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It's a beautiful typography featuring the quote: 'Without dance, what's the POINTE?'Great Wall Decor for Vanity Area, Wardrobe, girls room. Excellent gift for a dancer.** Background colour can be changed, please refer to the attached chart**------------------------------------------------------------------------TO PURCHASE THIS ARTWORK AS A DIGITAL FILE,Please, follow this Artwork will be printed on Archival Epson Luster Paper using Professional Epson Printer and Archival ink. This means that it will last a lifetimes without fading or changing their colours.*** DETAILS***- Printed on 240g Epson Professional Luster Paper- Image comes without frames or matting- For an 8.5" x 11" size, please just purchase the standard 8"x10" and leave a note at checkout ***SHIPPING***Prints will be carefully packed in clear sleeves and mailed in a thick rigid envelope.Each order will be shipped within less that 48h after the purchase.© All Designs and Illustrations are Copyright of Peach And Gold 2016.

COP: Combat Outpost. A small base, usually housing between 40 and 150 soldiers, often in a particularly hostile area. Life at a COP is often austere and demanding, with every soldier responsible for both guard duty and patrolling. DFAC: (pronounced dee-fack) Dining Facility. AKA Chow Hall. Where soldiers eat. At larger bases the meals are served by contracted employees, often from Bangladesh or India. These employees are called TCNs, or Third-Country Nationals. Dustoff: Medical evacuation by helicopter. For example, “Dustoff inbound” means that a MEDEVAC helicopter is on the way.

Embed: A reporter who is accommodated by the military command to observe operations firsthand, Security, food, shelter and transportation is girl ballet prints dance typography print ballerina inspirational typography art dancer room blush pink black illustration point provided by the military for the embed, FAN: Feet, Ass and Nuts, Used to describe a smell common to military tents and barracks, Fast Mover: Fighter jet, Fitty: The M2 .50 caliber machine gun, FOB: Forward Operating Base, Bigger than a COP, smaller than a superbase, A FOB can be austere and dangerous, but is more commonly provisioned with hot, varied meals, hot water for showers and laundry as well as recreational facilities..

Fobbit: Combination of FOB and Hobbit. Derogatory term for soldiers who do not patrol outside the FOB. Replaces the Vietnam-era REMF, or Rear-Echelon Motherf#@&er. Geardo: (rhymes with weirdo) A soldier who spends an inordinate amount of their personal money to buy fancy military gear, such as weapon lights, GPS watches, custom rucksacks, etc. Generally refers to a soldier with little tactical need for such equipment. See: Fobbit. Green Bean: A civilian-run coffee shop common on larger bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, often the locus of the base social scene, such as it is.

Green Zone: In Iraq, the heavily fortified area of central Baghdad where most girl ballet prints dance typography print ballerina inspirational typography art dancer room blush pink black illustration point government facilities are located, In southern Afghanistan, refers to the lush, densely vegetated areas following rivers which Taliban fighters defend vigorously, As opposed to the Brown Zone, which refers to the more barren mountains, Groundhog Day: From the Bill Murray movie, the phrase is used to describe deployments where every day proceeds the same way, no matter how the individual tries to change it, Gun: A mortar tube or artillery piece, Never used to refer to a rifle or pistol, Military-issued pistols are usually called 9-mils..

Hajji: A derogatory term for Iraqis, used widely during the Iraq War. A Hajii Shop was an Iraqi-run shop on the base, often selling pirated DVDs, or Hajii Discs. Rarely used to describe Afghans. IED: Improvised Explosive Device. The signature weapon of the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, IEDs are low-cost bombs that can be modified to exploit specific vulnerabilities of an enemy. They range in size from a soda can to a tractor trailer and are initiated by anything from a pressure sensor to a suicidal attacker.

IDF: Indirect Fire, or simply Indirect, Mortars, rockets and artillery, Term generally used to describe girl ballet prints dance typography print ballerina inspirational typography art dancer room blush pink black illustration point enemy action, Inside/Outside the Wire: Describes whether you are on or off a base, JDAM: (pronounced jay-damn) A bomb dropped from a US aircraft, ranging from 500 to 2,000 lbs, Joe: Soldier, Replacement term for GI, Kinetic: Violent, Example: The Pech Valley is one of the most kinetic areas in Afghanistan, Man Love Thursday: Soldiers use this phrase to half-joke that on Thursdays in southern Afghanistan men customarily have sex with each other so that they will not be distracted by lustful thoughts on Friday, the Muslim day of prayer, Sexual relationships between boys and men are notorious in Kandahar, but the stories of Man Love Thursday are likely apocryphal, A regional proverb goes, “A bird flies over Kandahar with one wing covering its butt.”..

Mark: The Mk-19 40mm grenade launcher. Meat Eater: Usually refers to Special Forces soldiers whose mission focuses on violence, as opposed to those whose mission focuses on stability and training. MEDEVAC: Medical evacuation of wounded personnel by helicopter. Moon Dust: The powdery, flour-like dust that covers everything in southern Afghanistan and much of Iraq. MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat. Vacuum-sealed meals eaten by soldiers when no DFAC or local alternative exists. Shelf life is approximately 7 years.

OPTEMPO: Operational Tempo, high or low, Describes the pace at which a soldier works, whether that work is combat patrols, making powerpoint slides or training, Oxygen Thief: A useless soldier, or one who loves to hear himself or herself talk, Pink Mist: Produced by certain gunshot wounds, Plant Eater: See: Fobbit, POG: (pronounced pogue) Person Other than Grunt, Derogatory term for a soldier lacking combat experience. See: girl ballet prints dance typography print ballerina inspirational typography art dancer room blush pink black illustration point Fobbit, POO: Point Of Origin, The site from which a rocket or mortar was launched at US forces, Most easily calculated by tracking the projectile’s trajectory with radar, Example: “We’re going out POO hunting.”..

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