Vrs Design Damda Fit iPhone X Case - Black - Free Shipping

Protect your iPhone X with this lightweight case in black from VRS Design. Made with robust flexible material, this slim case features a pouch to store credit cards or ID.Lightweight slim constructionProtect your phone from scratches andknocks with the VRS DesignDamda Fit Case for the iPhone X. Featuring a hardshell construction that is tough enough to protect your device, without adding unnecessary bulk.Slim-fitting for optimum comfort and a snug gripDesigned with both form and function in mind, it is very slimlineproviding the protection your phone needs without adding the extra bulk.Therefore, whilebeing protected at all times, your iPhone X will still easily fit within a pocket or a bag.AttractivedesignWith a stylish design, the VRS Design Damda Fitfor the iPhone Xprovides your phone with an attractive protective case that is sure to be noticed by your family, friends and work colleagues.Built-in credit card and ID storageUse the convenient pouch that is built-in to the case to store a couple of credit cards or ID. This means you can leave your wallet or purse at home, as your flexible friend is stored away inside your iPhone X's case ready for when you need it.Access to all features and portsThe Damda Fit features cut-outs for all of the ports, such as the charging connectorandcamera. This also means you can leave the phone in the case and enjoy all of its features, ensuring it is protected at all times.Designed specifically for the iPhone XDesigned with the phonein mind, this case compliments thefeatures of the iPhone X so it looks just as good with the case on as it does off.

iTunes' ringtones sell for 99 cents or $1.29. When you tap to buy one, you'll see options including Set as Default Ringtone, Set as Default Text Tone (for text messages, naturally) and Assign to a Contact. You can, of course, modify any of these options later on, as well as tap Done to complete the setup later. This is the major advantage to spending money on ringtones: They're automatically added to your phone, right on your phone, no conversion or hoop-jumping required. If you'd rather not spend any cash, however, or you want music or sounds not available through iTunes, consider the DIY approach.

Here's a great example, For my money, there is no better ringtone you can have for your phone than this, YouTube is really the only place to find it (and countless vrs design damda fit iphone x case - black other clips, sound effects and more), Thankfully, it's fairly easy to convert any YouTube video -- or, for that matter, any MP3 or other audio track you own -- to a ringtone, If you're starting with YouTube, the basic process goes like this: Convert the YouTube video to an MP3 or M4A audio file, convert that file to the M4R format, then use iTunes to copy it to your iPhone..

You can also hit up the App Store and search for "ringtone maker." You'll find loads of free apps that can convert your songs to the aforementioned M4R format -- but you'll still need iTunes for the final step. Let's take a look at the whole process -- if you're starting with something other than YouTube, jump in at step 3. 1. Copy the YouTube URL to your clipboard. 2. Head to YouTube MP3, a free browser-based conversion tool, and paste that URL into the text field. Now click Download Music MP3. When the conversion is done, it will automatically save to the default downloads folder on your PC. (Note: There are any number of services that can perform the same task. This one is quick, easy and blissfully free of ads.).

3. Now we need to convert that file to the ringtone format M4R, For this, we're going to hit up another site: Free Ringtone Maker, Click the blue Upload Files button and choose your MP3, (Note: This site has a lot of ad banners, some of vrs design damda fit iphone x case - black which look like they're part of the converter, They're not, Use only the buttons mentioned here.), When using Free Ringtone Maker, make sure to click only the buttons highlighted here, A lot of the ads are a bit deceptive-looking, 4. Once the upload is done, use the sliders to choose (and preview) the snippet you want turned into your ringtone, Then click the M4R button and, finally, Make Ringtone, Once the conversion is complete, click the blue Download button to save the new file..

5. Now you have an M4R file that needs to make its way to your iPhone. If you don't typically connect your phone to your PC, well, you'll need to for this. Run iTunes, connect your phone, then look for Devices in the left-side toolbar. Click your phone to expand the options, then click Tones. 6. Now, open an Explorer window and locate your M4R file. Then simply drag it to the iTunes window and drop it. That's it! There's no syncing required; any M4R file you drag here automatically gets copied to your phone.

Once you've run iTunes and connected your iPhone, just choose the Tones option and drag and drop your converted M4R files, 7. Finally, connect and sync your iPhone, It may be necessary to click the Tones option for your iPhone and enable Sync Tones, then sync again, But when you're done, now you should be able to venture into Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone and choose your new ringer, By the way, you can accomplish the same thing with any MP3 file (i.e, not just YouTube-sourced MP3s) just by skipping right to step 3 -- great if you have, say, a library of vrs design damda fit iphone x case - black songs or sound effects to draw from..

And, of course, share your nomination for the world's best ringtone in the comments. You already know my favorite. Originally published on Oct. 29, 2015.Update, July 23, 2018: The DIY section has been rewritten with up-to-date information. Turn a song, sound clip, MP3 file or just about anything else into your very own iPhone ringtone. Does your iPhone sound like every other iPhone? Does it play the default Waves ringtone, causing everyone nearby to pull out their own phone and see if it's the one ringing?.

Sony is pushing the envelope when it comes to phone camera sensors, Its 0.8 micron pixel size will work with a Quad Bayer color filter array to match the colors of the adjacent 2 x 2 pixels and avoid noisy, dim image quality when taking photos in low-light conditions, The images on the left shows a shot from a conventional phone camera image (with 12 effective megapixels), while the right side shows photos vrs design damda fit iphone x case - black from a camera with the IMX586 sensor (with 48 effective megapixels), "Original Sony exposure control technology and signal processing functionality are built into the image sensor, enabling real-time output and a superior dynamic range that is four times greater than conventional products," the company notes..

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