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Our iPhone Slim Case combines premium protection with brilliant design. The slim profile keeps your tech looking sleek, while guarding against scuffs and scratches. Just snap it onto the case and you’re good to go.Extremely slim profile, One-piece build: flexible plastic hard case, Open button form for direct access to device features, Impact resistant, Easy snap on and off, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X cases support QI wireless charging (case doesn’t need to be removed).

To help drive machine-learning use in applications, Google rolled out ML Kit. You can install the beta right now. And not just on Google's phones, but on the others, too. Here are the enhancements you'll be seeing in its mobile apps. Android P will give Android gestures like the iPhone X: Google's vision of Android P is now a lot less hazy. But the company still won't tell us what the "P" stands for. Google's Duplex could make Assistant the most lifelike AI yet: Experimental technology called Duplex, rolling out soon in a limited release, makes you think you're talking to a real person.

From Gmail that writes itself to an Assistant that may pass the Turing test, Google I/O brought us a ton of enhancements to its products, almost all due to its AI and machine learning efforts, Microsoft Build 2018 started Tuesday and is still ongoing, but now Google is competing for your future attention with its own annual Google I/O developers conference, Unlike the hardware-centric announcements of last October, I/O focuses mostly on software and how to to get the most out of those devices, Before the conference started, Google announced it had rebranded its Google Research as Google AI, That should give you some idea of its overall direction, It also announced gravity iphone case the official version of its embedded smart operating system, Android Things 1.0..

Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicks off Google I/O 2018. Most important news to drop from Google I/O is that Google has fixed the cheeseburger emoji so the cheese is on top. Google Assistant can do so many new things like perform two actions on a single command. Google Assistant can speak in six new voices, including John Legend. Google Assistant's new AI voice Duplex is eerily lifelike. LG's TVs get Google Assistant voice controls. Google smart displays will have YouTube TV. Google Routine is now fully customizable.

JBL Link Bar building Google Assistant into the sound bar, Whirlpool drops the "ask Whirlpool" when talking to your appliances using Google Assistant, Google Assistant's Pretty Please will help your children become more polite, Google announced many new Android P features, You can install the beta right now if you're curious, Google is using AI to save your phone's battery juice, App Actions predict your next task, The App Actions feature will also do things like prompt you gravity iphone case to resume listening to music when you plug in your headphone jack..

Android P on a demo device at Google I/O 2018. Android Dashboard takes on phone addiction, and will help people put down their phones. Android P beta testers can rely on gestures instead. Beta testers can also now block visual disturbances. Google Photos will suggest actions for you to perform with photos. The Google Photos' new AI feature helps edit images automatically. They will also colorize old photos. Google Maps has lots of new features, and can now text your friends your ETA. At some point you may even have a virtual guide (like this fox) to lead you.

Google introduces Smart Compose autocomplete feature for Gmail, Google announced it was integrating its augmented-reality gravity iphone case visual helper Lens directly into camera apps on phones like its Pixel, A Google News overhaul incorporates AI everywhere for better, more well-rounded delivery, Google's Wear OS watches will have better battery life, Google's Tour Creator aims at the education market and will let schools make their own VR stories, Google Lookout aims to tell the blind and visually impaired more about their surroundings and text..

The letter comes as the FCC tries to figure out what to do with very high-frequency airwaves in the age of 5G. Earlier this year, the agency opened a proceeding to seek comment from the public about how to handle airwaves above 95 GHz, which had once been thought of as unusable for wireless service. But now that 5G or the fifth generation of cellular technology is on the horizon -- promising to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks -- these very high frequency airwaves are suddenly seen as valuable for their ability to allow for faster transmission speeds and greater network capacity. That said, high-frequency spectrum also has its challenges, such as shorter transmission distances and required line of sight between radio transmitters. Still, experts see huge opportunities for 5G in this untapped frontier of wireless spectrum.

Exactly what type of new applications this spectrum will allow is unknown, which is why Apple is urging the FCC to be cautious about aggressively divvying it up into licenses sold to private companies for exclusive use, This is how gravity iphone case the FCC has traditionally allocated new bands of spectrum for commercial use, Instead, Apple suggests the FCC reserve more spectrum for unlicensed use, like the agency has done for Wi-Fi, "Premature or overly restrictive spectrum regulation … results in inefficiencies, opportunity costs, and that 'familiar scenario' of managing or relocating incumbents when the optimal use for allocated spectrum changes over time," the company said in its filing..

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