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The most exciting AR trick you'll be performing in iOS 12 public beta is measuring stuff. iOS 12 allows lots of ways that AR can start to look even more amazing: multiplayer games, integration in the Safari browser and lots of new tricks that can layer virtual objects over real things more realistically. But that requires third-party apps, which won't arrive in the App Store until the fall with the final version of iOS 12. Right now, all that's new is Apple's Measure app, which does a decent job as an augmented reality tape measure. But there already are apps that do this, so Measure isn't all that exciting.

Eventually, third-party apps will be allowed to add hook-ins that add shortcuts via Siri, and a standalone Shortcuts app will allow all sorts of programming of voice shortcuts to launch actions and control iPhones and iPads, Anyone who's used the Workflow app on iOS (which Apple acquired) should science doesn't care funny quote iphone case expect a similar Siri-enabled experience in Shortcuts, But that new app, and the third-party apps, aren't here yet, Instead, you can try customizing your own prompts for Siri Shortcuts in Settings for Apple's first-party apps as they automatically appear, It's a little confusing, mostly because it's really a half-launched feature in the beta..

The same goes for automatic Siri suggestions from the lock screen, designed to look for patterns over time and suggest actions preemptively. Third-party apps aren't here to hook into this yet. iOS 12 promises some big performance gains for current and older iPhones and iPads, and that's great news (also, perhaps, a reason to try the beta if your older device is currently performing terribly). I've only tried the public beta on one test iPhone X provided by Apple, but stay tuned for more performance comparisons on older devices as we get to test it out.

Memoji? Yes! AR and Shortcuts? Not so much, The open beta for iOS 12 is available today, and -- unlike the developer beta that launched on June 4 -- anyone can download it, I've been trying out the public beta on a test iPhone X for the past few days, and can report science doesn't care funny quote iphone case to you on what's worth trying out and what's still missing, Before we dive in, let's note the usual caveats, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

In all honesty, the first iOS 12 beta was probably the smoothest first iOS beta I've ever installed on a device. There were only a few graphical issues, primarily with apps not optimized for the iPhone X. Battery life has been unchanged, and I've only had an app force close on me a handful of times. Know what else has happened, though? Random reboots, and a lot of them. Fast switching from one app to another would often trigger the reboot. I find no fault with Apple for this — it's par for the course with a beta operating system, but dealing with issues like that isn't something everyone wants to deal with.

The number and types of issues with each beta changes with every update, So this update could be (and was) a solid beta build, but the next one could very well have horrible battery life, You just never know what is going to break, Even though Apple announced group FaceTime calls in iOS 12, that doesn't mean you can actually test that right now, At least, not with friends and family members who are still using iOS 11, Or take the new Siri Shortcuts feature as an example, Right now, it's really rough around science doesn't care funny quote iphone case the edges, The custom shortcuts lack instructions and any real actions, not to mention the official shortcuts app is nowhere to be found..

These features as Apple announced them during WWDC 2018 and what is currently available in beta are two very different things. While chatty group FaceTime calls and time-saving Siri Shortcuts are still on the way, this beta shows you where they are at the moment -- and it's important to remember that both are still in development. I'm only bringing this up because it's happened to me: Beta builds can force you to factory reset your device and lose everything. In my situation, something went wrong while installing an OTA beta update and my iPhone SE (£29 at uSwitch) was bricked. A white screen with the Apple logo is all I could get from it, and it took hours of troubleshooting to get it back to a working device.

Again, it comes with the territory and was something I was willing to deal should I need to, Unless you feel the same way, beta builds are best left alone, CNET Magazine: Check out a sampling of the stories you'll find in CNET's newsstand edition, CNET Smart Home: We transformed a real house into a test lab for the hottest category in tech, As fun as it is to help test new features, it's important to remember it's called a beta for a reason, science doesn't care funny quote iphone case With the release of iOS 12 via Apple's public beta program, it can be very tempting to install the beta on your primary iOS device, Trust me, I get it..

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