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In a major booking coup, Stanford Live, in association with the Stanford Dance Division, presents Festival Jérôme Bel in the coming weeks, the choreographer’s first extensive Bay Area exposure. Integrated into the university’s new undergraduate program ITALIC, or Immersion in the Arts: Living in Culture, the festival includes three disparate Bel pieces, starting with “The Show Must Go On” at Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday. In an interview conducted via email, Bel wrote that he was drawn to nonprofessional dancers because they “look more like the people in the audience. I am fed up with the disciplined dancer’s body. This is too normative.”.

Part dance bag, ballet bag, girls birthday gift, ballerina tote bag, embroidered easter basket, flower tutu,, snowflake ballerina of what makes Bel such a force in postmodern dance is that his heady, theoretical deconstructions are often engagingly entertaining, “His work is smart and entertaining, with a lot of humor and whimsy,” says Janice Ross, director of ITALIC and Stanford’s Dance Division, “One take-away of ‘The Show Must Go On’ is that even when you’re not performing, you are performing, This is all about artifice, but even when I show you the trickery, you’re still seduced.”..

“I wanted to know what it was to work with Merce,” writes Bel, who has Andrieux act out the creative process, detailing Cunningham’s directions and his own responses. A question-and-answer session with New York Times dance writer Claudia La Rocco follows the performance. First staged in 2004 with the Paris Opera dancer Veronique Doisneau, the piece has existed in several incarnations, each examining the complicated relationship between dancer and choreographer. The final Bel piece, “Pichet Klunchun and Myself,” at Bing on Dec. 2, is actually a film documenting a fascinating cross-cultural dialogue between Bel and classical Thai dance master Pichet Klunchun as they share ideas about movement. It’s a scripted but seemingly impromptu conversation and demonstration they’ve performed in person dozens of times.

Bel will be present at the screening to answer questions onstage following the film in a discussion with Stanford faculty member Peggy Phelan, The festival concludes on Dec, 3 with a free conversation with Bel at Pigott Theater, After studying at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers and working with such leading French choreographers as Angelin Preljocaj, Regis Obadia and Caterina Sagna, Bel launched his own career as a choreographer in the 1990s, creating works deeply informed by his study of philosophy and dance history, Bel says he is committed to challenging himself, “I want to make new experiences,” he writes, “I am not interested to eat the same dish again and again even if it is good, … Pleasure is not enough dance bag, ballet bag, girls birthday gift, ballerina tote bag, embroidered easter basket, flower tutu,, snowflake ballerina for me, I need to be provoked, taken out of my comfort zone.”..

The following is excerpted from “Blockbusters: Hit-Making, Risk-Taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment,” by Anita Elberse, published by Henry Holt & Co. Standing backstage at Boston’s sold-out TD Garden in March 2011 during Lady Gaga’s smash-hit tour, the Monster Ball, her manager, Troy Carter, paused a moment to take it all in. “It is amazing how far we have come in such a short time,” he said. After emerging on the pop-music scene in 2008 — touring as a supporting act for New Kids on the Block, a boy band beyond its glory years — Lady Gaga broke through in early 2009, when her singles “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” topped international charts. She rapidly became one of the biggest names in entertainment, sweeping up Grammys and Video Music Awards and selling tens of millions of singles. In 2011, Forbes ranked her first on its Celebrity 100 list, ahead of Oprah Winfrey.

As is the case with most “overnight successes,” Gaga’s ascent had been a long time in the making, In the early days of her career, through a relentless touring schedule — for months on end, she put on seven to eight shows a week, sometimes performing three times per night, in clubs around the U.S, and Canada — Gaga had built a fan base with a strong core, “We wanted to build her fan base from the ground up,” Carter said, “Once the audience feels they own something, they are going to run with it, and do the work for you.” She relied heavily on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread word of mouth and strengthen her connection with her fans — her “little monsters,” as she called them, She turned dance bag, ballet bag, girls birthday gift, ballerina tote bag, embroidered easter basket, flower tutu,, snowflake ballerina out to be extraordinarily skilled at doing so: By 2011, Gaga was the most popular living person on Facebook and the most followed person on Twitter..

Given her extraordinary success with a grassroots approach to launching her music, one might have assumed that Gaga, Carter and her label, Interscope, would stick with such a strategy in 2011 for her third album, “Born This Way.” Yet the “Born This Way” launch compared more to “a movie blockbuster in the summer months, like Avatar,” as Interscope’s vice chairman Steve Berman put it. “With an artist of Gaga’s caliber,” Carter said, “reaching full potential means doing things on an enormous scale.” He knew that the launch he had in mind would have to go beyond traditional music-distribution channels and would test the limits of what a record label — even one the size of Universal Music Group — could afford. Carter and his team likewise pursued a blockbuster strategy for Gaga’s forthcoming record, “ARTPOP,” due Nov. 11.

Most leading entertainment businesses operate on such a blockbuster model: making risky bets on the development of a select few products, then increasing the stakes by investing a great deal of money in distributing and promoting those products as widely as possible, all with an eye toward opening as big as they can, Companies often set marketing budgets at high levels well before they know how those products will be received in the marketplace, But what’s the rationale? Why would the team behind Lady Gaga want to move away from a word-of-mouth-driven launch that worked so well for them in the past? With Gaga’s new album likely dance bag, ballet bag, girls birthday gift, ballerina tote bag, embroidered easter basket, flower tutu,, snowflake ballerina to sell like hot cakes, wouldn’t record label executives prefer to save on any unnecessary marketing expenditures?..

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