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Add vibrant colors to your Apple iPhone X/XS with this flower-accented Platinum case. Its hardshell, snap-on design provides effortless installation, and the slim, lightweight profile delivers full-edge protection while showing off your phone’s features through the clear surface. This Platinum case supports wireless charging and ensures normal camera and charging functions via open ports.

"Whether Apple walks away with a billion dollars or half that much, I think the message has already been heard by companies," Engellenner said. "Design patents are not oddities but rather valuable weapons for protecting well-designed products."Apple: See what's up with the tech giant as it readies new iPhones and more. 'Hello, humans': Google's Duplex could make Assistant the most lifelike AI yet. Either way, design patents are looking like a hot commodity in Silicon Valley as the jury starts deliberating.

A patent trial between Apple and Samsung, two of the largest tech companies around, could end up looking like a trial between two of the largest car companies hardshell case for apple iphone x and xs - clear floral around, On Friday, an eight-person jury began its deliberations at US District Court in San Jose, smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley and a 10-mile drive to Apple's headquarters, They could return a verdict as soon as Monday about how much money Samsung owes Apple for infringing three of its rival's design patents and two utility patents when it sold millions of 16 now-obsolete phone models during 2010 and 2011..

Apple and Samsung are fighting a patent damages suit in US District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose. He revealed the number while testifying Thursday in US District Court in San Jose, California, in a seven-year-long patent trial against Apple. Samsung has significantly reduced the return rate since then, Samsung said. Trials can offer an inside look at a company when the spotlight shines on employees and operations ordinarily hidden away from public view. But companies can embrace the release of sensitive or potentially unflattering information if it serves a greater goal.

In Samsung's case, the greater goal is trying to reduce a patent infringement damage payment to Apple from Apple's suggested $1 billion to its own preferred $28 million, For that kind of price cut, they're willing to take a couple lumps in public, The South Korean electronics giant is trying to establish in the trial that phones can be disassembled into constituent components, Doing so could minimize costs by persuading the jury that damages are based on profits from components, not the full phone, So in this case, it can be financially smart for Samsung to show its repair operation as a big business -- big enough to have built a factory hardshell case for apple iphone x and xs - clear floral in the US to handle it, Sheppard said..

What fraction of phones actually have problems? It's hard to say, given that phones often are used for several years and that Sheppard didn't offer exact numbers. But for comparison, Samsung sold 74 million phones in 2017, according to IDC. It's not the only inside look at Samsung's operations. Samsung also had some choice words for the carriers that are its business partners. Carriers -- companies like AT&T and Verizon, though Samsung didn't mention any by name -- are a key sales channel for smartphones.

When Samsung began selling its Galaxy S phone in 2010 -- a breakthrough product for its now dominant line of phones powered by Google's Android software -- it decided to withdraw marketing funds it previously sent to carriers to market its phones, testified Drew Blackard, a senior director of marketing for Samsung in the US, The marketing shift happened during a period when Samsung was moving away from a bevy of different but related phones, each offered hardshell case for apple iphone x and xs - clear floral exclusively through one carrier, When talking to prospective customers, the carriers' salespeople had their own interests in mind, not Samsung's, Blackard said, "It was less about the product than about the service you'd get with a specific carrier," he said..

As a result, Samsung increased its own US phone marketing from $25 million in 2009 to more than $150 million in 2010, Blackard said: "Putting that together along with a cutting-edge product allowed us to gain market share at that time," he said. Again, there's a financial reason in the trial that justifies the airing of this sort of dirty laundry. Specifically, Samsung wants to show that its marketing costs are an important part of its smartphone business. Samsung wants to deduct as many of these expenses in the calculation of its smartphone profits, a key factor in its damages payment.

First published May 18, 12:30 p.m, PT.Update 2:22 p.m, PT: Clarifies the timeframe concerning the phone returns and Samsung's relations with carriers, Tech Enabled: CNET chronicles tech's role in providing new kinds of accessibility, Blockchain Decoded: CNET looks at the tech powering bitcoin -- and soon, too, a myriad of services that will change your life, Also, take a look at why Samsung started marketing phones on its own instead of leaving it to carriers, If you had to send your Samsung phone in for service, hardshell case for apple iphone x and xs - clear floral you're in good company..

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