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“To me, this is business,” McKeehan says. “If I’m charging 25, 35 bucks a ticket and charging 10 bucks to buy my CD, it’s a business. You can’t call it ministry at that point . . . If God chooses to minister through me talking about my life, then so be it. But I can’t call it that.”. After breakfast, the nostalgia trip continues into Falls Church, Va., past McKeehan’s childhood home, along his old paper route, over to the schoolyard of Luther Jackson Middle School where he had his first kiss, into the parking lot of the Frozen Dairy Bar.

“Me and my cousin Joey used to love this place,” he says, blue eyes sparkling, He walks up to the counter and orders a cup of vanilla, “Is that boring?”, He can’t remember if he ordered the same thing in Georgetown with the Beasties — it’s been 27 years, after all, McKeehan hasn’t lived in the area since high school and doesn’t make it back to visit too often, So much has changed, Including him, And his music, “There are early dc Talk lyrics that make me cringe,” he says, “They felt judgmental, like we had it together, had the butterfly handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes handpainted mojari indian jutti answers.”..

He doesn’t look a lot older, but he certainly feels a lot wiser, and says he’s invigorated by changing attitudes currently sweeping across the Christian faith. “I love to see [Christians] reaching out and loving well, instead of being insulated and judging,” he says. “I would hope that I’m an artist that’s opening people’s minds about what it means to be a believer walking in this world every day.”. And he’d rather do it through a song than a sermon.

Produced and directed by Vicki Reeder, Follies is the annual musical send-up of newsworthy fiascoes ranging from sequester to cellphones and Paula Deen’s departure from the Food Network, On closing night the sold-out crowd gave butterfly handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes handpainted mojari indian jutti a standing ovation to the 12 cast members and musicians for a fun show that featured famous songs with new satirical lyrics, snappy dance numbers and clever costumes and props, Some of the subjects included: Eavesdropping by NSA and CIA (“What I Hear”) to the tune of “Do You Hear What I Hear,” music by Gloria Shayne Baker; the failed Weiner mayoral campaign (“The Last Time”) to the tune of “The Last Time I Saw Paris” by Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern; and NRA insistence on gun ownership (“NRA”) to the tune of “Erie Canal” by Thomas Allen..

In an interview afterward, Reeder said, “I marvel that Follies has lasted for 20 successful shows. I wonder if all the good satire has been done, but then something ridiculous makes the news and I laugh; shortly after that a tune will pop into my head and I get the itch to write a parody. Human nature keeps me in business, I don’t think we’re finished yet.”. The cast received congratulations at a post-performance reception. Seen having fun were Mountain View Councilman and emcee Mike Kasperzak, former Los Altos Hills Mayor Jan Mordo and his wife Barbara, former Los Altos mayors Roy and Penny Lave with their family, daughter and son-in-law Remer and Julie Johnston and granddaughters Quincy and Harper Johnston, and Nancy and Al Traficanti, congratulating daughter Kathy Holleb.

Reeder received special congratulations from husband Dave Reeder and her granddaughter Sarah Delfava, Firsttime Follies performer Kathryn Han received a bouquet from her daughters, Emcee John Sylvester said that over the 20 years, Follies has raised $350,000 for the theater company, The auction raised more than $75,000 for the Charlotte de Gery Endowment Fund, which is named in honor of the school’s founder, Parents, faculty and friends had a wine butterfly handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes handpainted mojari indian jutti connoisseur’s experience at the Oct, 6 benefit at Fremont Hills Country Club in Los Altos Hills, Thierry Nivaggioli, who has reprised his role for six years, heard rave reviews on the new venue and the delicious dinner served by Chef Steve Chan..

A parent and board member, Nivaggioli said that he is pleased to support the school’s mission of multiculturalism and bilingual education. He added, “It’s so nice to share some good stories about wine. We have wonderful wines.”. This year’s theme was Old and New World Wines. Guest speaker Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyards gave an interesting talk on the differences between Old World “terroir” wines, that celebrate the land and climate of a specific place, and New World wines that are created by people wanting to expand “terroirs” using their own personal choices. Guests had the opportunity to sample his New World wines: he supplied the wine for the four-course dinner.

The most popular auction item was “A Weekend in the butterfly handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes handpainted mojari indian jutti Vines,” a trip to the Santa Barbara area and the opportunity to be the guests Jim Clendenen, owner and winemaker of Bon Climat, He volunteered to create a delicious dinner with wine pairings, to make breakfast, and to secure hard-to-get dinner reservations, Eric and Sheri Brisson made the winning bid for that and also for the “French Laundry Experience for Four,” which is a nine-course tasting menu with champagne and sommeliers..

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