Vintage Sterling Silver 3d Chunky Ballet Slippers Charm Or Pendant ~ Turkish Slippers Jewellery Jewelry Bracelet - Free Shipping

This Sterling silver ornate ballet slippers pendant measures approximately 28 x 18 x 10mm. It comes with an open jump ring, and can also be used as a charm for a bracelet.Please bear in mind that, due to the age of this pendant, it is not neccesarily in bright and shiny newly-minted condition. Not all of these pendants are hallmarked or stamped.Size – 28 x 18 x 10mmMaterlial – Sterling silverVintage era – 1970s

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In those youthful days of Silicon Valley, the original Ng (pronounced ing) Shing Gung was no more than a few photographs and the sepia memories of elderly survivors of a place called Heinlenville, the name given to San Jose’s last Chinatown. The temple at Cleveland Avenue near Taylor Street had been the heart of that enclave, which lasted from 1888 to 1931. A German migrant named John Heinlen had defied all social norms by building a Chinatown on property he owned to replace one obliterated by arson fire in another part of the city in 1887. “Heinlenville” was the soubriquet attached to his neighborhood by outsiders.

Virulent anti-Chinese sentiment ruled the day; the Chinese Exclusion Act–prohibiting laborers from immigrating–was signed into law in 1882 by President Chester A, Arthur, Shockingly and sadly, it wasn’t until late 1943 that the law was repealed, The John Heinlein Company went vintage sterling silver 3d chunky ballet slippers charm or pendant ~ turkish slippers jewellery jewelry bracelet bankrupt in 1931 and Chinatown’s demise quickly followed, Preservationists were unable to save Ng Shing Gung, which had served as a combination civic center/house of worship/school/hostel, It, too, was razed, in 1949, Life went on and awareness of the temple, also known as the Joss House, largely faded..

One day in 1985, the phone rang in the office of the late Dr. Ernest Gong-Guy, a San Jose family physician. A patient, Bill Roop, had exciting news. Roop was an archaeologist at Stanford University, helping excavation efforts before construction of the Fairmont at Market and San Fernando streets began. The site happened to be where the pre-Heinlenville, pre-torched Chinatown had stood. And it was here where thousands of ordinary objects–dishes, toys, jewelry, opium pipes, buttons; the prosaic proof of a people and a society–had just been discovered.

Roop knew that the doctor’s wife, Lillian, was a prominent civic leader with connections to the Chinese community, Could she help get the word out about this stupendous find? Despite some initial hesitation–“I was on the board of Opera San Jose and vintage sterling silver 3d chunky ballet slippers charm or pendant ~ turkish slippers jewellery jewelry bracelet the San Jose Symphony Auxiliary, My involvement was in the arts,” Gong-Guy recalls–she soon changed her mind, The upshot: Gong-Guy became instrumental, along with Asian Week columnist Gerrye Wong, in shepherding a years-long project that resulted in the construction of a near-exact copy of Ng Shing Gung, Some of those Market Street artifacts are now on display here, What’s more, Stanford has partnered with History Park and the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP), a nonprofit co-founded by Gong-Guy and Wong, The university is still curating the more than 350 archival boxfuls of items found at the Market Street dig, A digital exhibit tied to artifacts from that excavation was launched last November..

Fortunately, a spot for the replica temple had already been approved in the ’70s by the city. It would fit perfectly at History Park, a collection of 1900-era landmarks, businesses and homes on 14 acres at the south end of Kelley Park. Since 1978, members of the Chinese American Women’s Club had been fundraising for the Joss House, but on a modest scale and at a leisurely pace. The Chinatown excavation and the involvement of Gong-Guy and Wong changed all that. After the pair founded the CHCP in 1987, fundraising went into hyper mode. The initial goal for the building had been $350,000, but that turned out to be far from sufficient. “The agreement with the city was that it would be a museum as opposed to just a temple. We wanted it to be educational. That was the only way I was going to be involved,” Gong-Guy says. That meant money was needed for exhibitions.

The two women split duties: Gong-Guy would effectively be the project manager while Wong, vintage sterling silver 3d chunky ballet slippers charm or pendant ~ turkish slippers jewellery jewelry bracelet a fearless networker, would persuade people to open their wallets and purses, It wasn’t just local residents who suddenly took an interest in resurrecting an important piece of local history, Wong got people from Taiwan and mainland China to write fat checks, too, By 1990, a total of $800,000 had been raised for a new Ng Shing Gung and a museum to go inside it, The Chinese American Historical Museum, in the replica Temple of Five Gods, was dedicated on Sept, 29, 1991, What guests see today is substantially what was on view the day the imposing red doors first opened at History Park, “When visitors come in, they’re walking into the 1850s when the Chinese came over,” Gong-Li explains..

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