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Initial with Ballet Slippers Wall Decal is available in the colors of your choice. See the color chart for your options. The photographs are for a reference be sure use the measurements when ordering.Overall Size - 12.8" wide by 19.6" high (Size varies depending on initial)Letter Size - 11.8" wide by 12.5" high (Letter height stays at 12.5" high. Width varies)** Please type the initial into the message box while checking out. **Click here for some of our other Girl Initial Decals:• • • Thank you for choosing Stephen Edward Graphics! • • •- - - Want more decals? - - -You can find our complete collection of decals in our shop here:© All images and designs are copyrighted or licensed by Stephen Edward Graphics

Corbin and Karina — song: “My Song Knows What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”. Round 1 — tango. The rehearsal package showed how much training Corbin has had, which should give some credence to those who say he’s a ringer, and it showed in his dancing tonight. Bruno said there was drive, intensity and passion, but that Corbin lost frame at times (as the audience booed). Carrie Ann called it “hot, hot, hot” and the most intense tango ever. Maks disagreed with Bruno, saying the frame was great, and the content was amazing. Len said it was “too full on — it’s not manic Monday.” He added Corbin’s frame was too wide and that it was good as a performance but as a tango, it wasn’t his “cup of tea.”.

Score: 9, 8, 9, 9 = 35/40, Round 2 — rumba, I think that as a rumba, it didn’t have enough time in hold, but the judges loved it, Bruno said the quality of movement was unbelievable, Carrie Ann initial wall decal with ballet slippers - girl bedroom decal - medium loved the way Corbin didn’t wear a shirt, said she watched every muscle and that it was a “fantastic” rumba, Maks said Corbin had a “huge advantage in Karina, one of the top five best female dancers of all time.” At that point, Karina came over and kissed Maks, her ex-fiancé, Len liked the “light and shade” of it, thought the technique was great and that it was a great rumba..

Score: 10, 10, 10, 10 = a perfect 40/40; combined score of 75 out of 80. Jack and Cheryl — song: “Roxanne”. Round 1 — jazz. With the guidance of Cheryl and his own determination, Jack has really evolved into a good dancer. Carrie Ann said he “killed it,” and Maks thought it was great and he loved it. Although he liked Jack’s commitment, Len said the routine lacked “a bit of finesse,” and was too “full on” for him. Bruno said it was a very hard routine for someone not used to jazz, but noted that Jack needed to have more extension.

Score: 8, 8, 9, 8 = 33/40, Round 2 — initial wall decal with ballet slippers - girl bedroom decal - medium Argentine tango, Jack and Cheryl really had it all together for this routine, which was sharp and crisp and stunning, Following a standing ovation from the crowd, Carrie Ann said Jack was “so in the zone,” his hold was incredible and there was passion and precision, Maks said it was a great routine, with great precision and was “pure Cheryl as her best.” Having a former pro dancer at the judges’ table certainly put a spotlight on the partners, as well as the celebs, this week, Len said, “Jack, you’re back, There was so much drama and drive,” and Bruno called him, “sleek as a prowling panther.”..

Score: 10, 9, 9, 10 = 38/40; combined score of 71/80. Bill and Emma — song: “Sexy and I Know It”. Round 1 — cha cha cha. Bill didn’t show his dancing best in this number, and the judges knew it. Maks said he was a “lot of people’s inspiration,” but that although there were a lot of holes and issues in the routine, it was still a great performance. It was pointed out that Bill is not the judges’ favorite, but is the people’s champion. Len said Bill always tries to bring his best (not this time, Len), Bruno commended him for the pleasure and laughs he brings, and Carrie Ann said, “I’m sitting here, taking points off … but still smiling.”.

Score: 7, 7, 7, 7 = 28/40, Round 2 — Argentine tango, Maybe Bill figured that he had to go all out because this routine was much, much better, Maks thought Bill’s musical interpretation was amazing, as was his dancing, and said there was passion and emotion, Len said that he didn’t know if Bill has to skill to win, but had the will to win, and Bruno thought it was very well done, Carrie Ann declared, “You never missed a beat, Thank you for finally taking our initial wall decal with ballet slippers - girl bedroom decal - medium notes.” The judges also complimented Emma on her teaching ability with Bill..

Score: 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32/40; combined score of 60 out of 80. For those of you yearning for the two-night format, your wish will come true. DWTS will return to two nights for the finals. After the four couples dance next Monday night, the viewers’ votes from tonight will be added to the judges’ score to determine which couple is eliminated. The remaining three couples will go on to the final dances, including the exciting, unpredictable freestyle, for the finale at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26. For the first time this season, the votes of the viewers on Monday night, not from the week before (and just like we all did it last season), will be added to the following night’s judges’ scores to determine the Season 17 champion and winner of the Mirrorball Trophy.

The Oakland-born production company whose viral YouTube videos are crafted by a three-man team — Yoram Savion, Benjamin Tarquin and Kash Gaines — will have its day on the big screen when the fifth annual San Francisco Film Society’s “Cinema by the Bay” showcases their video “Dance Then and Now.” The theatrical compilation of street dance videos featuring Oakland-based Turf Feinz will initial wall decal with ballet slippers - girl bedroom decal - medium be shown at 9:30 p.m, Saturday at the Roxie Theater, Savion is the company’s ringleader, a 29-year-old who grew up in France, Berkeley and Oakland, After one film production class at UC Berkeley, he began teaching film at the East Oakland teen center, Youth UpRising, On the surrounding, gritty streets, “turfing” — and Turf Feinz, the local group leading the revolutionary dance form — was grinding its way into existence..

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