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Protect your stunning iPhone X with the AERGO Ballistic Nylon case in red from Evutec. The AERGO features Evutec's proprietary material Evusoft, which offers peerless shock absorption, and comes complete with the AFIX+ magnetic in-car vent mount.

"He [Rowell] wanted to mimic human eyes through technology," said Jin, chief executive officer of Lucid. "Imagine if devices could have the same capabilities as humans -- what could they do for us?"But in 2015, Lucid scraped the robot eyes and focused on adapting its software to work in a consumer-friendly VR180 camera called LucidCam. In 2018, the company partnered with Red the maker of high end cinema cameras to design an 8K 3D camera that will be released later this year. The Red camera is an example of how Lucid's 3D special sauce software can be scaled up to power dual-4K image capture and processing. The Red 8K 3D camera is also notable because it will use Red's much-hyped holographic phone, the Hydrogen One, as a live 3D monitor for capturing footage.

Dual rear cameras using Lucid's vision profile would let you get your exact clothing size and fit using your phone's camera, Lucid's 3D Fusion Technology software uses a combination of machine learning, AI and historical data to allow a phone to gather depth information evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - red reviews and apply it to a function or an app, Your portrait mode photos would look better because the camera would have better depth information to create the bokeh, But the usefulness of Lucid's 3D Fusion Technology goes beyond just taking photos and videos, For example, a single camera on a phone can detect a face, But a dual-camera powered with Lucid's software can identity a specific face, This enables a phone to "scan" your face and securely lock and unlock your phone even for mobile payments, The only phone that's currently secure enough for this is the iPhone X, which uses a depth sensor, Lucid's 3D Fusion Technology could allow other phone makers to adopt truly secure face identification at a much lower price and without the need for special sensors..

Another use would be motion tracking. You could control your phone without touching the screen. Just move your hand through the air. Jin says that Lucid has already started working with phone, camera and drone makers to bring its technology to future devices. He says we should see a phone using Lucid's tech in the coming months. As far as those robot eyes Lucid was working on? Well, now the only robots Rowell and Jin are interested at the moment are the ones on Westworld. Your next iPhone could be more camera than phone Dual rear cameras are officially a thing now.

The best camera phones for 2018 For all your selfie, portrait and Instagram needs, A company that evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - red reviews once made eyes for Westworld-like robots adapted its depth-sensing software to work on dual-rear camera phones, Cameras have become one of the most important features on our phones, In phones' early days, cameras were an afterthought -- the original iPhone didn't even record video, But now phone cameras can record 4K video, slow-mo and shoot beautiful portrait photos with artistically blurred backgrounds (bokeh)..

You can send and receive texts on your computer too. As of June 25, Google project lead Justin Uberti says everyone should have access to the feature. To use the feature you'll need the latest version of the Android Messages app, which you should be able to download here. Then do the following. Follow these instructions. The ability to send and receive texts on your Android phone and computer has been long overdue. Apple's iMessages has supported this feature for a few years, but since you need an iPhone and Mac, not everyone could use the feature. Now that Android's messaging platform supports this, an awful lot more people can start texting without their phones.

Google also announced four other new features in Messages, Originally published June 18.Update, June 26: Android Messages for web should now be fully rolled out, according to Google's project lead, You can now stop being jealous of iPhone users, Want to text someone on PC or Mac, instead of having to use your phone? You can now send and receive Android text messages on a desktop or laptop computer using Google's new Messages for web, Google announced Messages for web on June 18 as a evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - red reviews brand-new feature for Android Messages, as spotted by 9to5Google..

Just look at it go. Need a closer look? Here's a photo they took. As you can see, it's not a simple spring-loaded mechanism -- the motor spins a spiral-shaped gear that raises the platform up and down. And each time, the ribbon cable that connects the camera has to delicately fold and unfold. When you put it all together, this is the result. It's not the only phone with a slide-out camera though. Check out the Oppo Find X. The Oppo Find X. We're looking to bring you a full review of the Vivo Nex in the near future.

Feast your eyes on the naked mechnical parts, If you love gadgets, here's a sight to behold: The inner workings of the Vivo Nex phone, It's got a motorized pop-up selfie cam that helps maximize your screen real estate -- since the camera doesn't have to live on the front of the phone, No notch, evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - red reviews We just unboxed this phone, but MyFixGuide has actually already torn it apart, revealing for the first time how that mechanism actually works, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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