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Protect your Apple iPhone XR with this Under Armour Protect Grip case. Triple layers of shock-absorbing polycarbonate, interior padding and lace grips shield your phone during drops of up to 8 feet. This Under Armour Protect Grip case works with the UA Connect mount system to keep your device secure while at the gym, biking or walking.

What3words can help you tell your friends which mall entrance to meet at. What countries use What3words for postal services right now?Sheldrick: Mongolia is the country where it's up and in use. You can apply for a credit card now with the biggest bank in the country. You put an address on, the post service understands it, and it gets to you. There's several island countries, like the Solomon Islands and Tonga, where What3words had been adopted, but they are producing technology at the moment so that consumers can understand it. Same with Djibouti and Cote d'Ivoire [Ivory Coast].

Looking at the usage of your translation service to convert What3words locations to latitude-longitude, what's the biggest usage by category? Logistics? Post offices? Consumers?Sheldrick: At the moment, consumers make up by far the biggest proportion of the buyer market, It's those who protect grip case for apple iphone xr - black/crystal are often doing outdoor activities and going to new places, People who are traveling a lot experience this problem in a big way, People have told us they're buying a Mercedes for the first time because it has What3words..

We just released this photo app called 3word Photo where you can geotag a photo with it. You might have been in the middle of Yosemite National Park and saying, "I took this photo and it was exactly here." It's just a great way of immersing yourself in the ecosystem. What's been the most surprising use?Sheldrick: It's been interesting to see how NGO [nongovernmental organizations, like disaster response groups] or emergency services operations have taken to it. It's a really serious industry, but they hugely struggle with the communication of precise location because people use phone, SMS, all sorts of things. At the moment, a few UK police forces have started to build us in to their systems, which is amazing. The Red Cross uses it in the Philippines.

Some things are harder to remember than others, Long incomprehensible strings of alphanumeric characters are worse, What3words' three-word labels are easier, Is it a problem for governments and emergency responders to rely on you for these services? Do people have complaints or objections or worries about relying on a private company to be a necessary middleman to connect people to their packages or people to their ambulances?, Sheldrick: Governments, emergency services or any company that operate at a certain scale protect grip case for apple iphone xr - black/crystal need a certain level of reliability, This is one of the reasons we offer a local SDK, which means they can run it on their own system, So they have total control over how that works technically, Whatever happens to our servers, they are fine, If anything were to happen to our company, they could keep the technology, which they already have running locally..

The US address system is not in the control of FedEx or UPS. It's the US government, county governments, local. They have the canonical record of what is truth. I could see some indigestion if somebody else is in charge of what is truth about addresses and locations.Sheldrick: One of the really good things about What3words is it's fixed for the whole world. There is no maintenance -- keeping up with new built properties or anything like that. It's done and that's it. If you have a copy of What3words running on your own server, that's it. The element of what is truth and what is up-to-date doesn't really exist.

You support 26 languages, Are you expanding that?Sheldrick: Yes, We want everyone in the world to be able to use What3words in their first language, How many languages is that?Sheldrick: protect grip case for apple iphone xr - black/crystal It's a lot, Some may have practical issues if you're talking about incredibly small word lists used in very remote parts of certain countries, So there may be some trade-offs we have to make, But our mission is to make this incredibly easy for everyone to use, So you have an order to the words? The popular areas get short words, so the algorithm will see that a specific patch has particular characteristics, run down through its list of words, then spit out those three words?Sheldrick: Yes, exactly, We basically have a pretty crude map of the world in terms of population centers, We make reasonably intelligent assumptions about how to distribute those words..

In the whole of the Antarctic, sure, you're going to find [something like] dodecahedron.hydraulics.esoterics. There may be a small population center there, but they'll have to use long words. Let's project forward 10 to 15 years. Where are you guys going to be?Sheldrick: We would like to be a global standard in a few years time. In every key piece of new mobility tech, from autonomous cars to drones to regular cars, the pain point with addresses is now or yesterday. The momentum shift is happening. Given the need for this in the world, I believe we're only a few years away from this becoming a standard, where you see a three-word address anywhere and you know what it is.

Security: Stay up-to-date on the latest in breaches, hacks, fixes and all those cybersecurity issues that keep you up at night, Blockchain Decoded: CNET looks at the tech powering bitcoin -- and soon, too, a myriad protect grip case for apple iphone xr - black/crystal services that will change your life, CEO Chris Sheldrick's startup is used by Mercedes cars and the Mongolian post office, China's biggest carmaker just invested, too, When it comes to navigation, we live in an age of miracles, Speak a few words to your phone and it'll lead you to your friend's house..

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