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WASHINGTON — Everything about TNT’s family-friendly “Christmas in Washington” concert is classy and lovely and perfectly planned, like a present neatly wrapped with a big red bow. So that’s why it was surprising when Hugh Jackman — who boasted he was the first Australian to host the annual show — hinted at something even vaguely controversial. “Santa is also from overseas — and that’s a fact,” Jackman said during his opening monologue, presumably referring to the “debate” that erupted on Fox News last week over the color of Santa’s skin. The line did not get a big response from the crowd in the festively decorated National Building Museum, where President Obama and the first family were in attendance; there was some scattered laughter, and a few “ooohs.” Jackman paused. “Not for the kids,” he admitted.

And that was the end of topical humor, Of course, the remark escaped the many children in 30% off she believed she could so she did stainless steel or silver plated bangle ballet themed charms shoes charm pearl bead fr attendance Sunday night, who were dressed in their holiday best, accompanied by parents, there to watch celebrities sing Christmas carols, Always a jumble of genres and styles, this year’s lineup included pop star turned trying-to-be-country-songstress Sheryl Crow; R&B siren Janelle Monae; actress and “Cups” singer Anna Kendrick; always-reliable Train frontman Pat Monahan; and the group that landed a “special appearance” billing, the Backstreet Boys..

“Boys” may not be the proper term for the former teenybopper superstars at this point. Brian Littrell’s pushing 40, A.J. McClean’s on his way, and Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson are already there. It was quite the throwback to see them all together again, though; the dapper quintet gamely kicked off the show with “Christmas Time,” offering well-rehearsed harmonies and trading off lead vocals. Backed by a choir, they still embraced cheesy dancing — particularly Nick Carter, who was really into it.

Also showing off moves: 30% off she believed she could so she did stainless steel or silver plated bangle ballet themed charms shoes charm pearl bead fr the Washington Youth Choir, with a particularly rousing rendition of “Come Tell It on the Mountain,” complete with a choreographed mini-dance routine, It was delightful, and a nice shot of energy compared with soaring but slower songs from Crow (“Please Come Home for Christmas,” “O Holy Night”) and Kendrick (“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Silent Night”), The feel-good event, which supports the Children’s National Health System and will air on TNT Friday, also featured Monahan’s vocal aerobics on “Merry Christmas Baby” and a spirited “This Christmas” courtesy of Monae, As usual, the grand finale was a group performance featuring all of the artists, along with the president, first lady, Malia and Sasha, who arrived onstage to dole out hugs and join in a mass sing-along to “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” President Obama spoke for a few minutes about the spirit of the season, and threw in a joke about Jackman’s movie alter ego, thanking him for “leaving the Wolverine claws at home.”..

One element of the seamless broadcast became glaringly apparent: Jackman is not a comedian. In recent years, hosts Conan O’Brien and Ellen DeGeneres kept the crowds laughing. Not so much this time. Jackman’s stilted delivery was almost a relief, however: Someone that strikingly attractive does have a flaw. Because, oh right, he can sing. Beautifully. And he did, during the finale, belting out “Angels We Have Heard on High,” joining the first family and artists in capping off the warm and fuzzy night — but, as any celebrity should, only after plugging “The Wolverine” on DVD.

Three of the world’s four fastest-rising search requests on Google were triggered by 30% off she believed she could so she did stainless steel or silver plated bangle ballet themed charms shoes charm pearl bead fr the deaths of famous men, Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died earlier this month, occupied the top spot, followed by “Fast & Furious” movie star Paul Walker, who died in a Nov, 30 car crash, “Glee” TV series cast member Cory Monteith, who died of a drug overdose in July, ranked fourth in an annual retrospective released Tuesday, The Boston Marathon bombings in April that killed three people ranked sixth..

The iPhone 5S, the latest upgrade in Apple’s (AAPL) most popular product line, finished third in Google’s rankings. A rival smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, took the eighth spot. PlayStation 4, Sony Corp.’s newest video game console, held the ninth position. The Top 10 was rounded out by the “Harlem Shake,” a song that inspired a procession of amusing dance videos, at No. 5; “royal baby” Prince George, the heir to England’s throne, at No. 7; and North Korea, whose saber-rattling has become a source of international tension, at No. 10.

Google’s review follows annual round-ups compiled during the previous two weeks by its main search rivals — Microsoft Corp.’s Bing, Yahoo Inc, (YHOO) and Ask.com, Although its list usually comes last each year, Google’s breakdown typically provides the greatest insight into the world’s collective mindset because the company’s technology processes about two out of every three search requests made on the Internet, Bing ranks a distant second with 18 percent 30% off she believed she could so she did stainless steel or silver plated bangle ballet themed charms shoes charm pearl bead fr of the U.S, search market, and even less in most other countries, Yahoo, which relies on Bing’s technology, handles the third most search requests..

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