Speck Presidio Grip iPhone X Tough Case - Black / White - Free Shipping

Meet the Speck Presidio Grip - the evolution of the popular CandyShell Grip case. An ultra-rugged black & white a case made from two different protective layers for the iPhone X from Speck. Features enhanced drop protection, superior matte finish.Dual reinforced layers of protection for your iPhone XFirstthere was the award winning Speck CandyShell Grip, now that classic design has been refined, improved and evolvedinto the all new Speck Presidio Grip.Comprisinga sophisticated,scratch-resistant matte finishhard outer shell withSpeck's all newrubberised 'Impactium' interior layer,which offers fantastic protection no matter what. The sleek, hard shell protects against drops, scratches and minor impacts and it slides easily in and out of your pockets. The rubberisedImpactium inner lining extends to a bezel, which protects your screen if it falls face downand providesnon-slip stability when you place it face down. Stylish hybrid design schemeProtective benefits aside, the beauty of this hybrid design is that you have two contrasting yet complementary materials offering a very pleasing overall aesthetic. Not only do they work perfectly together, they look perfect together too. The materials have even been treated so that they last longer and keep their colour and finish for longer too.Grey white version shown as an example onlyImproved Grip designWithnew diagonal grip chevrons extruding from the rear and sides of the case, you'll have an unparalleled grip on your iPhone. The case will feel more comfortable in your hand and due to the alternating directions of the chevrons it's even less likely to slip from your grasp. It also looks more attractivetoo. Enhanced 10 ft drop protectionTrue, most people aren't anywhere near that tall so who cares?But what if you drop your iPhone down the stairs,overa high wall or out of a first storey window? Whereas before Military drop testing from 6-8 feetwas good enough, Speck has now gone a step further by testing cases from 10 ft - or over 3m.This case has performed perfectly in that regard so you'll have a case designed to look great and keep your iPhone safe and secure where manycases would struggle. Have peace of mind.Reduced bulkEver the trade off with protective cases, they are often heftier than normal. The Presidio Grip however, is 20% less bulky than even it's slimline predecessor, so you're truly getting a case that's protective and slim enough to hold the iPhone's trim styling beautifully.Designed for the iPhone XThe Presidio Grip has been designed specifically for the iPhone X, meaning it has cut-outs for the ports and features of the iPhone X.

The Yi Horizon isn't for sale yet but should be out later this year. The Mirage VR180 camera is available now and costs $299, £220, AU$395. The Lenovo Mirage VR180 camera and Mirage Solo VR headset. I see my son, dancing a dance he calls The Floss. He's doing his dance moves in the entry of my house. I see him smiling, and behind him, the TV, the stairs to my right. It's all in VR, in 3D. Low-res, not always perfect. But it's strange to see him there, as if he's maybe real. I turn to my side, and the room comes to an end. This video clip is 180 degrees, not 360 degrees. And I took the shot just seconds before. Now I'm viewing it on Google Cardboard.

Google likens the Mirage Camera to having something that captures memory moments, A similar type of proposition was made for Google's Clips camera, which came out earlier this year, Clips explores automatic photographs, while Mirage is, to me, more about capturing an immersive slice of a moment, I set speck presidio grip iphone x tough case - black / white up Mirage Camera and used it for a day, pairing with an iPhone running Google's pre-release VR180 app, The phone app syncs photos and videos down so you can see them, and they're also synced with Google Photos, But the camera itself has no screen, You're meant to trust the little thing, with its two fisheye lenses..

I charged it up and started taking photos. Photos end up looking grainy at times, and videos can get choppy if you're moving. And I have no idea what anything will look like until I sync the camera with my phone, or pull out the MicroSD card and stick it in a Mirage Solo VR headset I'm testing. But, it basically does three things: Take photos, take videos, and go live (which I haven't tested yet). When I connect to the iPhone, the camera pairs via direct Wi-Fi to transfer photos. The fisheye 180-degree photos would look strange on their own..but are fine in the VR180 app or Google Photos.

I take a selfie on the walk home from work, It turns out pretty decently, but in 180-degree 3D it loses resolution, A photo taken in the office kitchen of a work colleague is a blur of arms, The camera's not good in low light, and I feel like I'm making sacrifices versus a regular camera, Still, the instant way the videos and photos can speck presidio grip iphone x tough case - black / white be played back is impressive, And when I show my wife or my son the videos on a phone or in Google Cardboard, they think it's cool, How photos look in the app: more normal, plus you can touch/tilt to look around..

180-degree photos and videos are easier to frame, and still capture a bit of immersiveness. They're also easier to view on a phone. The VR180 app can flatten the images and videos to be viewable normally, and you can look around by swiping a finger or by enabling phone-tilt to look around. It also swaps to a VR mode that works with Google Cardboard or Daydream View. I'm finding that, yeah, selfies are ok. And anything I aim at does enter the photo. But…. I found it really hard to not have my fat fingers in shots. Selfies came with my thumbs in the corners. And also, when shooting videos, I realized that if I panned to another part of the room, my playback video would pan, too: If I didn't keep moving my head to look where it was going, it would fade to black as the shot moved away from me. Which was weird. So.. keep your 180-degree videos stable.

I put the camera inside a foosball table, or on the floor, and it made the VR playback feel like I was in a land of giants, Deep inside the foosball (this is a screenshot of what you'd see on the phone), It really did feel like I was a little more in the spaces I was capturing, and that, for a few moments, I had virtually brought a bit of my life into VR, But then what? Organizing and replaying these memories requires special apps, They're not really the same as normal photos and videos, And it's not easy to share them with others, VR180 and the Mirage Camera are interesting, but unless my phone could do this, I don't know speck presidio grip iphone x tough case - black / white if I'd want it..

The next morning, I show my kids and wife what was shot, using my phone and Google Cardboard. The kids are wowed. "You even captured the stairs," says my older son. My wife is a little bit disturbed. "It really is like that scene in Minority Report," she says, remembering how Tom Cruise replays memories of his family. Like a magic life Viewmaster, the Mirage Camera and VR180 do have an impact. More than I even expected. A two part tale of two editors trying out two cameras that have two lenses to create VR180 content.

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." -- Orson Welles, It's a sunny day at Google's campus and I'm serpentining between giant statues of Android mascots, In my hand is a cigarette pack-sized camera with two lenses on it, My phone has two speck presidio grip iphone x tough case - black / white rear cameras so how is this any different? It uses two lenses to take photos and videos with a 180-degree field of view, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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