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Dubbed “XXmas,” the show is once again a selection of old favorites and new delights. The program is divided into two sections. The first, Classical Christmas, features music from Bach, Mozart, Prokofiev and other classical composers and artists. Although it comprises over a dozen discrete 3- or 4-minute pieces by several different choreographers, the common theme in costuming and set along with the classical style help each piece blend smoothly into the next. Standouts in Classical Christmas included some old favorites — all choreographed by Michael Smuin.

• the uplifting opening piece, “Magnificat;”, • “Veni, Veni Emmanuel,” a stately dance for seven women that builds from simple walking into beautiful and intricate patterns;, • “Ave Maria,” a solo set to music by Schubert and featuring the stunning Erin Yarbrough, A new creation by choreographer Robert Dekkers, “The Bells,” is a wonderful addition ballet slippers cookie cutter to the classical lineup, Set to the traditional song “The Carol of the Bells,” the piece demands speed, precision and extraordinary energy from its cast of three men and three women, The structure of the dance loosely follows the structure of the song, with the dancers moving between harmony, canon and unison..

After the intermission comes the Cool Christmas, where the choreographers and dancers get to display their more theatrical and comedic talents. The pieces — which are set to more contemporary music from jazz to rock’n’roll to electronic remixes of pop standards — are diverse, high-energy and humorous. No Christmas Ballet program would be complete without Smuin’s classic “Santa Baby.” This is Erica Felsh’s first year performing the role, and she brought her own cheeky interpretation, coping beautifully with the super-sized feather boa and perilous heels. The audience also welcomed the return of Val Caniparoli’s “Jingle Bells Mambo,” featuring John Speed Orr, Weston Krukow and Jonathan Powell as a trio of tipsy sleazes à la Christopher Walken’s “The Continental” character from Saturday Night Live.

Guest performer and Smuin Ballet alum Shannon Hurlburt brought the house down with Smuin’s “Bells of Dublin,” a sort of tap/Irish step dancing fusion that has been a staple of The Christmas Ballet for over a ballet slippers cookie cutter decade, Smuin Ballet has a crop of excellent new dancers this year, In particular, Jo-Ann Sundermeier stands out for her elegant technique and engaging stage presence in her opening solo in Smuin’s “Jauchzet Frohlocket.” Krukow, another new member, is listed as an apprentice in the program but was cast in many roles and danced with exceptional assurance and enthusiasm..

The resilience and flexibility that comes with being in a smallish regional ballet company came in handy on opening night in Mountain View, when, despite major last-minute cast changes, the company pulled off a smooth and highly entertaining performance. Many in the audience have been coming to the Christmas Ballet for years and knew to bring their umbrellas for when the snow starts falling in the auditorium during the final number (spoiler alert). “XXmas: The Christmas Ballet” is currently touring the Bay Area and will be playing at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts through Dec. 15.

ARIES (March ballet slippers cookie cutter 21-April 19): In your enthusiasm to show off your skills, you may scatter your energies like birdseed, You can use your determination and endurance to handle physical projects today, but a significant other might feel neglected, TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Practice being practical but playful and you’ll strike just the right chord, Your creative abilities could unlock the door to better business opportunities, Cultivate helpful contacts and give your drive and initiative free rein..

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Sympathy doesn’t usually stand a chance in business when coldhearted analysis is required. However, there is a chance you can have your cake and eat it, too. Let your imagination run wild and corral it later. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Your horizons are undergoing an expansion. If you focus on a distant — but noteworthy — goal, you’ll receive the advice and support necessary to achieve it. Immerse yourself in hobbies or creative endeavors. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Put passions into play. You may be supercharged to make something of yourself. You’ve probably heard the story about the person who worked 20 years to become an overnight success. It won’t take you that long.

VIRGO (Aug, 23-Sept, 22): You’re an idealist at times and may resist allowing your life to be dictated by majority rule, If you give in or are persuaded to go along with the crowd, that doesn’t mean you’ve compromised your principles, LIBRA (Sept, 23-Oct, 22): Be willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to a needy friend, People find you warm and caring and may bring you their troubles, Your kindnesses might land you an opportunity to make money or get ahead in business, SCORPIO (Oct, 23-Nov, 21): Crying over what seems like a huge loss won’t bring it back, but you can place a marker on the grave of what’s gone and buried to remember it by, You may question ballet slippers cookie cutter your beliefs and keep only those that pass the test..

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