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Critics of the deal, however, argue that such relationships are sure to come under threat in the longer term, as content producers launch their own services and competition for sports broadcasting rights intensifies as deep-pocketed tech companies join the fray. On the upside, however, Sky’s product range - including broadband connections that complement its satellite offer in state-of-the-art platforms such as Sky Q - and its brand make it more than a content aggregator, said Alice Enders, head of research at Enders Analysis.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House will hold a meeting on Monday on U.S, government efforts to boost quantum information science, with administration officials, leading companies including Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), IBM Corp (IBM.N), JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) and academic experts taking part, Quantum computers could operate millions rose gold moonphase cufflinks of times faster than today’s advanced supercomputers, Experts have said the promising technology, still in its infancy, could have a major impact on healthcare, communications, financial services, transportation, artificial intelligence, weather forecasting and other areas..

The technology carries major national security implications because quantum computers potentially could break traditional internet security programs or other codes. The meeting was organized by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Jake Taylor, the office’s assistant director for quantum information science, said the administration plans to publish a strategy on Monday on how to advance the next-generation technology. The meeting is aimed at bringing key stakeholders together and “really develop a plan” to help make quantum computing a reality and look for input on what additional steps the government can take, Taylor said.

The meeting will include officials from the Pentagon, National Security Agency, White House National Security Council, NASA and the federal departments of energy, agriculture, homeland security, state and interior, among others, Tim Sheehy, IBM’s vice president of technology policy, said in an interview the meeting “gets academia, government, industry together and says how can we make our individual efforts into a greater collective whole.”, Representatives from Honeywell rose gold moonphase cufflinks International Inc (HON.N), Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N), Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N), AT&T Inc (T.N) Intel Corp (INTC.O), Northop Grumman Corp (NOC.N) and other companies also will attend..

Quantum computing “will enable us to predict and improve chemical reactions, new materials and their properties, as well as provide new understandings of spacetime and the emergence of our universe,” and could be realized within a decade, according to a White House memo. On Sept. 13, the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation on quantum information science to “create a unified national quantum strategy” that would authorize $1.3 billion in funding through 2023. The bill’s co-author, Representative Lamar Smith, who chairs the House Science Committee, will speak at Monday’s meeting.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Spending on digital marketing grew by 44 percent last year in the United States and Britain to $52 billion, a study has found, estimating that global outlays on rose gold moonphase cufflinks such tactics are approaching $100 billion, In contrast to placing online ads through intermediaries, digital marketing, or “martech”, has the appeal of enabling brands to target consumers directly via social media, search-engine optimization or voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon’s (AMZN.O) Alexa..

The growth in part reflects a desire to take functions in house following high-profile complaints by consumer giants Procter & Gamble (PG.N) and Unilever (UNc.AS) over fraud in online advertising. The issue of ‘brand safety’, which can be jeopardized when ads appear next to unsuitable online content, has also frustrated marketers and encouraged them to seek greater control over how they target audiences. “Clearly marketers are seeking to build in-house strength and are set to spend more on martech to remain competitive,” said study author Damian Ryan, a partner at UK accountancy firm Moore Stephens.

“Our research finds that this budget is coming from media spend and will have a resounding impact on the value of media-centric agencies,” he added, referring to traditional ad agencies that are struggling to adapt to the digital era, The Moore Stephens survey, conducted with advertising and media consultancy WARC, covered rose gold moonphase cufflinks 800 companies in North America, the Asia-Pacific and Europe, It found that brands in Britain and North America spent 23 percent of their budgets on martech, up from 16 percent a year ago, And 63 percent of U.S, technology budgets were spent in-house, compared with 44 percent last year..

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