the varied tones, highlights and shadows at the marina in Monterrey, California. Photography is all about light, and both phones did great under what would have been challenging conditions for earlier phones -- producing images with a wider dynamic range and less noise. Low noise in dim light shot on the Pixel 2 XL. Look at the photo of the Monterey Marina. The iPhone X camera's auto HDR makes sure the brightly lit distant mountains and the darker foreground get the right levels of exposure. Note the details in the rigging of the ship and the textures of the rocks, while the objects in shadow and sunlight are equally crisp and clean. I also used the iPhone's Vivid setting, which really added some punch to the colors.

The Pixel 2 XL did extremely well in dim light, polo book wallet case for apple iphone 6s, 7 and 8 - champagne thanks to its HDR capabilities and built-in computational smarts, Just look at the photo of my son engrossed by the shark swimming in its tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I was surprised by how smoothly it rendered the range of tones in such low light, There's basically zero noise in this image, Simply put, you don't have to stop shooting when the sun goes down with today's phones, The fine details of my son's hair, the texture of his shirt and the folds of his jeans are remarkable..

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