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Naturally beautiful! ✿Are you looking for an inspiration? Getting inspired by nature is the best way. Cute shoes with green lace are amazing for all summer events! Express your natural soul when you are walking in your crowded city. ✿✿ I use Priority shipping for each pair of my shoes. Ready to ship in 3-5 business days (or sooner!):Shipping to USA & Canada ~10-14 days + local deliveryShipping to EU ~5-7 days + local deliveryShipping to Australia, NZ ~10-15 days + local delivery✿ I also have an EXPRESS WORLDWIDE SHIPPING option - 2-3 days after your order is finished (ready to ship in 3-5 business days (or sooner!) - look for it when placing your order, in the checkout section. PLEASE, PROVIDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AT CHECKOUT IN NOTE TO SELLER SECTION (DHL will contact you to confirm with you the prefered way, place and time for you to receive your parcel)Usualy parcels are claimed lower value.Have in mind that the more you buy, the more you save on shipping - the delivery of every additional item you put in your Cart will cost you less. ✿ Please, note that there might be delays due to custom procedures and holidays. They are out of my control. :) But I'm always at your disposal and will do my best to help with anything I can.✿ Materials:Base: High quality shoes made of original Italian PVC & Silicon, green material with white liningDecoration: Hand decorated with green lace, velvet ribbon, buttons and beads✿ Sizing: Please send me your insole length when ordering!US 6 | EU 36 | UK 3.5 | AUS 4.5 | JAPAN 22 --- insole length 22.5 cm 8.86"US 6.5 | EU 37 | UK 4 | AUS 5 | JAPAN 22,5 --- insole length 23 cm 9.06"US 7.5 | EU 38 | UK 5 | AUS 6 | JAPAN 23.5 --- insole length 24 cm 9.45"US 8.5 | EU 39 | UK 6 | AUS 7 | JAPAN 24.5 --- insole length 24.5 cm 9.65"US 9 | EU 40 | UK 6.5 | AUS 7.5 | JAPAN 25 --- insole length 25 cm 9.84"US 9.5 | EU 41 | UK 7 | AUS 8 | JAPAN 25,5 --- insole length 25.5 cm 10.04"US 10 | EU 42 | UK 7.5 | AUS 8.5 | JAPAN 26 --- insole length 26.5 cm 10.43"✿ Each of my beautiful creations is individually painted, finished and decorated by me! Hope they will bring you the same joy and inspiration that I put in making each pair!✿ If you would like another color, have a special order or want to know more about my process, don’t hesitate to convo me before you order. I'm always happy to chat!✿ Check out more of my shoes here. I’d love to hear how you feel about them:

By Paul Freeman. For The Daily News. They bring the world. Via gorgeous harmonies, the East Bay’s True Life Trio travels through a wide spectrum of styles and traditions. Their debut recording, “Home,” a seven-song EP, is a wondrous introduction to the trio’s multicultural musical expedition. Trio member Juliana Graffagna says, “We wanted to get something out to the world that reflected the diversity of what we do. We’re proud of it. It was a huge accomplishment to get it out there. But you’re always on to the next project. We’re already planning our next CD right now.”.

Graffagna, Leslie Bonnett and Briget Boyle all sing and play percussion, Bonnett adds fiddle; Boyle guitar; and Graffagna bass, They met as performers in the Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble, “Our backgrounds, all of us, from singing in a larger chorus,” Graffagna says, “is Eastern European and Baltic music, That’s sort of the mainstay, barefoot shoes, green shoes, summer shoes, flat shoes, soft shoes, ballet flats, slip in shoes, retro shoes, bead shoes, rubber But we definitely branch out, We incorporate different Americana styles, Cajun music, specifically, Leslie Bonnett has a strong background in Cajun music, So it’s been really fun to explore that and add three-part vocal harmonies, not often heard with that genre..

“So we’re going from Eastern Europe down to Louisiana. We do a little bit of Appalachian music, as well. And Eastern Europe, in and of itself, is quite broad, so we do the music from from the Balkans, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, then we go up into more northern Europe, into the Ukraine and some Polish music. So it’s a pretty wide range of stuff that we’re exploring. Also we do a fair bit of Georgian music, as well, which is really wonderful. The traditional music is set up for three-part harmony.”.

They’ve also touched upon the musical traditions of Mexico, South Africa, Italy and other regions, Though each musical tradition barefoot shoes, green shoes, summer shoes, flat shoes, soft shoes, ballet flats, slip in shoes, retro shoes, bead shoes, rubber has its own personality, there are common threads, “For one thing, most of the music is folk music, so, just in terms of the subject matter, there’s so many rich songs about real stuff, about love and conflict and war, There’s a lot of songs about separating from your family, And that crosses all genres, Then, in terms of doing traditional music in general, there’s a vocal quality that you can use, that we take advantage of in all these different styles, a sort of more folk voice, using a chest voicing, which is a powerful, strident sort of tone to use, The commonality is that it’s all folk music that sprang up from rural areas everywhere, having to do with the land and the basic stuff of life.”..

The trio also performs original material, such as Graffagna’s lovely “Butterfly Dream.” Originally from Chicago, Graffagna has been singing and teaching European music for 25 years. She has traveled extensively and worked with countless musicians. “I feel that I am steeped enough in the music that it has colored the way that I hear music and see music. So it’s natural for me to then spin off and write my own things. It’s fun taking elements from these different traditions and incorporating them into my compositions, but then making it modern and singing in English. It’s a challenge, but it’s a labor of love, for sure, for all of us.”.

“Butterfly Dream” is one of the soaring a cappella numbers on the “Home” EP, “Some of the music, you don’t want any instruments in it, because the harmonies are so rich, in and of themselves, It’s just perfect without, And some of it, frankly, sounds strange or too barefoot shoes, green shoes, summer shoes, flat shoes, soft shoes, ballet flats, slip in shoes, retro shoes, bead shoes, rubber modern somehow, with instruments, It’s about being respectful of the traditions, But it’s also about making the most beautiful sound that we can make.”, Other tunes, especially the lively Cajun numbers, cry out for instruments to augment the vocals..

“It seems like there are endless amounts of tools in our little tool chest to pull out to vary the texture of the sound.”. The group creates unique arrangements of traditional numbers. Sometimes, it’s a matter of taking music originally designed for larger choirs and extracting the essential harmonies, so they can capture the majesty with three voices. “We’re trying to find ourselves in all this music, since we’re not Macedonian or Ukrainian or Appalachian, for that matter. Without trying, you’re imprinting yourself, no matter what you’re doing. That’s a natural extension, putting our own personalities into it.”.

Graffagna, already a singer, studied Russian language in college, and then tuned in to Slavic folk music, “That’s what piqued my interest originally, And then I fell in love with the Bulgarian Women’s Chorus and wanted to sing like that, “Leslie grew up in the Bay Area, doing international folk dance, That’s how she came to it, Briget got hooked up with Eastern European music at the College of Santa barefoot shoes, green shoes, summer shoes, flat shoes, soft shoes, ballet flats, slip in shoes, retro shoes, bead shoes, rubber Fe, We all met here in the Bay Area and we chose each other out of this bigger group to branch out and do this thing, because we get along so well, personality wise, And though our voices are so different, we think it’s a really good blend with the three of us, We all trust each other tremendously and our abilities to make something that sounds profoundly beautiful to us, So it’s a lot of joy..

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