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Ballet Party by Chickabug - DIY Printable Favor Tags{ EDITABLE Instant Download }Favor tags are a must-have for every party! These printable tags are just the right size for all sorts of party favors, from cookies to favor bags to boxes and jars.This listing is for an editable PDF file that you can download immediately after purchase. The tags measure 2-3/8" x 3-3/4".→ THIS FILE IS EDITABLE! Scroll through the images in this listing to see what's included in the file. You'll get two pre-made tag designs with two different messages as shown. Simply update the name and age on the tags, or write your own custom message. ALL TEXT is fully editable!→ To edit and print this file ★YOU MUST USE ACROBAT READER★ on a computer or tablet, not your phone. You can download Acrobat Reader for free at get.adobe.com/reader→ INSTRUCTIONS are included for editing, printing, and assembly. You'll be shown step-by-step what to do.→ GET IT NOW! This is an instant download, so you'll get your file immediately after purchase!--------------------------------------------PLEASE NOTE!--------------------------------------------You will not be able to edit the art or backgrounds shown in the design of the tags. Only the text can be changed.---------------------------------------------NEED MORE ITEMS IN THIS THEME?---------------------------------------------www.etsy.me/ballet_theme---------------------------------------------Thank you for visiting Chickabug! : )---------------------------------------------www.chickabug.comIllustrations, designs and listing formats ©Chickabug, LLC.

The siblings also cite a clip TMZ shot with Thicke after he filed his suit, in which he denied thinking of Marvin Gaye when he wrote ‘Blurred Lines.’ Which would seemingly contradict what he said in those magazine interviews. And you thought the whole Miley Cyrus twerking thing at the VMAs made him look silly. And since they were there, the suit also claims Thicke’s song “Love After War” rips of Gaye’s “After the Dance.”. I sense that a Marvin Gaye tribute band may be in Robin Thicke’s future. He may need the money after this.

Sam can barely summon the energy to wisecrack about the aged wrecks who share the pool in his Jazzercise for seniors class, Archie has a post-stroke regimen of pills and a son who nags him to take it easy “at your age.”, And Billy wears the decades of too-much California tanning and the stress of keeping up with a fiancee half his age, Yeah, you’ll want to party with these guys, especially after you learn that they’re played by Oscar winners Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas, respectively, Especially after you learn that they’re about to cut loose at a editable instant download ballet birthday party favor tags - editable, printable party favor tags bachelor party..

“Last Vegas” is an on-the-nose, on-the-money “Grumpy Old Men with Hangovers” set in Sin City. It’s a comedy that, thanks to its Oscar-studded cast, leans more toward the sentimental than the sinful. So there’s no tiger, no Mr. Chow; the “Hangover” debauchery is more mild than wild. And instead of crazed encounters with Mike Tyson, our quartet, friends since childhood, cut loose with a Cirque du Soleil troupe. Back in their doo-wop music past, they were the “Flatbush Four,” pals who stuck together against bullies, swiped booze and pined for the same girl. Now pushing 70, they’re reunited when Malibu Billy (Douglas) finally ties the knot.

Each has a hurdle to clear before making the trek to their bachelor gathering, Sam’s wife (Joanna Gleason) gifts him a condom and suggests he (Kline) get busy, just to get his game back, Archie (Freeman) has to dodge his son (Michael Ealy) and sneak out, And Archie and Sam both have to editable instant download ballet birthday party favor tags - editable, printable party favor tags trick Paddy (De Niro), who bears some ancient grudge against Billy, They do what people do in Vegas — play blackjack, do a little dance, fall in love with a lounge singer (Mary Steenburgen), crack jokes..

Oh, and get down tonight. Freeman sings a little and dances a little. An ornery De Niro cracks wise and scowls. Kline riffs, and Douglas plays the straight man with a wistful (yeah, he knows the bride’s too young) charm. Steenburgen positively beams. After years of playing moms and straight-laced wives, she croons a few standards in the Vegas vein and holds her own with the big boys. Director Jon Turteltaub (“National Treasure”) captures the garish, cleavage-friendly setting, sets up the senior-citizen sight gags with skill and mostly just lets his high-mileage cast score laughs and pass along tidbits of wisdom to assorted sinning youngsters in between sentimental reveries.

His public defender, Ernie Castillo, had to tell him he belonged at the big table, It was the day before Burton’s 17th birthday, With any defendant in a notorious case, you wonder what led him to that seat, You wonder why he stands accused of firing a single shot from a .22-caliber gun that ended Boyer’s life on April 2 in the hills of Oakland, You wonder editable instant download ballet birthday party favor tags - editable, printable party favor tags at the senselessness of it all, Tuesday’s hearing didn’t help much to clarify the puzzle, There were bits of news: Boyer had stopped his Honda Civic on Keller Avenue to text friends when he was spotted by five teenage boys in a stolen Dodge Intrepid..

Oakland police Sgt. Randy Brandwood testified that Burton told him he meant to rob Boyer of his iPhone and the gun went off by accident. The last part sounded implausible. To be sure, a preliminary hearing isn’t meant to answer all our questions. It’s a dance of the seven veils by the prosecution, giving the judge just enough reason to hold a defendant for trial, as Judge Paul Delucchi swiftly did. But the proceedings in Oakland, along with a couple of interviews, helped me understand the battle lines of the case and gave me more insight about Boyer.

Yes, he had interviewed Burton on April 16, two weeks after the killing, Yes, the young men in the car had discussed robbing Boyer, Yes, Burton had admitted firing through the passenger window of the Civic when Boyer started to drive away, When public defender Castillo asked questions, a little more emerged, The cops had let Burton sweat that early morning, putting him in the interrogation room at 5:22 a.m, and not talking to him until shortly after 7, Then Castillo opened a line of attack dealing with the statement of a witness who identified the shooter as wearing a white hat, Earlier in the day, a video editable instant download ballet birthday party favor tags - editable, printable party favor tags captured another of the five boys wearing a white hat, Brandwood wasn’t having it: Burton was the guy..

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