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We'd like to introduce you to the most comfortable minimalist ballet flat in the world! Simple and elegant, this all-occasion, handcrafted slipper will have you dancing through your day.Say au revoir to rigid, uncomfortable ballet flats. With its classic lines and impeccable fit, the Ballerine is the most elegant way to go barefoot. This chic, ultra-versatile style transitions effortlessly from the morning bike commute to the conference room, while still leaving you with enough spring in your step for dinner and dancing on the weekends. Handcrafted with our premium Latte leather uppers, a stretchy trim on the front and sides secures the shoe gently to your foot. Our flexible Vibram soles provide traction with a natural minimalist step, and a heavenly-soft suede innersole provides all-day comfort. Effortlessly stylish in classic red, these light and cozy ballet flats will quickly take center stage in your wardrobe.* Designed to be lightweight and fit easily in your purse or carry-on* Gently elasticized leather collar trim for easy on/off* Comfortable heel* Flexible 4mm Vibram Cherry sole provides traction and protection* Made in the USA from premium, responsibly sourced leathers* FREE shipping on shoes to USAA bit more about our leather:We use only leathers that meet high safety standards both for our customers and for the environment. It is important to us that all materials are as chemical-free as possible. Much of the leather used in manufacturing today is imported from countries that rely on formaldehyde tanning methods. Not only is this chemical a potential irritant to your skin and absorbable transdermally, but it poisons groundwater downstream from tanneries and causes well-documented health issues with tannery employees. We source our exceptional-quality leathers from tanneries that meet our labor and environmental standards.Please see our About section here for tips on caring for natural, full-grain leather shoes: http://etsy.me/2n2QBeO**SIZING GUIDE**Softstar’s handmade leather shoes and sandals are sized according to our unique unisex measurement guide. To find your Softstar size, follow these handy steps, which are illustrated in the final image in this listing’s image gallery. All you need is a book, a tape measure and a wall. Our sizing chart works in accordance with the following method:1. Remove shoes and socks and place your bare foot so that your heel is barely touching a wall.2. Place a book on the floor, parallel to the wall, so that it is barely touching the front of your longest toe.3. Step away carefully and measure the distance from the book to the wall.4. Look for your foot measurement on the sizing chart (fifth image in image gallery) to find your recommended Softstar shoe size. (We recommend this method as opposed to tracing your feet because tracing usually gives a larger measurement.)These red ballet flats come in regular and wide widths. Trouble deciding your width? Our best recommendation is to order a wide only if you have found you need that custom width in other brands for your feet to be comfortable. If you have never found you needed wide shoe before, then we suggest sticking with our regular width.Thank you for your interest in our handmade leather shoes and other handcrafted leather products! Please let us know if you have any questions.

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It’s a Monday, the day owners Richard Denoix and Lenore Colarusso-Denoix normally close the shop. But this day is special, the first day of filming, and it’s hear-a-pin-drop quiet, especially when director Hester Wagner calls for “Action!”. The bakery is just one of six Livermore locations being used for the first movie to be produced by the students of Joey Travolta’s L.A.-based Inclusion Films Workshop. Students enrolled in the 20-week Practical Film and Media Workshop, which launched in February, are the inaugural class working on their thesis film. The Northern California filmmaking school is an expansion of Travolta’s innovative vocational training program for adults with developmental disabilities and a joint venture with Lafayette-based nonprofit Futures Explored.

In addition to his well-known brother, John, Travolta has a background in tan ballet flats - neutral leather flats - beige flats shoes - minimalist flats - comfortable shoes - adult softstar "balle special education and is a respected film director/producer, He and his team of Burbank professionals have run a two-week sprint-to-the-finish summer camp with Futures Explored at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga for the past five years, Livermore’s year-round calendar is luxurious by comparison: a two-semester, five-day-per-week plunge into curriculum aimed at churning out fully hireable film editors, writers and crews..

“We run this like regular studios,” Travolta said, between takes. “We just don’t have Hollywood’s equipment and money.”. What they do have are professional actors, producers, directors and caterers, some local, some from out of town, and a crew that Travolta boasts is 90 percent from the disabled community. “Hester makes sure everyone does their job and feels important. The craft service person with the food — supplying the energy — is just as important as the star talent. That’s what filmmaking does: You depend on each other,” he said.

But these students aren’t the craft service personnel, They’re screenwriters, production designers, prop masters, set dressers and sound boom operators, Wagner says local community support for this program has been “fabulous.” She and her students asked to film in six Livermore locations and everyone they contacted not only agreed but they waived rental fees, The screenplay, written by seven of the 13 students and titled “Beautiful Disaster,” is about a small town suffering a drought and a tan ballet flats - neutral leather flats - beige flats shoes - minimalist flats - comfortable shoes - adult softstar "balle mysterious visitor who prophesies a monstrous storm..

Baker Colarusso-Denoix, saying she knows nothing about the plot, instantly said, “yes” to Wagner’s request. “I heard the film school was for autistic students,” she said, during a break in the action. “This community has been so good to us since we opened in 2012. Normally, it’s noisy in here, so I suppose this isn’t real life.”. Inclusion Films workshops are a real opportunity, however. Travolta says requests for public service announcement films and jobs for workshop graduates from their Bakersfield and Burbank locations are increasing exponentially.

Adults in the autism spectrum bring special talents like intense focus and unconventional perspectives — two skills considered highly valuable — to filmmaking, Although the autistic population is socially challenged, the process of working on a film inevitably channels them into shared discussions, negotiations, persuasion, compromise and good old-fashioned group fun, “We don’t dance here,” said prop master and writer Shannen Knudsen, 22, The San Ramon resident has attended the summer camp five tan ballet flats - neutral leather flats - beige flats shoes - minimalist flats - comfortable shoes - adult softstar "balle times, where daily dance sessions break the tension of producing a film in two weeks..

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