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And the iChicken, obviously, was more like the sandwich-board guy by the side of the road. In this redefined world of sudden mass exposure, YouTube serves as the center spotlight. Much more than 140-character tweets or Pinterest boards, videos seem to carry that emotional heft that marketing executive Devra Prywes with video-tracking service Unruly says is crucial to making people want to share what they see. “We study why viral videos work,” Prywes says. “And we’ve found that they don’t have to be sexy or flashy to be highly shared. A video goes viral because it makes people feel something. What matters most is making that emotional connection, which then makes people who feel it want to share it with others.”.

That’s where the iChicken failed, and “Girl Learns to Dance in a Year” succeeded, “It takes guts to put up videos of yourself dancing, especially if you’re just learning,” one fan wrote on Cheng’s YouTube page, “That last shot by the train is super satisfying, It doesn’t just show that this girl has progressed with dancing but it seems to show her moving outside of herself as she takes the dance from out of the shelter of her r356 cute ballet pumps shoes dance smashed wall decal 3d art stickers vinyl room home.”, So what exactly went wrong? It was time for the iChicken’s post-mortem, but it would feel more like a colonoscopy..

We used animals like “the experts” told us to do. We made sure the final cut didn’t exceed three minutes. And we recruited dozens of colleagues to help us push the thing. Yet we still hit that same wall that most YouTube creators hit. “I couldn’t tell why I should continue to watch it,” said Emmy award-winning journalist Kare Anderson. “What’s the reason people would share it? Why is it ‘clever’? It’s too much about you; what does it say about ‘us’?”.

So the iChicken wasn’t funny enough?, “People share things that they expect r356 cute ballet pumps shoes dance smashed wall decal 3d art stickers vinyl room a self-expressive (this is me/I am cool) benefit from,” consultant Andy Smith wrote us in an email, “This, unfortunately doesn’t bring this out of me, Comedy is hard, It feels more tongue-in-cheek than funny, People seem to be poking fun at something, but is it themselves? Or the viewer? Or Apple?”, That distinctive “wow moment” that has made videos go viral — like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s splits on a pair of moving Volvo trucks or Carrie’s telekinetic freakout at a coffee shop — was more like a ‘”hmmm moment” in our video..

Despite the fleeting nature of digitalized notoriety, a simple truth endures: While the online stage is very public, it is often the very personal that attracts the most attention. Cheng was passionate about this point: Seeing someone perform at the top of their game is seeing only a small part of the whole picture. What you don’t see, she says, is the blood, sweat and tears that eventually gave birth to the performance. “You don’t see the self doubt, the lost sleep, the lonely nights spent working,” explained Cheng, who has turned her success into a startup to inspire and showcase others’ 100-day projects. “You don’t see the moment they started. The moment they were just like you, wondering how they could ever be good.”.

Included are Tomiko Bailey, Kat Bergman, Martha Bredwell, Tom Chapman, Catherine Streets Delfs, Shirley Green, Sharon Harris, Ellen Howard, Will Maller, Lynne Mortensen, Yvonne Newhouse, Evelyn Nitzberg, Arena Shawn, Barbara Todd and Miriam Waugh as well as first-place winner Teresa Ruzzo and second-place finisher Duke Collins, Judges for the show were SWA Signature Members Diana Jaye, Deborah Matlack and Leona Moriarty, You can see the exhibit through Jan, 24 at the Society of Western Artists Gallery, r356 cute ballet pumps shoes dance smashed wall decal 3d art stickers vinyl room 2625 Broadway, Hours are 10 a.m, to 3 p.m, Wednesdays through Saturdays, Admission is free, Call 650-839-1318 or visit www.societyofwesternartists.com..

Today is the last day to see “Seven Sisters,” a show of work by an ethnically diverse group of world-renowned female artists, at Jenkins Johnson Gallery. In the exhibition the artists comment on ethics, race, culture and self-expression. One of the artists in the show is Carrie Mae Weems, who is the only visual artist to receive a 2013 MacArthur Foundation “genius grant.” (Note that Weems is featured in a 30-year retrospective at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University through Jan. 5.) Weems studied dance in San Francisco as a teenager and later studied folklore in a graduate program at U.C. Berkeley.

The other artists in the exhibition are Mickalene Thomas, Camille Rose Garcia, Toyin Odutola, Patricia Piccinini, Rina Banerjee, Kenyatta A.C, Hinkle and Vanessa Prager, The Jenkins Johnson Gallery is at 464 Sutter St., r356 cute ballet pumps shoes dance smashed wall decal 3d art stickers vinyl room San Francisco, Saturday hours are 10 a.m, to 5 p.m, (The gallery will be closed for vacation Dec, 22 to Jan, 1.) Call 415-677-0770 or visit www.jenkinsjohnsongallery.com, Dramatic props, posters, costumes and other ephemera are presented in a show featuring the Aether Brigade at the Peninsula Museum of Art..

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