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Ng Shing Gung is open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. the first and third Sunday of the month. It’s also a stop for about 20,000 local school kids annually, fulfilling Gong-Guy’s wish that it be a place for learning. On the first floor, glass cases contain myriad items that reflect what it was like to reside in Heinlenville and the Market Street Chinatowns, as well as a third, the Woolen Mills Chinatown, in the mid-19th century: a child’s jacket, school books, gambling paraphernalia, tiny shoes that were meant to cover bound feet. The case devoted to Cantonese opera costumes includes a spectacular, multi-colored and mirrored garment that was donated by a museum visitor. A three-tier time line relates social, economic and political events up until 2000 in San Jose, the United States and China.

It’s hard to imagine that instant download chella crochet ballet ballerina shoes slippers afghan crochet pattern graph inside this 2,118-square-foot edifice, about the size of a contemporary home, much of Heinlenville’s social, educational and spiritual activity took place, The population within the walled community was estimated to be about 1,000 at its height, Gong-Li, who grew up in Hong Kong before emigrating to the States in 1949, had no concept of the routine discrimination against the Chinese that took place in 19th century California, “It was so humbling to me, I learned so much since the 1985 call from [archaeologist] Bill Roop.”..

Upstairs, in addition to a 27-minute film about Heinlenville by Oscar-winning documentarian Jessica Yu, is the Joss House’s showstopper: the original, 1892 altar and furnishings dominating the back wall. Despite the obvious historical value of these carved and gilded relics, the city of San Jose had simply crated them up in 1949 before taking down Ng Shin Gung. They were then literally left outside for years–under the bleachers at Municipal Stadium–before being moved to warehouses in the early 1970s.

Statues of the five gods–war and justice; wealth; mercy; the queen of heaven; instant download chella crochet ballet ballerina shoes slippers afghan crochet pattern graph and the Canton city god–stare impassively yet peacefully at all who look upon them, It’s as if they realize they’re in a safe, permanent place at long last, “I am really, really happy that all this is here, I’m so grateful to everyone who worked to bring this story, to be able to share this with the whole community,” Gong-Guy says, “It’s important to learn how difficult it was, and how far we’ve come today.”..

The group received about 1,600 wishes. Students handed out more than 50 gifts in December and early January, mostly in classrooms, but also hidden in lockers for shy students. These gifts included artists’ notebooks, acrylic paints, clothing–including Oregon Ducks T-shirts–food and flowers for the teachers. At the rally, Alanis Trujillo asked for help for her family’s car. “For the past five years my family’s van keeps breaking down,” she said, making her and her siblings late for school. Her wish was to get it fixed.

She got that, a free oil change and a mechanic, But her family also received a used mini van, a gift from Capital Honda, Head salesman Sam Matar delivered the message and after the rally took the family to his office for signatures, The dealership donated instant download chella crochet ballet ballerina shoes slippers afghan crochet pattern graph all the fees for the 2001 Toyota Sienna–including licensing and registration–necessary to start using the car immediately, The rally included serenades and performances, a tricycle race and a shout out to the water polo teams and the eight new teachers at Pioneer..

Head football coach Eric Perry wanted to do more activities with his daughter Hailey. The wish was granted with two tickets to Disneyland on Ice and a Frozen princess dress for Hailey. Perry noted during the rally that he already does a lot with his 8-year old son Logan. Gary Stalions, woodshop and drafting teacher, wished to embarrass his son Spencer, a senior. He and Spanish teacher Richard Chaverria challenged Spencer and his friend Jason Wallace to a tricycle race. Stalions also attended Pioneer and graduated in 1983; the seniors won the race, but not without a tiny bit of offensive action.

Principal Stephanie Garino wished for her 92-year old mom to come to a rally and “see our wonderful students.” Garino’s father died when she was 7, and her mom was “my rock.”, At first it appeared her mother couldn’t attend, but then she came out and the students treated mother and daughter to lunch at the nearby Cup and Saucer, Other moms also were honored, Morgan Thompson wanted her mom to have time off; she received a massage, two movie passes and dinner at instant download chella crochet ballet ballerina shoes slippers afghan crochet pattern graph the Cheesecake Factory, Jake Langendyk calls his mom a rock; she received an overnight stay for two in Monterey along with two tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium..

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