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Putting the fingerprint reader under the display was once considered a holy grail technology -- largely because it failed to materialize after years of rumors. But they're starting to pop up: CNET got a look in January at a prototype Vivo phone with an in-display fingerprint reader, and Huawei has put a reader into its special-edition Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS phone. Both the Vivo and Huawei phones use optical technology to scan the fingerprint through the display, a different technique than that employed by Qualcomm. Regardless of the technology, in-screen fingerprint readers are expected to show up in a big way next year. Consumer research firm IHS Markit predicts that 100 million phones will have in-screen fingerprint sensors by 2019.

Qualcomm uses sound waves to generate a map of your fingerprint, with the wave of pressure bouncing off mermaid pastel iridescent iphone case the contours of your skin, Ultrasonic technology offers a few advantages, said Gordon Thomas, director of product management for Qualcomm, It can read a finger even if it's wet, since the waves can pass through the liquid, He touts a 1 percent rejection rate, as well as a lag time of 250 milliseconds, comparable to traditional capacitive fingerprint readers on home buttons found on the iPhone 8 or the Galaxy S9..

The sensor itself is 0.15 millimeter, so it doesn't add much thickness to the phone. It can also work through glass or metal. In fact, a version of this technology is out there with the Huawei Honor 10, but the company chose to place the fingerprint reader in the glass chin below the display. The Huawei Honor 10 features Qualcomm's ultrasound fingerprint reader, but embedded underneath the glass chin below the display. Last, the ultrasonic waves can also be used to track blood flow and heart rate.

The mermaid pastel iridescent iphone case alternative in-screen optical readers are built by the likes of Synaptics and Goodix, Instead of sound, they use light waves to map the fingerprint, but they can be thrown off by different lighting conditions and by water, Goodix's technology powers the Mate RS, while Synaptics and Goodix are also in Vivo and Xiaomi phones, "We already have reliable high-performing solutions in multiple smartphones at retail today," Synaptics spokesman David Hurd said in response to Qualcomm's suggestion that its technology is superior..

A spokesman for Goodix couldn't be reached for comment. Qualcomm introduced this fingerprint technology last June, but few smartphones have publicly embraced it. That's because the ultrasonic waves will work only through flexible OLED displays, according to Gordon. Phones more commonly used what's known as rigid OLED, which has air gaps that prevent pressure waves from going through. The Honor 10, for instance, had to place the reader in the glass section below because it wouldn't work through the display.

Did I mention the demonstration unit was really rough?, It's so difficult to obtain a flexible OLED display for a demo unit that Qualcomm doesn't even have a working prototype, which is why its engineers had to pair up a dummy phone with another smartphone for my demonstration, There are only two companies using flexible OLED displays on a wide scale: Apple and Samsung, Given Apple's mermaid pastel iridescent iphone case legal battles with Qualcomm, it's an unlikely customer, Which brings us back to Samsung, The Korean tech giant uses the right display technology, and could use another gee-whiz feature when touting its 10th anniversary Galaxy S smartphone..

Talk about making waves. Correction at 8:15 a.m. PT: This story initially misstated the thickness of the sensor. It's also been updated to note that rigid OLED displays have air gaps. 13 comics to get you in the Comic-Con spirit: While you keep tabs on Comic-Con news (yes, there's still some comics stuff happening), enjoy these fantastic comics. Comic-Con 2018: Stay up-to-date on everything we see in San Diego at the ultimate geek conference. Qualcomm shows off a prototype fingerprint reader that's tucked underneath the display and potentially headed to Samsung's early 2019 flagship smartphone.

China has released an AI game on China's biggest messaging service, Tencent -- China's biggest tech company -- and Google agreed to share patents across a range of products and technologies in January, WeChat is China's most popular messaging service and the country is the world's biggest phone market, The game allows players to sketch with an AI partner, Google opened an AI lab in Beijing last December, It's been making a push back into the Chinese market after withdrawing its search engine and related services there in 2010 when it decided it would no mermaid pastel iridescent iphone case longer follow the government's censorship requirements, In June, it targeted Southeast Asian shoppers by investing $550 million in leading Chinese e-commerce company

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