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Protect your iPhone 5SE with this impact-absorbing clear Case Mate Naked Tough case. Its dual-layer contruction provides optimal durability to keep your phone safe from impact, and its slim design doesn't add unnecessary bulk to your phone. This clear Case Mate Naked Tough case uses anti-scratch technology to keep your phone protected.

The Z family is Moto's most premium line, with the Play being the cheaper model. Previous generations have included a pricier Z Force variant, which among other things has featured a more powerful processor. No price is known, but the Z2 Play launched at $499, £379 and AU$699. There's no word on an official launch date yet, although the rumour mill points to June. This is according to a recent leak. It doesn't look like there's a headphone jack though. Boo. The Moto Z3 Play is now an actual real thing we've had our hands on! It arrives this summer for $499 with an extra battery pack.

How many designs will Google's next reported watches come in?, It's easy to imagine there will be different watch models, and considering how smartwatches work for sizing and features, that would be expected, How different the models are, or how Google decides to differentiate tough naked back cover for apple iphone 5, 5s and se - clear case them, will be the interesting part, LG made two different showcase Android Wear watches a year ago, the Sport and the Style, which emphasized heart rate, GPS and phone calls in one model and more slim-line basic functions in the other, Maybe Google will consider a similar split in its upcoming watches this fall..

Google declined to comment on the report. Google I/O: All our coverage of this year's developer conference. Google Assistant could become the most lifelike AI yet: Experimental technology called Duplex, rolling out soon in a limited release, makes you think you're talking to a real person. Google's own line of smartwatches might come in several flavors this fall. Google and Qualcomm are working on a next generation of smartwatches that should be arriving this fall, and more possible details continue to arrive during this year's Google developer conference. Google is expected to finally make its own watch through its internal hardware division -- or its own watches, according to the latest report from German tech site

The three watches, code-named Ling, Triton and Sardine, could be differently sized, like Apple's 38mm and 42mm watches, Or, maybe one has cellular, and others don't, much like the Apple Watch Series 3, The report says the watches will have GPS, LTE tough naked back cover for apple iphone 5, 5s and se - clear case and VoLTE support, and some (or all) will have heart rate sensing and the ability to detect stress levels, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Don't expect a new controller for the new Mirage Solo. Google was surprisingly quiet about future VR plans at this year's Google I/O developer conference. And it makes it harder to see where the Mirage Solo lines up with where mobile VR might go next. I noticed in my review that, while the Mirage Solo begins to feel like a full PC VR experience, the real limiting factor is how it handles hand controls. The included controller is the same one packaged with Google's phone-connected VR headset, Daydream View, that debuted in 2016: it allows basic pointing and motion controls, but lacks six-degree-of-freedom tracking for better accuracy, and no way to use both hands for more creative applications or added realism. Google's has its own creative VR tools, like the painting app Tilt Brush, but they run on PC VR and haven't yet made the leap to Google's own mobile hardware platforms.

I asked Google's head of VR and AR, Clay Bavor, why there aren't new controllers yet, or when they'll arrive..and he deflected a bit, "First of all, our focus on the Mirage Solo is really on the visual experience side of it, more focused on consumers and in places, education as well," says Bavor, "really emphasizing a great consumption experience as opposed to creation." Which suggests that Mirage Solo doesn't need better controls, (I'd disagree.), Google's simple VR controller is nearly two years tough naked back cover for apple iphone 5, 5s and se - clear case old..

Bavor acknowledges more advanced controllers, like what Oculus is developing for its next-wave mobile headset called Project Santa Cruz, but also suggests that alternative options might be on tap. "It's very clear that what's ahead in VR is richer and richer forms of input, positionally tracked controllers, but we also have our hands, our eyes, using our bodies, all of that is in time going to be part of I think the overall VR experience. Again, VR, VR, immersive computing all being about vastly richer input and output."He added, "I wouldn't expect anything on the Mirage Solo, but directionally, I think that's where the technology, the industry is going."I've also tried VR experiences using hand tracking that skips using any controllers at all, most notably Leap Motion's interfaces (at this year's Tribeca Film Festival there was an immersive theater piece in VR, called Jack, that let me use my hands to incredible effect.) Could it be that Google finds a way to evolve its tracking cameras to allow for hand recognition, or will more advanced controllers arrive? Or both?.

Google is, in fact, already working on this type of controller and hand tracking, But, it might not be ready yet, In which case, most likely, Google could end up unveiling new control options for mobile on a parallel path with Oculus, Oculus has already been discussing and exploring these ideas for mobile VR, too, and Project Santa Cruz already uses them in demos I've tried, Oculus' standalone VR, tough naked back cover for apple iphone 5, 5s and se - clear case Oculus Go, doesn't have room tracking or new controllers yet, but it's also half the price of Google's VR headset..

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