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♥ Ruffle Pants baby girl in ivory, pink & gold, ballet flats & pearl necklace.♥ You will receive 5 (5.5 x 8.5) individual images in transparent PNG format 300 dpi. 2 skin tones, 3 hairstyles.►3 Skin Tone Set:►Sneaker:►►MATCHING INVITATIONS, BANNERS & Snapchat Filters can be found in my daughter's shop here:♥ Personal & Commercial use as part of a derivative design.These are DIGITAL files to download, no physical items will be mailed to you. The printed color may appear different than what is seen on the screen due to variations in computer monitors as well as printers. The color can also vary depending on the paper you use for printing. In addition the quality of the printer will play a factor.Instant downloads are final sales.Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds or exchanges will be given once the items have been downloaded.!!! PLEASE CHECK MY STORE HOME PAGE FOR COUPONS CODES !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~INSTANT DOWNLOAD:After purchasing, you will see a link to the Downloads page. Here, you can download all the files associated with your order. Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed. For detail instructions, please check here: there are any drop shadows or watermarks on the preview photos, they will NOT be on the images you receive.You may use these images personally or commercially but you may NOT sell, redistribute or share these images with others. You must make something with the images be it physical or digital. You also may not re-color or re-make this baby into other versions or themes. You may NOT make a new or different baby.Please convo me if you have any questions.

Fortunately, the characterizations become less visible when other characters join the fray — Tom Reardon as high-rolling ladies man Sky Masterson is terrific, as are Mary Kalita as Adelaide, the long-suffering fiance of Nathan, and Kimberly Nearon as Sister Sarah, the pious missionary “doll” who becomes the centerpiece of a bet that Sky walks into. And this cast and crew are coupled with Loesser’s memorable tunes — “I’ll Know,” “I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” “Take Back Your Mink,” “Luck Be a Lady” and “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat.” Yep, all those great songs and two love stories to boot. That’s a pretty safe bet.

First, the Congressional Budget Office triples its estimate of the drop in the workforce resulting from the disincentive introduced by Obamacare’s insurance subsidies: 2 million by 2017, 2.3 million by 2021, Democratic talking points gamely defend this as a good thing because these jobs are being given up voluntarily, Nancy Pelosi spoke lyrically about how Obamacare subsidies will allow people to leave unfulfilling jobs to pursue their passions: “Think of an economy where people could be an artist or ruffle pants ivory pink & gold ballet flats shoe pink pearls | vintage baby girl babies of color | clipart instant download a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.”..

Nothing so lyrical has been written about work since Marx (in “The German Ideology”) described a communist society that “makes it possible for me to … hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner.”. Pelosi’s vision is equally idyllic except for one thing: The taxes of the American factory worker — grinding away dutifully at his repetitive mind-numbing job — will be subsidizing the voluntary unemployment of the artiste in search of his muse. A rather paradoxical position for the party that poses as tribune of the working man.

In the reductio ad absurdum of entitlement liberalism, Jay ruffle pants ivory pink & gold ballet flats shoe pink pearls | vintage baby girl babies of color | clipart instant download Carney was similarly enthusiastic about this Obamacare-induced job loss, Why, Obamacare creates the “opportunity” that “allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, and if they will work.”, If they will work? Pre-Obama, people always had the right to quit work to tend full time to the study of butterflies, It’s a free country, The twist in the new liberal dispensation is that the butterfly guy is to be subsidized by the taxes of people who actually work..

In the traditional opportunity society, government provides the tools — education, training and various incentives — to achieve the dignity of work and its promise of self-improvement and social mobility. In the new opportunity society, you are given the opportunity for idleness while living parasitically off everyone else. Why those everyone elses should remain at their jobs — hey! I wanna dance, too! — is a puzzle Carney has yet to explain. The honest liberal reply to the CBO report is that a disincentive to work is inherent in any means-tested government benefit. It’s the unavoidable price of helping those in need because for every new dollar you earn, you lose part of your subsidy and thus keep less and less of your nominal income.

That’s inevitable, And that’s why we have learned to tie welfare, for example, to a work requirement, Otherwise, beneficiaries could choose to live off the dole forever, That’s why the 1996 Gingrich-Clinton welfare reform succeeded in reducing welfare rolls by two-thirds, It is not surprising that the same Obama administration that has been weakening the work requirement for welfare is welcoming the disincentive to work inherent in Obamacare, But Obamacare’s war on jobs ruffle pants ivory pink & gold ballet flats shoe pink pearls | vintage baby girl babies of color | clipart instant download goes beyond voluntary idleness, The administration is now conceding, inadvertently but unmistakably, Obamacare’s other effect — involuntary job loss, On Monday, the administration unilaterally postponed and weakened the employer mandate, already suspended through 2015, for yet another year..

But doesn’t this undermine the whole idea of universal health coverage? Of course it does, but Obamacare was so structured that it is crushing small business and killing jobs. It creates a major incentive for small businesses to cut back to under 50 employees to avoid the mandate. Your business becomes a 49er by either firing workers or reducing their hours to below 30 a week. Because that doesn’t count as full time, you escape both the employer mandate to buy health insurance and the fine for not doing so.

With the weakest recovery since World War II, historically high chronic unemployment and a shockingly low workforce participation rate, the administration correctly fears the economic consequences of its own law — and of ruffle pants ivory pink & gold ballet flats shoe pink pearls | vintage baby girl babies of color | clipart instant download the political fallout for Democrats as millions more Americans lose their jobs or are involuntarily reduced to part-time status, Conservatives have been warning about this for five years, This is not rocket science, Both the voluntary and forced job losses were utterly predictable, Pelosi insisted we would have to pass the law to know what’s in it, Now we know..

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