Olixar Xtrio Full Cover iPhone 8 Plus Case - Black - Free Shipping

Full front, back and screen protection is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Olixar XTrio in black. With a slimline shell for the back and front that clips together seamlessly and a tempered glass screen protector, your iPhone 8 Plus is fully encased and safe.Three - It's the magic numberProtect your phone from scratches,knocks and drops with the Olixar XTrio for the iPhone 8 Plus. Featuring a front and backslimline shellthat is ultrathin yet robustenough to protect your device, without adding one ounce of unnecessary bulk. The front and back shell components clip together seamlessly around your phone, while the tempered glass screen protector slots perfectly over your screen to complete the full cover encasement and leave your iPhone 8 Plus as well protected as any slim case could ever be.The sleekest,most complete protection availableThe XTrio deliversexceptional protection in the most stylish slimline package on the market. Made from hardened, lightweight, ultra-thin polycarbonate, the XTrio has been designed with phone safety in mind but with a design that is absolutely on-message with preserving the sleeklines of your beautiful iPhone.Tempered glass screen protectionfor enhanced shock protectionThe XTrio'sscreen protector is made from a reinforced tempered glass that maintains perfect image clarity while protecting your phone's screen from scratches and external shock. It's also fully compatible with the iPhone's 3D Touch function. Please make sure you apply your screen protector after fitting the front and back shell components to ensure the best possible fit.Extremely thin and lightweightMade from aprecision cut single piece of hardened polycarbonate, the XTrio case fits precisely around your iPhone 8 Plus for a smooth, contoured fit.Both lightweight and super-slim, this case from Olixar is sure to keep your iPhonebulk-free whilst well protected. The XTriocomplements youriPhoneperfectly, while providing sufficient protection for the iPhone's vulnerablecamera, screen and buttons.Tactile buttonsWith fluid press buttons included in the design of this case, you can be sure to have a case that will protect your new device perfectly, without interrupting it's every day use. These tactile button covers work perfectly and protect your vulnerable side buttons from damage.Easily access all ports, controls & connectorsThe case also features cut-outs for the ports and features of the iPhone 8 Plus, includingthe lightning connector,speakers, function buttons and camera. The front cover also features cutouts for the camera, sensors speaker and home button.

The Pixel 2 is a growing temptation from many current iPhone users. After receiving a handful of similar messages, I decided to take this Pixel pining seriously and share my experiences with both phones. This comparison is less about proving which phone is "better," and more about why the Pixel 2 is a solid upgrade for someone who's always owned an iPhone. Note that rumors about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are starting to surface and though we can reasonably expect the Pixel 3 to launch this October, these are still only rumors for now.

Let's start with cost, A new 64GB Pixel 2 is $350, £370 or AU$500 cheaper than a 64GB iPhone X, The chart below compares the prices for the Pixel 2 olixar xtrio full cover iphone 8 plus case - black and iPhone X, The Pixel 2's price is exactly the same as what a base level-iPhone used to cost until the iPhone 8, I should acknowledge that Google makes a larger version of its phone with the same processor and camera called the Pixel 2 XL, A 64GB version of the XL costs $849, £799 or AU$1,399, At launch the Pixel 2 XL suffered some screen issues which the Pixel 2 did not..

Apple also makes the iPhone 8, which has the same processor and wide-angle camera as the iPhone X. A 64GB iPhone 8 costs $699, £699, AU$1,079, which is more in line with the cost of a Pixel 2. But my iPhone friends weren't interested in the Pixel 2 XL or the iPhone 8. For them, it's either the iPhone X or the Pixel 2. There seems to be a little confusion over which US networks support the Pixel 2. You can buy and finance an unlocked Pixel 2 from Google and use it on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Google Project Fi. Some third-party retailers like Best Buy sell and finance unlocked Pixel 2 phones, too. And there's always Verizon, which sells the handset to use only on its network.

The iPhone X can be bought and financed from Apple, third-party retailers and all major carriers, Both phones are nearly identical in size, The iPhone X is a hair slimmer and smaller but has a bigger display -- 5.8 inches compared to the Pixel 2's 5 inches, The iPhone X is heftier, weighing 31 grams, 1.09 ounces more than the Pixel 2, The olixar xtrio full cover iphone 8 plus case - black design of the Pixel 2 is consistent with the way phones have looked for the past three to five years, On the front, there's a pronounced forehead, chin and bezels, The corners are rounded and there's a rear fingerprint sensor, Despite this dated formula, the phone's fit and finish make it look contemporary -- especially the small glass panel on the back that houses the camera..

I also love the plastic-clad aluminum texture of the Pixel 2's lower back. It's reassuring and comfortable to hold. I bring this up because I have an unspoken anxiety holding the iPhone X. I'm so afraid of dropping it. In a CNET drop test, the iPhone X's glass back cracked on the first drop. But when I hold the Pixel 2, I don't feel that same unease. The iPhone X is basically all glass with a stainless steel band that really ties the phone together. It looks like a prop from a futuristic sci-fi movie or a piece of jewelry. The screen, aside from "the notch," covers the front and is framed by the tiniest of bezels. The only buttons on the phone are alongside the edges.

In lieu of a home button, Apple added on-screen actions, During my first few olixar xtrio full cover iphone 8 plus case - black days with the phone, I found these new gestures frustrating, but now they're like second nature, Apple replaced the fingerprint sensor (previously built into the home button) with FaceID, The phone unlocks as soon as you look at the screen, It works like a charm for me, but if you think you'll miss unlocking your phone with a fingerprint, the Pixel 2 is a better fit, Speakers on both phones are decent and louder than the original Pixel and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, But neither phone offers the big, rich sound of, say, the Razer Phone..

The Pixel 2 comes with a fast charger that can add 7 hours of battery life after 15 minutes of charging. The iPhone X supports fast charging, but doesn't come with the cable or wall charger you'll need to make it work. You have to buy a USB-C to Lighting cable ($25, £25, AU$35) and a 29-watt charger ($49, £49, AU$69). The iPhone X is capable of wireless charging with a conductive charging mat (also not included). The Pixel 2 doesn't support this, but with that 15-minute top-off mentioned above, I don't think you'll miss it.

Below is what comes in the box for an iPhone X and Pixel 2, Neither phone has a headphone olixar xtrio full cover iphone 8 plus case - black jack, but both come with an adapter so you can still plug in your wired headphones, The iPhone X also comes bundled with Lightning-connected earbuds, while the Pixel 2 doesn't come with any, If you don't have an old pair you can use, you'll need to spend more money, Apple also sells wireless earbuds called AirPods ($159, £159, AU$229), while Google offers its own wireless headphones called Google Buds ($159, £159, AU$249)..

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