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Enhance and protect your iPhone X with this glamorous gold case from LoveCases. Your iPhone fits perfectly into the secure, durable frame, while a shimmering chequered mosaic adorns the back, adding a touch of class to your already-gorgeous device.Shimmering glamour at a glance for your iPhone XComprising a single piece of ultra-thin polycarbonate overlaid with a stunning chequered mosaic pattern, this iPhone X case truly brings the bling without ever being tacky. The Check Yo Self case from LoveCases wraps itself effortlessly around your device, clinging to its every contour and providing protection while augmenting the aesthetic of your iPhone and looking simply stunning while doing so.Stunning chequeredmosaic patternOn the back and sides of this case is a stunning chequered mosaic pattern, which, when it catches the light just right, shimmers in a mesmerising fashion - and fashion really is the word. The pattern is aesthetically pleasing and catches the eye when the device is placed face down or while you're using it out and about - perfect for attracting a little extra attention at a party, for example.Check yo phone before you wreck yo phoneLest you think this case is just a pretty face, think again. A sturdy, rigid polycarbonate frame - which nevertheless has the perfect amount of flexibility to protect your device - shields your iPhone X from drops, scrapes and bumps. You really can have it all with this attractive and protective cover.Slim fitting and lightweightThis extremely lightweightcase provides excellent protection without adding any unnecessary bulkto your iPhone. This means that you will have no problems placing the phone in your pocket, bag or anywhere else. It also means the iPhone X's natural form is preserved as well as protected.Designed specifically for the iPhone XDesigned specifically with the iPhone X in mind, you can rest assured that the ports and features of your device will remain fully exposed - including the rear camera, charging port and volume keys -so you can use your phone to the fullest capacity whileit is in the case.

Apple's overall revenue climbed 16 percent, to $61.1 billion. Analysts expected Apple to report revenue of $60.98 billion, according to Yahoo Finance. Apple in February projected sales of $60 billion to $62 billion. Apple's net income rose to $13.8 billion, or $2.73 a share, from $11 billion, or $2.10 a share, a year earlier. Wall Street anticipated earnings of $2.69 a share. First published May 1, 2 p.m. PT.Update, 3:35 p.m. PT: Adds comments from conference call and analysts. Tech Enabled: CNET chronicles tech's role in providing new kinds of accessibility.

Blockchain Decoded: CNET looks at the tech powering bitcoin -- and soon, too, a myriad of services that will change your life, The company also boosts its dividend by 16 percent and says lovecases check yo self iphone x case - shimmering gold it'll buy back another $100 billion in stock, Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday pulled a rabbit out of his hat, Analysts and investors have worried that the iPhone's best days are behind it -- a problem, since the phone is Apple's biggest moneymaker -- and that the company would report weak results in the June quarter, But iPhone sales didn't fall off a cliff as feared, and Apple's projections for sales this quarter were in line with what Wall Street expected, The company also said it'll return a lot more cash to shareholders, giving its stock as much as a 4 percent boost in after-hours trading..

Visit manufacturer site for details. The Oculus Go is a funny product. If you've been following virtual reality closely it seems like a step back -- unlike the PC-connected Oculus Rift, it won't let you walk around or grab things. It's simpler. In fact, it's exactly like those VR headsets for phones, the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View. Except, this time, you don't need to connect anything else at all, after you've set it up with your phone, at least. All the hardware, screen, processor and everything, are inside the headset. And the functional pistol-grip Oculus controller is included in the box. For the first time, VR is totally self-contained. And the Go, all-in, costs $199, £199 or AU$299.

That's where the Oculus Go is a step forward, Go is, basically, the Amazon Echo of VR, It's not groundbreaking, but it's definitely affordable, There will be more advanced but expensive devices: the twice-as-pricey upcoming Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, another standalone phone-free VR headset, has lovecases check yo self iphone x case - shimmering gold more sophisticated full-room sensing and motion, The Oculus Go is, comparatively, a sit-down (or stand still) experience, And, if you already have a phone that runs Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR, you don't need this..

The Oculus Go is also comfortable and well designed. It's the most easy-to-use, most consumer-friendly way to try VR things at home or on the go that I've ever used. If you want an affordable, no-fuss entry into the world of VR, this is it. I've been using the Oculus Go for a week, while commuting to work, at home, in the office, in the park. Here's what it's like. That's it -- nothing else needed. The Oculus Go is the most comfortable VR headset I've worn other than the PlayStation VR, which is far larger and bulkier. The Go goggles press onto your face instead of using a visor-type design, but the foam padding is far better than the Oculus Rift or Gear VR. It's portable, too, and feels like it could tuck without too much trouble into a backpack.

Price, obviously, is a big plus, Most people I told the price to seemed surprised that it didn't cost more, For an all-in package, it beats anything else on the market, The display and the speakers sound a lot better than you'd expect for a budget VR device, and it can even feel, at times, better than higher-end headsets, The piped-in, headphone-free, built-in speakers deliver pretty good 3D effects -- what lovecases check yo self iphone x case - shimmering gold Oculus calls "spatial audio" -- and the LCD display looks particularly crisp when reading text or watching videos..

Sound comes through little holes in the head straps, delivering spatial audio that's great (when you're not in public spaces). The screen-door effect is less than what is typically encountered on most VR headsets, thanks to Oculus using optimization that makes the most of the Snapdragon 821 processor -- less impressive than that of current top-end phones. Nevertheless, the standalone Oculus Go uses fixed foveated rendering, rendering the area at the center of the display more sharply than the edges, to make many apps look even better, without any side effects. The 5.5-inch, 2,560x1,440-pixel LCD display holds its own, but since it's not OLED, the display isn't as perfectly black as that of the Gear VR.

Most people who wore it -- family, friends or coworkers who were pretty picky about good tech and AV quality -- came away impressed, It outperforms its price, at least in terms of display, comfort and audio quality, The selection of apps is damned impressive -- it has hundreds, so far, And for setup, it pairs with iPhones or Android phones, making it basically the best iPhone VR headset around right now, Every half hour lovecases check yo self iphone x case - shimmering gold or so, my eyes need a break, If you're looking for the next great wave of What Comes Next in VR, this isn't it, The Oculus Go is actually a step-back device, in a sense: it lacks cameras and can't track a whole room, or even part of one, It's stationary, look-around VR vs, dive-in-and-grab-things VR, and the included single remote, while functional, is nowhere near as good as what PC and game console VR controllers offer..

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