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Protect your iPhone 8 Plus in style with the LoveCases Pretty in Pastel cover in pink. A stylish, sleek denim fabric design meets a hard-wearing, durable frame to create a case that's not only highly fashionable, but highly protective, too.Denim-style design for a classic, vintage lookSure, your iPhone 8 Plus is an invaluable smart companion, but it's also an important statement. Your phone has to look great every day, and there's no better case to communicate that than the LoveCases Pretty in Pastel. Sporting a denim-style fabric design in a sturdy, durable snap-on frame, the Pretty in Pastel case is a smart, simple (but not simplistic!) and sexy statement of intent.Hard-wearing protection for everyday bumps and scrapesLest you think this case is just a pretty face, think again (although it is most certainly a pretty face). The durable, well-made frame of this case protects your iPhone from bumps, scrapes and scratches, ensuring that your device looks and feels as great to use as it did on day one.Snap-on frame makes installation effortlessAttaching the Pretty in Pastel to your iPhone 8 Plus is an absolute cinch. Simply click your device into the snug frame, and the case will wrap itself around your phone with ease. Made specifically for your device, the Pretty in Pastel is a perfect fit.Lightweight case keeps your iPhone 8 Plus safe but slimThiswallet case is designed to complement the new iPhone 8 Plus designs, for a classic andclassy appearance. The material used is slim yet tough and highly durable, offering premium protection for your iPhone 8 Plus against scratches, scrapes and minor impacts, while adding the classic look and feel associated with denim.Made specifically for the iPhone 8 PlusThe Olixar Denim WalletCase is made specifically for the iPhone 8 Plus, so you can be sure of a perfect fit. The case also features cut-outs so you can still access the camera and charging ports without having to sacrifice protection by removing your phone from the case.

"We will work very hard with Loon, to deliver the first commercial mobile service, as quickly as possible, using Loon's balloon-powered Internet in Africa," said Aldo Mareuse, Telkom's CEO. Last year, Alphabet teamed with AT&T to bring limited internet access to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico. If all goes well, Kenya's remote areas will get Wi-Fi from the sky. Alphabet's Loon project said Thursday that its balloons will bring internet to remote parts of Kenya next year. This'll be the project's first deal in Africa, Reuters reports, and it'll see Loon working with Telkom Kenya to get high-speed internet to the East African country's rural and suburban populations.

Samsung is in competition with Huawei to the finish line in the race to release such a foldable phone, Samsung Mobile President DJ Koh has gone on the lovecases pretty in pastel iphone 8 plus denim design case - pink record to talk about the company's plans for a foldable Galaxy phone and has previously told reporters to expect a folding phone as early as this year, The South Korean electronic's manufacturer is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in early August, Samsung declined to comment, Codenamed "Winner," Samsung's foldable phone has success baked right into the name..

More details of Samsung's rumored foldable phone for 2019 have trickled out: It may be codenamed "Winner," and when folded have cameras on the back and a small display in front. That news comes from an unnamed source, speaking to the Wall Street Journal. The source reiterates previous rumors we've heard: It will be a seven-inch model and arrive in early 2019, which means a launch could coincide with Mobile World Congress. The official name is reputed to be "Galaxy X." Because X marks the marketing spot these days.

Your overviews are updated throughout the day, and you can check for updates by lovecases pretty in pastel iphone 8 plus denim design case - pink tapping the new icon located in the top right corner of Assistant, which looks like an empty blue inbox, (If you have Assistant in iOS, you can check for updates after you launch the app.), These "snapshots" of your day will also be integrated with notes and lists you jot down on Google Keep,, Bring!, Todoist and other third-party apps, Assistant will also have a section for suggestions you might be interested in, from recommended podcasts and YouTube videos to the correct spelling of certain words (random, we know.)..

For more about Google Assistant, check out our rundown on everything Assistant can do on a phone. An overview of your day on Assistant. In one consolidated overview, Assistant can pull together info like commute times and scheduled meetings so you can plan your day. Google Assistant will now pull together curated personal information, like flight times, restaurant reservations, scheduled meetings, expected package deliveries, reminders and more, and lay them out in a single overview you can scroll through.

Here's everything we know about the Note 9 so far, At least the bright yellow stylus won't get lost in your bag, As we count down to the official Galaxy Note 9 launch on Aug, 9, real info starts to replace the speculation and concept designs, and this is the closest we've seen that looks like a real marketing photo or render, S Pen?, It also comes via a tweet from prolific -- and generally accurate -- product leak disseminator Evan Blass, The photo shows the yellow S-Pen featured in the invitation to the announcement event, and confirms some of lovecases pretty in pastel iphone 8 plus denim design case - pink the speculation: a button on the stylus, likely for Bluetooth-connected operations, fingerprint sensor on the back and no notch, to name a few, The dual cameras are a wide-angle and telephoto based on the lens sizes..

Qualcomm had an early version of its ultrasonic fingerprint reader set up for a demonstration. It's so early, the smartphone on the right is a dummy unit set up with just the reader. The phone on the left actually registers the scan. I'm standing in a conference room in the heart of Qualcomm's San Diego headquarters, trying out an early -- and very rough -- prototype of the company's ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which Qualcomm says will show up in smartphones next spring. The technology is the same as that teased by DJ Koh, the head of Samsung's mobile business, at an event in China this week. And while Qualcomm declined to comment on any specifics phones using the technology, and Samsung remains mum on what will show up in the Galaxy S10, any phone embracing ultrasonic waves to read a fingerprint will have to work with Qualcomm.

Embedding the fingerprint reader underneath the glass represents the next step in how we verify our identities and log in to our smartphones, It's also lovecases pretty in pastel iphone 8 plus denim design case - pink a convenient fit with the trend toward eliminating physical home buttons and enlarging the frame around the display, The more full-sized display has forced phone makers to move the reader to the back of the phone or, in Apple's iPhone X, gotten rid of it entirely in favor of a facial recognition system, Hey, even the head of Samsung's mobile business, DJ Koh, is a fan of ultrasonic technology..

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