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***Fits shoe size kids 13 to adult***Looking for your tiny dancer? Check out our mini line listing. Custom, handmade foot stretchers. The base is made of wood and foam and covered with a super soft, velour fabric for comfort. The foot sleeve is made with a durable canvas and the back is lined with a faux leather. Some prints may vary slightly. Get your ideal arch and improve range of motion. Great for dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, etc. As always use caution when stretching. For a small stretch, insert your foot just a bit. For a bigger stretch, insert your foot all the way in the foot sleeve. Hold your stretch for about 30 seconds at a time if you can. Do not bounce while stretching as that may lead to injury. If you feel any pain, pull back on your stretch until you are ready. Do not use on an injured foot. User assumes any and all responsibility for any injuries associated with our product.

If this is what children in 19th-century London did for fun, my kids want to live in 19th-century London. Old London has landed in Daly City — at the Cow Palace, to be exact, where the 35th annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair will take place every weekend through Dec. 22. The place is laid out like streets in the days of Charles Dickens. The actors who work at the festival and attendees wear period clothes, drink large mugs of ale, speak in English accents (they mostly try, anyway), and indulge in dancing and singing of songs that would stun the politically correct should they escape onto the nearby streets of San Francisco (the 3 Cripples Pub seems very popular).

Running into Oliver Twist or the Ghost of Christmas Future roaming the streets wasn’t uncommon, Neither were sudden outbursts of scenes from foot stretcher, ballet stretcher, arch stretcher, dance stretcher, black friday, sale, christmas Dickens’ stories, on scattered stages around the venue — sometimes in the middle of the “street,” where parades frequently broke out and constables roamed, twirling their billy clubs, At least six theaters and 700 characters from Dickens’ books were on the premises, It had been five years since I had attended, I didn’t take children that time, so I was wondering how my kids would like it, Walking to the car, they planned their outfits for next year, so I guess they liked it..

Actually, they loved it. As mentioned before, they got to fence, they got pulled into group dances, they saw puppet shows (from some of the most frightening-looking puppets on the planet, appropriately known as the “Dangerous Puppets”). They tried on period masks that were more art than costume. We watched acts such as the wonderful folk band Rats in the Haggis and Paddy West Sings Songs of the Seven Seas at the very convincing Mad Sal’s Dockside Ale House. (Mad Sal wasn’t in the immediate vicinity, which is good, since she almost attacked me for not having an ale last time I was there.).

My kids also spent a disproportionate time in a shop that sells what I assumed was 19th-century-style foot stretcher, ballet stretcher, arch stretcher, dance stretcher, black friday, sale, christmas handmade soap, We told them they could each have something from the many old-styled shops, including magic puzzle boxes, old books, jewelry and games, All of that wonderful English finery — and they came home with one bar of soap each, Mine weren’t the only kids loving the fair, A good portion of the attendees were teenagers and younger, many of them dressed in old English attire, be it the top hats and tails of the ruling classes or the knickers and caps of street urchins (some even scuffed dirt on their faces), It was also a good place to see Steampunkers and their looks from (the real or imagined) 19th-century Industrial Revolution; more often than not, one could hear their outfits clanging before actually seeing them..

But don’t worry about not showing up in costume. If you suddenly want to get into the spirit of things, more than enough stores are able to accommodate you. Hats, topcoats, dresses wider than my car, jewelry, corsets — all were available, with shop owners frequently in character. It’s not just London — it’s London of 1865 during Christmas, which gives the whole place an extra layer of magic. Even better: They didn’t have iPods or iPhones in 1865, so my kids stayed off their electronic devices for more than four hours. That has to qualify as a Christmas miracle.

KABUL, Afghanistan — It’s painful for US soldiers to hear discussions and watch movies about modern wars when the dialogue is full of obsolete slang, like “chopper” and “GI.”, Slang changes with the times, and the military’s is no different, Soldiers fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have developed an expansive new military vocabulary, taking elements from popular culture as well foot stretcher, ballet stretcher, arch stretcher, dance stretcher, black friday, sale, christmas as the doublespeak of the military industrial complex, The US military drawdown in Afghanistan — which is underway but still awaiting the outcome of a proposed bilateral security agreement — is often referred to by soldiers as “the retrograde,” which is an old military euphemism for retreat, Of course the US military never “retreats” — rather it conducts a “tactical retrograde.”..

This list is by no means exhaustive, and some of the terms originated prior to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But these terms are critical to speaking the current language of soldiers, and understanding it when they speak to others. Please leave anything you think should be included in the comments.Big Voice: On military bases, loudspeakers broadcast urgent messages. When incoming rocket or mortar fire is detected by radar systems, the Big Voice automatically broadcasts a siren and instructions to take cover. The Big Voice will also warn of scheduled explosions, usually to destroy captured weapons.

Bird: Helicopter, “Chopper” is rarely used, except in movies, where it is always used, A chopper is a kind of motorcycle, not an aircraft, ‘Black’ on ammo, fuel, water, etc: Almost out, Blowed up: Hit by an IED, Example: “I been blowed up six times this year.”, Bone: The B-1 bomber, Charlie Foxtrot: Clusterf#@&, CHU: (pronounced choo) Containerized Housing Unit, These small, climate-controlled trailers usually sleep between two and eight soldiers and is the primary unit of housing on larger bases, A CHU Farm is a large number of CHUs together, A Wet CHU is a CHU that has its own bathroom, usually reserved for generals and other high-ranking individuals, CHUs are unarmored and foot stretcher, ballet stretcher, arch stretcher, dance stretcher, black friday, sale, christmas very vulnerable to rocket attacks..

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