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" Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the lady."- Martha GrahamClock Specifications:▪ Small : Largest side aprox. 7.8" (20cm)▪ Medium : Largest side aprox. 9.8" (25cm)▪ Large : Largest side aprox. 11.8" (30cm)▪ Made of 3mm thick black acrylic face with high quality printed vinyl▪ All Clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep - Non Ticking (Silent) and RoHS Approved▪ Requires 1 AA battery (not included)Shipping Details:▪ I ship my products everywhere▪ Each order requires 1-3 business days for production▪ If you are buying this as a gift, I can include a gift card with your text on it for free :)▪ Tracking Numbers are provided for all shipped itemsEstimated Shipping Delivery Time:- Europe: ~10 days- USA: ~15 days- Everywhere else: ~15 days ***Please note that the above are just estimates. Parcels may take longer to arrive for various reasons like mail traffic during holidays, customs/tax delays or even bad weather. Please make sure to check the tracking information provided regularly to keep yourself informed about your parcel's location.***If your product arrives damaged or you are unhappy with it, please inform me and I will gladly work with you to fix, replace or refund the item.Thank you for taking the time to read this! :)

Rapper Macklemore and DJ/producer Lewis delivered a lively short set at Triple Ho, although it wasn’t quite enough to dispel thoughts that the clock is ticking on the duo’s 15 minutes of fame. It’s a shame, since the pair have shown such range in the studio — from the novelty number “Thrift Shop” to the topical piece “Same Love” to the dance anthem “Can’t Hold Us.” Yet, the duo’s live show just isn’t anywhere as exciting as its recordings.

The concert had a couple of ringers in the lineup — Pitbull and Iglesias — but organizers only gave one of them an opportunity to truly shine, Iglesias was, by far, the most talented entertainer on the bill, Yet he appeared surprisingly early in the show, sandwiched between Oakland native Zendaya and Justin Bieber wannabe Austin Mahone, I’m not sure in what universe Mahone ballerina - ballet dancer talent passion - arabesque pirouette swan lake pointe shoes - moon galaxy planet - custom size acrylic gets a better slot than Iglesias, but it’s clearly not one that appreciates good music, Still, Iglesias made the most with what he had, He sounded terrific as he crooned through a four-song, 15-minute, That’s not surprising, since Iglesias — a man who has sold over 100 million records in his career — is typically dynamite onstage..

As for Mahone, his mercifully brief set only illustrated he has a ways to go before his songs are as appealing as as his haircut. After Macklemore and Lewis, Pitbull took the stage and the party really took off. It must be fun to be Pitbull. His world appears to be all slick suits, pricey sunglasses, free drinks and bikini-clad dancers. The image belies how hard the man has worked to become, and stay, a star. He’s a fine rapper, who (like countless others) borrows liberally from the Book of Jay Z, but he’s an even better entertainer. He’s absolutely dedicated to making every show the best night of his fans’ lives.

I don’t know if he accomplished that on this evening, but he certainly gave it his all, He moved about the stage with passion and purpose, running through each of his songs like it was the opening number at the Grammy Awards telecast, The concert also featured a fairly impressive outing from Oakland’s own Zendaya, the former “Dancing with the Stars” runner-up ballerina - ballet dancer talent passion - arabesque pirouette swan lake pointe shoes - moon galaxy planet - custom size acrylic who is now turning heads as a pop star, Follow Jim Harrington at, and

Organizer Nina Koch and her staff pride themselves on making this an enriching experience for the dancers, as Hannah Rose, this year’s Clara, and Julia Fajardo, who will be performing as the Flower Queen, can attest. Part of the mission of the ballet company is to help the dancers grow to be strong, confident, resilient people, but for these girls, they have developed so much more. “It was hard; it was actually when I started doing ‘The Nutcracker’ that I first started taking ballet,” Rose said. “We are required to take at least one ballet class a week in order to participate in the Nutcracker. When I started I didn’t like it and almost quit, but the moment I stepped on that stage I knew I wanted to perform as much as possible.”.

The cast and crew began the program in August with auditions and rehearsals quickly following, Over that time, Fajardo, a seven-year veteran of “The Nutcracker” ballet, said that the performers have gotten to know each other through activities and rehearsals, “My favorite part about being the Flower Queen ballerina - ballet dancer talent passion - arabesque pirouette swan lake pointe shoes - moon galaxy planet - custom size acrylic is seeing the younger ballerinas in the show looking up to me in rehearsal, which pushes me to strive to be the best I can be, Plus, I get to finally wear a tiara in my last and final year in the show,” she said..

Rose, 14, has experienced a lot of the same thing during these past few months, stating that she has become excited about partnering with so with her good friend David Elness who will performing as the Nutcracker Prince in this year’s production. “Partnering is something that I have never done before and is a very important skill for a dancer to have,” she said. “There are lots of lifts and I am often thrown in the air as well and that is really scary and requires a huge amount of trust between partners.”.

Rose has been waiting a long time to get to play the role of Clara in this Ballet of East County’s “Nutcracker” performance, So a lot of young girls to get the chance to perform as Clara, Koch only allows a dancer to play ballerina - ballet dancer talent passion - arabesque pirouette swan lake pointe shoes - moon galaxy planet - custom size acrylic that part once while with the company, “I am extremely excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I will truly do my best to make the most of it,” Rose said, While this is her first time as Clara, Rose has performed for the past eight years, playing many different roles, including a cookie, an angel, a mouse, a marzipan, a flower, a cherub, a Russian, and the Doll..

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