Lucielalune Stylish Ballet Shoes Handmade Felted Merino Wool Slip On For Autumn Shoes Women Gifts - Free Shipping

AS17Stylish ballet shoesOnly one pair of size 38 ready to shoes, 2mm thickness of felted wool, perfectly for spring & autumn.These flat shoes are felted from 100% gray natural wool, using moisture, heat, baby soap and friction. Perfect as outdoor wear, you can wear them everyday anytime like socks. Hand sewn soft rubber sole is combined with high elastic Eva middle layer, that makes the shoes comfortable and anti-slippery. They are not only soft and light, but also permeable to air, so you will never get sweaty feet. Also, the qualities of wool (more information below) allow the shoes to stay clean naturally so they don't require to be washed often. Any size upon request. Convo me for any other color requests. Rubber soles, light and soft, there are gray, yellow green, dark blue, few colors.The shoes has been sprayed with dirt/ water resistant spray for easier care but if you still get spots, the cleaning method is as follows: Care: if needed, - hand wash cold- use mild soap- do not tumble dry; lay flat to air dry- can be reshaped into desired figure with hands while still dampa little FYI on wool, in case you're interested... Wool is a natural fiber that has been irreplaceable protection from cold and heat for more than two thousand years. It reacts to our body temperature and therefore can naturally warm or cool (= 4 seasonal!). The uneven surfaces contains millions of small air “pockets" that maintains warmth in our body. The lanolin in wool absorbs or maintains the moisture in different weather conditions, and naturally fights microbes, eliminating bad odors. Wool has been believed to have similar affects to acupuncture, healing different areas of our body with pain.- as this is hand made order each one may vary slightly from the next. That is the joy of 'handmade'! OOAK- All custom orders will be made in order the payment was received. I will inform you how long it will take, depending on the number of orders I have at that time.

Despite all the hand-wringing, however, there is evidence that the most socially active people online are also the most socially active offline. “There is not a displacement going on,” said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Research Center Internet Project who also co-authored “Networked: The New Social Operating System.” “It’s an addition.”. “They’ll do their dances and sing their songs,” said Lia’s stepmother, Patty Boone, 63. “Now we actually get to see the dance steps. And every time Fiona loses a tooth or gets her braces on, she calls us. We get to see them in real time.”.

When one of Kendall’s friends from the U.K, moved back to the States, the two 15-year-olds barely skipped a beat, They talk “face-to-face” on their smartphones as they get ready for parties, “I would have her there when I was doing my makeup, I would prop her up on my bathroom sink while I was doing it,” said Kendall, who was featured in the Mercury News in 2001 as a 3-year-old with lucielalune stylish ballet shoes handmade felted merino wool slip on for autumn shoes women gifts her own computer, “It’s definitely the next best thing to a sleepover.”..

Texting came in handy when it was time for Kendall to end a relationship after two dates with the son of a family friend. “Since it was very new and not very official at all, it would have been kind of weird to end it in a big face-to-face kind of way,” she said. “I could text it and think about what I wanted to say instead of thinking and saying it on the spot. It wasn’t too bad at all.”. It was the summer of 2010. The family was in Los Gatos for summer break and Lia was at the Santa Cruz County coastside resort Pajaro Dunes with friends for a scrapbooking weekend when Will MacDonald received a startling Facebook message.

“Will, sorry to have to do this,” read the message that appeared to be from Lia’s friend, Jenna Wright, “Maybe Lia really shouldn’t have her password out there and maybe lucielalune stylish ballet shoes handmade felted merino wool slip on for autumn shoes women gifts not keep her messages, But since you seem to give her the world, I thought you should know this, It just isn’t right.”, Below, she had cut and pasted the illicit messages that Lia was trading with her old boyfriend, Will cringed as he scrolled through them, “I still have all the letters you ever sent to me,” the boyfriend wrote to Lia, “You have sparked a flame in me.”..

The messages that followed were as suggestive as they were surreptitious: “So, just call me when you get this,” Lia messaged. “I won’t answer if I can’t talk. I’m taking the computer with me. BTW — my phone is pay as you go, so there won’t be a paper trail with my phone calls.”. But there was a trail, all right — a modern-day virtual trail — and it looked like Lia’s friend, Jenna Wright, had found it. Perhaps it was preprogrammed that the MacDonald marriage should come to this. In 1996, they were both in their early 30s when they turned to technology because the traditional way of meeting potential dates wasn’t working for either of them. She was a secretary at San Jose State’s anthropology department working on her teaching credential. He was a computer scientist working for a startup.

Neither liked the bar scene,, even in its infancy, seemed relatively efficient, Still, their virtual profiles left much to the imagination, When they met at a Chili’s, Will thought Lia was cuter than her picture, Lia liked Will’s Scottish accent, They made a perfect couple: both smart, good-looking and fun-loving, In 1998, they married and started a family, In 2010, three years after moving to London and just months before Lia’s Facebook fling, life looked grand on Lia’s Facebook page, a perfect forum for Lia to keep in touch with friends and family back home, chronicle the growth of her young lucielalune stylish ballet shoes handmade felted merino wool slip on for autumn shoes women gifts children and post pictures of their global adventures..

In January, there they were poolside in Barbados. In February, she posted a message that the family was heading off to St. Anton, Austria, for a winter ski break. “I want to be Lia for a day! Enjoy!!!” a friend commented. Lia responded in uppercase: “HAVE TO ADMIT, LIFE IS PRETTY DARN GOOD!”. Technology had made Will a millionaire many times over. After signing a noncompetition clause when he sold Codian and before he started another videoconferencing company, StarLeaf, he spent much of the year kite-surfing around the world. Lia stayed home with the kids while he posted pictures of his exploits from the Dominican Republic to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

“I felt like a single lucielalune stylish ballet shoes handmade felted merino wool slip on for autumn shoes women gifts mom,” Lia said, The couple talked on the phone and through Skype, But, “we weren’t connecting, We weren’t a team, There was a big wall between us.”, She was down on herself and down on her relationship, But she wouldn’t mention that on Facebook, of course, “It’s like ‘positive-land.’ Everyone writes about the happy, happy, joy, joy that they do,” Lia said, “Maybe if I said I wish my husband was around more often — I don’t know, nobody does that, Do they? They only write the happy stuff.”..

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