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Perfect for iPhone XR owners looking to provide exquisite protection that won't compromise iPhone XR's sleek design, the NovaShield from Olixar combines the perfect level of protection in a sleek and clear bumper package.

The team published a paper on its creation in the ACS Central Science journal this week, concluding that its system could have "broad real-world field applications.""Chemical weapons are dangerous threats to humanity," said chemistry professor Eric Anslyn. "Detection and neutralization are key to saving lives." A low-cost, portable system like this one could help first responders quickly learn what they're dealing with and take the proper actions to neutralize the gas and treat its victims. Fight the Power: Take a look at who's transforming the way we think about energy.

'Hello, humans': Google's Duplex could make Assistant the most lifelike AI yet, A portable Lego box rigged with a smartphone can olixar novashield iphone xr bumper case - black reviews detect deadly nerve agents like sarin and VX, Sarin nerve gas is one of the most frightening chemical weapons ever created, The odorless gas can kill within minutes, Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have come up with a simple way to detect and identify nerve agents like sarin and VX, a substance implicated in the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's half-brother in 2017..

Instagram Lite appeared on the Google Play store on Wednesday. Users can post photos, add filters, view stories and use the Explore tab. The ability to message friends and share videos will be added later, the Google Play store description says. "We are testing a new version of Instagram for Android that takes up less space on your device, uses less data, and starts faster," an Instagram spokesperson said in a statement. Testing of the Lite version began in Mexico this week, and the company hopes to bring it to more countries later this year.

The app seems geared toward emerging markets, where internet connections are often slower, On Tuesday, Instagram was estimated to be worth more than $100 billion, and it's expected to exceed 2 billion monthly users in the next five years, The company also just rolled out its own four-way group video chat that lets users browse Instagram as they talk, First published June olixar novashield iphone xr bumper case - black reviews 28 at 2:54 p.m, PT.Updated at 9:18 a.m, PT: Added statement from Instagram, The smaller app is tailored for emerging markets, Instagram Lite launched on the Google Play Store without announcement Wednesday, offering users a cut-down version of the photosharing app..

Visit manufacturer site for details. I didn't write this review on a BlackBerry Key2. But I wanted to. My thumbs were too sore to let me. I thought that after switching my SIM card over to the Key2 -- BlackBerry Mobile's second attempt at creating a modern Android phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard -- I'd regain my old knack for typing on a physical keyboard. I used to love those things. But after using the Key2 for absolutely everything for more than a week, my thumbs ache, I feel hobbled and slow, and the work of pressing additional buttons for punctuation makes me weary to the core.

That's a glum beginning for a phone with fantastic battery life and genuinely smart ideas, like keyboard shortcuts, a dedicated shortcuts button on the side of the phone and widgets that are built into your screen icons, Plus, there's a new "Speed Key" that helps you open the shortcut app no matter which olixar novashield iphone xr bumper case - black reviews screen you're on, The space bar doubles as a fingerprint reader (though I had some problems with accuracy) and there's a productivity tab that shows your calendar appointments and weather at-a-glance..

The Key2 also drastically improves last year's KeyOne (£257 at Amazon.co.uk) from nose to tail in almost every way, from the size and shape of the keyboard buttons to the dual cameras on the back -- a first for BlackBerry devices. But there are unignorable problem areas, like the fact that apps tend to lag when they load, and some apps trigger a virtual keyboard, like Gmail, which stacks the soft keyboard on top of the phone's hardware keyboard, with little screen space left over. The phone's touch screen didn't always respond as it should have, so I sometimes tapped the same area multiple times.

Check out that classic BlackBerry logo, When it all boils down, the Key2 isn't the phone for most; it certainly isn't the phone for me, But BlackBerry fans like Susan, the lovely woman who owns a frame shop in San Francisco and squealed in delight when she saw the Key2 in my hand, will get an upgraded experience over older models like the BlackBerry Passport (£305 at Amazon.co.uk) she uses, Longtime BlackBerry fans who love the accuracy and physicality of pressing down on real keys will also embrace the Key2, But I hope BlackBerry Mobile olixar novashield iphone xr bumper case - black reviews will have worked out the kinks by the time we see next year's Key3..

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