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This listing is for a sheet of 72 ballet/dance shoes. Each sticker is about 1/2" tall so they leave lots of room to write other things in each square of your planner. Use them as a reminder for days when you have dance lessons or recitals. These shoes can be made in any color...please specify when ordering. If no color is chosen, you will receive black ballet shoes as shown in the example.All monitors display colors differently, so please let me know if you have any questions about these colors and how they appear. These stickers are handmade by me and printed on your choice of regular white matte, white matte repositionable, or white glossy sticker paper and are smudge- and smear-proof.Thank you for shopping at Sticker Plan-It!

Recently, I spoke with the multitalented vocalist-actress-author, who now calls Southern California home. A I think there is a different kind of feeling. I feel more at home. Everybody is very warm and open to me, because I think they know I am from the Bay Area. So, everyone is always really nice. Q Many see you as a role model. Conversely, I’m wondering who are your biggest role models?. A Honestly, it’s my parents. They are No. 1, because they teach you everything in life. I have really great parents, and they are both teachers and are both very giving people. I am very lucky to have them.

Q What are your thoughts about making your major-label debut (with “Zendaya”)?, A It’s really exciting, because it’s really my vision and what I want it to be, Everything is from me, Q Is there much of a difference between putting out music independently, which you’ve done previously, and going the major-label route?, A I have more support and connections (now), stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes You have people who are able to get (the music) to radio stations and people who are able to help you in your journey, Whereas before, you know, my songs didn’t make it to radio because I didn’t know anybody at the radio stations..

Q What can you tell me about your new tween advice book?. A It basically offers real advice about the tween years — personal stories, things I went through, things I had to deal with. It’s just real. I wanted to offer advice from the perspective of someone who kind of knows a little more about what it is like to be a tween-ager. I think, usually, books are written from the wrong perspective, and I don’t think there is any reason why an adult should be explaining to a 12-year-old what it is like to be a 12-year-old.

Q Can you give me one piece of tween advice?, A One of my No, 1 pieces of advice is to never grow up too fast, I think young people, in general, will always try to grow up and do what their big sisters are doing or what (people) are doing on television, But I say there is no problem in being 12 or 7 or 10, you know? You are only that age for one year, so you have to really enjoy it and make it count, This is my only time stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes I’ll ever be 17, So, I’m going to not try to be an 18-year-old — I’m only 17..

Q So, it sounds like it is time to say goodbye to Rocky Blue (Zendaya’s character on “Shake It Up”). What are your thoughts about the show ending?. A Our characters are great. It’s obviously going to be sad that we don’t get to be them every day. But I also think that everyone is growing up, moving on — so it’s very nice. Q How do you find time for everything that’s on your plate?. A Honestly, I don’t know how. That’s why I have parents — when it comes down to scheduling and all that stuff. I don’t usually know (my schedule). I just do it.

While the Philippines was the hardest hit by the typhoon, stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes at least 14 people were killed and dozens of others were left homeless in Vietnam, according to relief agencies, “I want to help the people in Vietnam,” Nguyen said Monday during a break from teaching class, “Everyone knows that the people of the Philippines need help,” he said, “I just don’t want the people of Vietnam to be forgotten.”, Among the areas that Nguyen will visit are villages in Da Nang and Hoi An, which he said were ravaged by the typhoon..

Nguyen said he hopes to provide the residents with Spam, chocolate and other food. He will be traveling from the Bay Area with two friends. So far, they have collected six boxes of material that they will carry with their luggage, Nguyen said. “When I get there, I will buy rice and ramen,” he said. “As long as people have noodles, they will be OK. They can use it as a base for building a meal.”. Nguyen’s ticket to Vietnam was already booked when super Typhoon Haiyan struck earlier this month and left approximately 4,000 people dead in the Philippines alone. He was also already planning to donate food and other items at isolated villages where poverty is widespread.

Donating food is something that he does during each of his visits, said Nguyen, who arrived in the United States in 1983 after 32 attempts to leave his native country, On two occasions, Nguyen said, he was briefly jailed, “I made a promise to myself that if I ever made it and stickers for life planners & teacher planners - ballet/dance shoes got a full-time job, that I would give between 10 (percent) and 15 percent of my salary to the people of Vietnam,” he said, “And so that’s what I do.”, His parents and six siblings also now live in the Bay Area..

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