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Keep your iPhone XS Max in great shape with this OtterBox Storm Trooper case. The Star Wars-themed cover has a slim profile that keeps undesirable bulk to a minimum, and its sleekness lets you slip your device into a pocket or purse with little effort. The raised bumper of this OtterBox Storm Trooper case protects the screen.

The BlackBerry Key2 goes on sale July 13 and preorders begin June 29. It sells for $649 and £579. The US price converts to roughly AU$847. Good stuff first. The Key2 buttons improve on last year's KeyOne. They're 20 percent taller, easier to grip, and better separated than before. Keyboard shortcuts are the phone's best feature. You can customize up to 52 apps or tasks to load when you short-press or long-press a key. It's truly terrific. A close look a that new Speed Key. Unfortunately, when it comes to typing on the Key2, I'm all thumbs. This is as far as I got writing notes about the Key2 using the notes app and the QWERTY keyboard.

*The phone is supposed to let you double-press the space bar to place the cursor in a field, but that didn't ever work for me, Typing on the Key2: you'll either love it or you'll hate it, I should mention that as a phone reviewer, sore thumbs are already a hazard of my job, where I symmetry series galactic collection case for apple iphone xs max - stormtrooper probably spend more time smacking my fingers against a hard glass surface than the average person, I was surprised at how much the Key2's physical keyboard exacerbated the issue, I also felt slow, especially as I remember being a fast, precise typist on a BlackBerry keyboard like the iconic BlackBerry Bold, The Key2's keyboard still feels cramped despite the larger buttons, But since people want their phones to be narrow, the Key2's QWERTY arrangement can get taller, but probably not much wider without the phone getting wider, too..

My hands are on the smaller side, so I didn't have problems finding keys. It was more that to type with the accurate capitalizations, numbers and punctuation, I had to break the flow to reach for the Shift and Alt keys. If you accidentally double-tap Alt, for example, you're stuck typing a long string of senseless punctuation marks until you realize your mistake. (:*( 4_9'4. <-- Yes, that's a real thing I typed. The Key2's keyboard is touch-sensitive, which means you can swipe it to scroll; this works fine from side-to-side, but vertical scrolling, like on a web page, was often slow. You're supposed to also be able to flick up on the physical keyboard to select predictive text. I found that in apps with a virtual keyboard enabled, I had to swipe the virtual keyboard instead. The cursor sometimes appeared in the middle of a word (instead of at the end) without me realizing it.

The fact that most of today's apps aren't made for physical keys means you'll often see the virtual keyboard pop up on screen anyway, which blocks your view of the app, with no way to symmetry series galactic collection case for apple iphone xs max - stormtrooper hide the digital keyboard, And what about the rest of the phone? BlackBerry Mobile deserves a high-five for updating almost every part of the Key2's physical design and hardware internals, The phone runs Android 8.1 Oreo, but in terms of the software and layout, the Key2 looks and feels just like the KeyOne, which ran on Android Nougat 7.1..

Berry Creek Falls, taken on the BlackBerry Key2. Classier looks: Compared to the KeyOne, the BlackBerry Key2 is much more refined, with straight sides and more sophisticated-looking side buttons and accents. The phone bucks trends and keeps a rubberized backing. It isn't as fancy as glass, but it doesn't accrue fingerprints and I never once worried I'd drop it. Convenience key (aka the phone's third side button): You can set this up to float shortcut icons for up to three apps on your screen. I set up Calendar, Flashlight, and Compose a Gmail message. You can also use this button to switch to a new a profile, like your work profile. This is best for actions you use often, or easily want to get to without having to scrounge your mind.

Speed Key: The 9-dot button you press to launch a shortcut from any screen, It's a good solution, but apps can take time to load, Things get confusing here, so bear with me, You press symmetry series galactic collection case for apple iphone xs max - stormtrooper this button before pressing your shortcut key 1) any time that you're invoking a long-press action, and 2) any time you're invoking a short-press action from a screen other than the home screen, The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone..

Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good The BlackBerry Key2 improves on the KeyOne across the board. Outdoor daytime photos are crisp and bright, and portrait mode works well. Keyboard shortcuts that open other apps are fantastic, as is a programmable convenience key. Battery life is excellent. The Bad Despite larger buttons, the Key2's QWERTY keyboard still feels cramped. The Key2 is laggy, and suffers from weak low light photography and capacitive navigation buttons that get in the way.

Apple will reportedly get between 2 million and 4 million OLED displays from LG, In April, it was reported that LG was struggling to manufacture the screens, since it previously only worked on OLED tech for televisions, and Apple was reconsidering the partnership, Apple is rumored to launch new model iPhones in September, with two new OLED options and another with a less costly liquid symmetry series galactic collection case for apple iphone xs max - stormtrooper crystal display (LCD) display, The cheaper model is expected to outsell the OLED options, Apple and LG didn't immediately respond to requests for comment..

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